Enter A Name To Win – Red Apple Lipstick’s Summer Makeup Naming Contest

We are releasing new makeup in June.

We need your help coming up with the names!


Leave as many comments as you like down below, about what you think any or all of these pieces should be called.  Make sure to tell us the product number correlation so we know which color you are naming.


At the end of seven days, we will choose the winning names for each piece of makeup.  Those names will be announced, and the winners will receive a $75 gift certificate to our online store!



Have Fun and Start Naming!




  1. Mary Carson says

    E43 Toffee Latte

    IC 17 Perfect Berry
    IC 21 Natural Bliss

    MB7 Stardust Shimmer
    MB8. Cinnamon Shimmer

    • Ashley Teague says

      Hi Leslie! The winners will be contacted through email and I believe we are announcing the names tomorrow :)

  2. maiju says

    IC17 Corals N’ Roses
    IC21 All You Need Is Mauve
    IC22 Sunrise
    MB7 Summer Simmer
    MB8 The Heat is On
    E41 Ballerina Eyes
    E43 Suede

  3. Katy says

    IC17 – Romance
    IC18 – Bliss
    IC19 – Passion
    IC20 – Posh
    IC21 – Petal
    IC22 – All That Jazz
    MB 7 – Just Peachy
    MB 8 – Dazzle Me
    E41 – Envy
    E42 – Sultry -or- Sangria
    E43 – Tempt
    E44 – Truffle

  4. Christine says

    IC17- sass n class
    IC18- fade into you
    IC19- candy girl
    IC20- Decadent
    IC21- you bake me blush
    IC22- hunt hunt
    MB7- peekaboo
    MB8-miami heat
    E42- never too late
    E43- as you wish
    E44- starlite/ star dust/ moon dust

  5. Vivian says

    IC 17 always blazing
    IC 18 caramel infusion
    IC 19 rose redefined
    IC 20 caviar couture
    IC 20 mocha-mazing
    IC 21 mauve mystique
    IC 22 eternal sunset
    E 41 pink quartz
    E 43 luminous latte
    E 44 dusk
    mb 7 sparkling sand
    mb 8 pink me up

  6. Vivian says

    IC 19 petal rebel
    IC 21 till mauve do us part
    IC 22 sunray beams
    E 43 Iced chocolate
    mb 7 champagne fizz

  7. Vivian says

    IC 17 captivating carnation
    IC 18 sugared honey
    IC 19 strike a rose
    IC 20 wine all mine
    IC 21 make a mauve
    IC 22 sandstone glimmer
    E 41 pink wink
    E 42 amethyst potion
    E 43 sugared almond;
    E 44 midnight star
    MB 7 pink possibilities
    MB 8 one size fits pearl

  8. Vivian says

    E 43: Bare my Soul
    E 44: Evening Haze
    IC 18: haute melon
    IC 22: Enticing Candlelight
    MB 7: Mesmerize

  9. Maya says

    IC 19 – Cotton Candy Shimmer
    M87 – Peachy Pie
    E42 – Sugar Plum Fairy
    E43 – Cocoa Puff


  10. Robin says

    IC 17 Peace, Love and Hot lips
    IC 18 Clearly Coral
    IC 19 Coyly Pink
    IC 20 Perfect Kiss
    IC 21 Peony Blush
    IC 22 Love to Shine
    MB 7 Little Bit of Sparkle
    MB 8 Wild At Heart
    E41 Divinely Glamorous
    E42 Charmingly Memorable
    E43 Nicely Neutral
    E44 Bravely Coquettish

  11. says

    IC17 – Lush
    IC 18- Enigma
    IC19- Sweetest Kiss
    IC20- Holy Mole (Name after Mole sauce)
    IC21- Shh
    IC22- AfterBurn
    MB7 – Shimmering Sands
    MB8 – Succulent
    E41 – Before The Dawn
    E42 – Second Glance
    E43 – Quiet Elegance
    E44 – Midnight Majesty

  12. Julie Watson says

    Hi there. Great colors, great names. Please forgive if there is any duplication, just too many names to keep track. Appreciate your healthier choices in make-up.

    IC17 Watermelon Wave
    IC18 Shrimp Cocktail
    IC19 Springtime in Paris
    IC 20 Tender Truffle
    IC 21 Teaberry
    IC 22 Sunbonnet Baby
    MB 7 June Bride
    MB 8 “Berried” Treasure
    E 41 Barely There
    E 42 French Lilac, or Lilac Time
    E 43 Milk Toast
    E 44 “Eye-full” Tower

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. says

    IC 17- Hungry Heart
    IC 18- Island Fever
    IC 19- Poolside Pink
    IC 20- Hot Lava
    IC 21- In The Nude
    IC 22- Bon Voyage
    MB7- Sea Star
    MB8- Treasures Untold
    E41- Beach House
    E42- Call of the Wild
    E43- Tiki
    E44- Moonpools

  14. Dawn says

    MB7- sno cone
    MB8- alpenglow

    IC17- desert rose
    IC18- girl next door
    IC19- lotus flower
    IC20- call me
    IC21- high class
    IC22- 90 degrees in the shade

