The Lion And The Mouse

I am of course, unsure how familiar you might or might not be with Aesop’s Fables – but I always remember the wonderful story of The Lion And The Mouse.

Ya see, that ‘ole Lion was big!

One day, that lion was a’sleepin and a’snorin. A little mouse nearby had been watching and he wanted to know if that big ‘ole mane was cozy and warm.

So that little mouse snuck his way up the lion’s tail, across his back, and right into his mane, but the lion woke up!

He snatched that little bitty mouse out with one swipe of his massive paw and held him tight by his tail and roared “How Dare You Disturb Me! Don’t You Know That I Am The King Of Beasts!? No One Disturbs ME, I Shall Eat You At Once!”

The mouse trembled and begged the Lion. “Oh please your Majesty, I am so sorry, it was my mistake. Please let me go and I will promise to be your friend forever! You never know, one day, maybe I can return the favor and save YOUR life!”

The lion laughed a big ‘ole lion laugh, amused. This put him in a good mood and he let that lil’ ‘ole mouse go!


Some time passed and the lion was cruisin’ through the jungle, doin’ his lion thing when all of a sudden, the ground snipped and snapped underneath him, and with a WHOMP the lion was swooped up into a hunters’ trap! The more the lion tried to wrestle out of them ropes, the more ensnared he became, and he…

… let out a ROOOOOAAARRRR!

The whole jungle heard it, even the mouse!

The mouse scurried and ran and climbed and worked his way to the lion.

“Hold Still Your Majesty! I’ll have you out of there in a JIFFY!” and the mouse started nibblin’ with them sharp little mouse teeth on the main rope holdin’ that snare together.

Sure enough, in a jiffy the lion was free, before the hunters came back.

“I did not believe you could be of use to me little mouse, but today, you saved my life,” the lion said humbly.

“It was my turn to help you Sire,” answered the little mouse, and he scurried away.

Little Friends Can Be A Big Help

This short children’s story has a great moral about how even the smallest, tiniest of unlikely creatures can be a big help in your life, and you may not know how, and you should not let your pride get in the way.

This is a great point.  As consumers, we have a tendency to judge, pick and choose items to purchase based on the outward appearance, or the “size” of something, someone or a group.

In my past life, when I was a working stiff selling phone systems, I had a small, but incredibly efficient team of people.  I mean we could get ANYTHING done!  If you were an Exxon office and you needed 95 phones installed, and you needed it yesterday, and you needed it done right…. I could get all of that done in 3 phone calls, and Exxon never had to worry about it again.

Then in the next breath, I would get a phone call from say, a Dentist’s office, and the person on the other end of the phone would invariably ask, “How big is your company?”

I learned by trial and error that if I said, “Well Sir, there are 6 of us here but we are very efficient,” that more than likely this guy would hang up the phone, and immediately call my competitor, the one with 139 employees, and get HUNG OUT TO DRY by them in 50 different ways, which is crazy.

That never ceased to amaze me.  Here I was with 17 years of experience, right in that hotseat, Me.  I personally knew just about everything there was to know about everything you could ever possibly want to know about a phone system for a business, or a paging system, or a door entry system, I mean, I had this DOWN.  I also didn’t charge an arm and a leg for my good service.  I made a decent living that was good enough for me, and that was that.

The point is this.  Whenever you are evaluating whether or not to do business with another company, and buying a product IS doing business, even if on a small scale, then you should always evaluate the “Value Of The Offer” over all other indicators.

Here I am today and I now make the very safest, cleanest, yet still awesome makeup in the world.  It took me over 6 years to figure it out, but today, I can promise you the following :

All Red Apple Lipstick Makeup Is

  1. 100% Gluten Free so you never have to worry about your body having an auto-immune response in which auto-antibodies slowly “kill” the cells in your Villi, which reside in your small intestines and are a CRITICAL part of your body in order to LIVE!
  2. 100% Paraben Free so you NEVER have to worry about your makeup, of all the goofy things to NEVER consider, contributing to breast and uterine cancer. Breast and Uterine Cancer DOES kill, and if you survive, you have had a very hard time of it.
  3. 100% Phalate Free so you never have to worry about your makeup causing your endocrine system to go nuts, contributing to Diabetes and Thyroid Disease.
  4. 100% Free Of Animal Parts And Crushed Up Bugs so you don’t have to worry about microbial growth of animal borne disease from poor processing.

I Also Promise You That:

  1. As a Red Apple Lipstick Customer, you will always be treated as the wonderful, generous, great person you truly are.
  2. I will always have staff here you can speak with anytime you need.
  3. My shipping team will always work tirelessly to get every order out as on-time as possible.
  4. That we will continue testing our products in labs to be sure no cross contamination has occurred.
  5. That you will always be able to get your money back, without hassle, if you don’t like a product we make.
  6. That I will never stop making new and innovative, high quality, allergen free products… like the Gluten Free Hand Lotion I am working on right this second.

But ya know what?  We aren’t Loreal.  We aren’t Revlon.  We don’t have a lavish, rich, multi floor office on Madison Avenue. We don’t drive around in limos on your dime and we don’t have 900 employees world wide.

Ya know what I do have?

A small but awesome, highly trained, dedicated, smart, fast and funny team of people who are willing, and able, and always on point.

I also have some pretty amazing “Value Offers”

Like my MAIN OFFER where I offer you super safe, non-glutening, non-intestine killing, non-breast cancer causing, super clean, high quality, high color payoff, handmade in the USA makeup at a genuinely competitive and honest, un-greedy price.

And then you have some of my kookier side.  For instance, my lipstick exchange program.

I dislike old, toxic, gross, yucky makeup so badly that I am begging you to send it to me in exchange for money in the form of a “super-discount” on all of my own makeup.

It sounds so crazy, but it’s so simple!  You download a form from our site.  The form has every item we make listed and a corresponding “trade in” price.  For each piece of old makeup you send me, you get a discount on one of my items.  So 1 for 1.

So you fill out the form and add it all up.  Then write us a check for the amount you added up and mail us the form and the old makeup.

The day your mail arrives in my office, we open it, pull out your check and hand it to Kayla.. the girl who is responsible for depositing checks.  Your form is handed to Jennifer, the girl responsible for putting your new order into our system.  Then Sharon pulls and packs your order of new makeup and mails it to you that very day.

Then I use my sense of humor and think of a funny but bad situation for your old makeup before I put in the recycling bin.

So, like for instance, I might think its funny if the abominable snowman was here, and he really loved to eat dried, crusty, old, crunchy, moldy lipstick.

So the devious little boy in me goes to work to find a way to make this happen… like this…

( and this literally IS a lipstick that WAS traded in, and this photo WAS taken in our offices, thanks to some creative help from my friends and co-workers. )

We used to just take the photos for the fun of it and email it to the lady who sent in the old makeup, but this has become so popular that I had to build an entire website for it!

So I started , a place where you can easily download the form, get information on bad ingredients and view the gallery of other trade-ins.

To date, we have received over 1200 trade-ins by mail!  We even had to add a spot on the mail in form to allow you to tell us “how” you would like us to “kill” your old makeup.

Now, I realize that not everyone has a sense of humor or find this funny.  And it’s no problem. On our main website, we also just have a straight laced “trade in” page located here –> 

If you have any old makeup that  you would like to turn into cash for yourself, just please let me know :)

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