The Ultimate Guide To: Lip Liner And What You Need To Know

If you have never used lip liner you should give it a try. Lip liner is like magic, and can do wonderful things, with the added benefit of giving your lipstick long-lasting staying power. If you are gluten sensitive, be sure to use gluten free lip liner, as it is the longest lasting of all lip products and seeps in through your skin the quickest.

Lip pencils (a.k.a. lip liners) are designed to enhance any lipstick and offers a more polished look. It outlines your lips to prevent lipstick bleeding, gives a smooth shape, and fills uneven areas, especially around the perimeter of your lips.

Lip liners come in retractable tubes or in pencil form, and in the same range of colors as lipstick. Some even come in clear, invisible, or no color, and gives the illusion of smooth lips without affecting the color of your lipstick.


Retractable tubes such as Red Apple’s R-evolution pencils allow for no messy sharpening and a smoother line – self sharpening and creamy. Red Apple’s Traditional pencils allow for a super pointy tip and extreme precision.

Lip liners are thicker than lipstick, so the color lasts longer, and you can actually wear them as a lipstick. You can reshape your lips or make your lips look fuller by making a contrast, using one shade lighter or darker. Using a lip liner that is two shades darker or lighter will be super noticeable, and is trending towards the 90’s, when dark liners were used with light lip color. An added benefit of lip liner is that it helps lipstick stay on longer by providing a solid base for the lipstick to adhere to.

You can use liner on thin lips to make them look fuller by just barely lining outside the lips. When doing this, it is a good idea to use the same shade of liner as lipstick, or one shade darker. Remember also, if lipstick bleeds into small lines and creases, it will make you look older. Dark lipstick colors, especially red lipstick make lip liners a must.


This look was created by using Red Apple’s Revolution Lip Pencil in “Almost Red” to fill in and define the entire lip area. Then we used a lip brush to apply Red Apple’s Lipstick in Red! directly on top for a long lasting classic red look.

Some people ask, “Do I apply liner before lipstick or after lipstick?” We say, “Play with it and see which works best for you.” However, there are some people who believe that if you are using creamy formulas of lipstick, you should apply lipstick first and then use lip liner. Use a brush and blend the two together.

Consider your lips a blank canvas and always start with clean, dry, oil free lips. To make your lipstick last, using a brush, apply a foundation or concealer and let dry. Create a base for your lip color by filling in your lips with a liner, and then blend outer edges of lips with a brush. Apply lipstick, and if you accidentally get lipstick out of the lines, use your brush and concealer to correct the situation.

Application of lip liners is an uplifting experience. Experiment and have fun.


  1. jan says

    What a beautiful and gorgeous lady. . .inside and out. I love those red lips and appreciate the R-evolution pencils and their explanation! Must get some of those. Wouldn’t be without my Red Apple products and can hardly wait for the mascara! Thank you for all you do for the gluten free community and especially sharing your research.

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