    E41- cami
    E42- Bordeaux
    E43- sandstone
    E44- fog

  15. Valerie says

    IC17 – Jamaican Me Crazy
    IC18 – Temptress
    IC19 – French Kiss
    IC20 – Bora Bora
    IC21 – Move Me
    IC22 – Shimmer Me Up
    MB7 – Pixie Dust
    MB8 – Flirtatious
    E41 – Barely There
    E42 – Plumpkin
    E43 – Beach Walk
    E44 – Seduce Me

  16. Sharon Eachus says

    IC17 Applelishes
    IC18 Coopertune
    IC19 Precious
    IC20 Mellow Mauve
    IC21 June Flowers
    IC22 Sunshine
    MB7 Pixie Sprinkle
    MB8 Majestic Dust
    E41 Skin
    E42 Purpink
    E43 Buff or Camel
    E44 Slated

  17. maria paula says

    IC 17: – Pretty Whoaman
    – Mi amor
    – Besame
    – Besame Mucho

    IC 18: – Forget Me Not
    – Bermuda
    – Cloe

    IC 19: – Primrose
    – Last Night

    IC 20: – Aphrodite
    – Fall For Me

    IC 21: – Prim & Proper
    – Lover’s Dream
    – Lady-Like

    IC 22: – Be My Bliss
    – Majestic

    MB7: – Twinkle Twinkle
    – Give Me More

    MB8: – Barbie Girl
    – Make me Blush

    E41: – Bora Bora
    – Isadora
    – Aruba
    – Curuba

    E42: – Opera
    – Fig-get me Not

    E43: – Caramelo
    – Tan Naked
    – Surrender

    E44: – Dazed
    – Wonderlust

  18. says

    Here’s my lipstick name suggestions …
    IC17 – Juicy Watermelon
    IC18 – Sunrise
    IC19 – French Pink
    IC20 – Plum Spice
    IC21 – You look mauve-ilicious
    IC22 – Iced Mocha

  19. Kendall Lloyd says

    IC17: Wild Child
    IC18: Hamptons Sunset
    IC19: Watermelon Cooler
    IC20: Nearly Nude
    IC21: Barely Flushed
    IC22: Shimmering Sands
    MB7: Peach Beach
    MB8: Raspberry Smooch
    E41: Champagne Goddess
    E42: Temptress
    E44: Night on the Town

  20. Christine Cortez says

    IC17- summer fling/ kinky boots
    IC18- toes in the sand
    IC19- lucky in love/ dreamsicle
    IC20-road trip
    IC21- fake bake
    IC22- fun in the sun
    MB7- tangerine dream / perfect peach
    MB8- jello shot
    E41- naked
    E42- purple rain/ black swan/ mist
    E43- Sun goddess
    E44- silver sun/ wet stone

  21. Rebekah says


    Kitten Fuzz
    Stone Angel
    Down Feather


    Sonora Dust
    Mourning Dove
    Desert Trail


    Kitten toes

    IC 17


  22. Leslie Stewart says

    IC 17: Summer Sizzle
    IC 18: Latte
    IC 19: Rose Petal
    IC 20: Berry Licious
    IC 21: Plum Perfect
    IC 22: Sedona Sunrise
    MB 7: Golden Sand
    MB 8: Fiery Sunset
    E 41: Rose Gold
    E 42: A Passion for Purple
    E 43: Earth Mother
    E 44: Dusk

  23. Jill D. says

    IC17 – Puck
    IC18 –Athenians
    IC19 –Titania
    IC20 – Dream
    IC21 – Shakespeare
    IC22 – A midsummer night
    MB7 – Helena
    MB8 – Hermia
    E41 – Lysander
    E42 – Demetrius
    E43 – Eyeus
    E44 – Thesus

    Shakespeare’s A midsummer night’s dream collection :-)

  24. Jeanne-Marie Carson says

    IC 17 Poppy Love
    IC 19 Primrose Pout
    IC 21 Dawn Rose
    IC 22 Summer Sunset

    E41 Peach Blush
    E43 Summer Dream
    E44 Dusk

  25. Alyssa Hargan says

    IC17, IC19, or MB8:
    Cherry Slurpie

    IC22 or MB7:
    Butterfly Kisses

    Powder Puff
    Moon Walk

    Magic Tricks

  26. Vivian says

    E 43: Casablanca
    IC 17: Wild Watermelon
    IC 19: Sugarplum
    IC 22: Enchanted Candlelight
    MB 7: Moonlight Reflection

  27. Kelly says

    IC17 – Scarlet Fever, Summer Crush
    IC18 – Fun in the Sun, Luau
    IC19 – Pretty in Pink
    IC20 – Vienna, Berry Burst
    IC21 – Blushing Beauty, Keep it Sassy
    IC22 – Bubblegum Pop
    MB7 – Pinky Promise
    MB8 – We’re Jammin’, Campfire
    E41 – Peachy Keen
    E42 – La-Di-Da, Royal
    E43 – Sweet Tea
    E44 – Just Plum Cute!, Grapevine

  28. Shannon says

    1C 17 Date Night
    1C 18 Samba
    1C 19 Kiss Me Wild
    1C 20 Sophistication
    1C 21 Evening Stroll
    1C 22 Sunset Shimmer
    MB 7 Barley There
    MB. 8 Sweet N’ Sassy
    E41 Simplicity
    E42 I am Woman
    E43 Modesty
    E44 Subduction

  29. says

    ic17 Sorbet
    ic18 Papaya
    ic19 Tulip/ Cherry Blossom
    ic20 Sophisticated
    ic21 Dulce de Leche
    ic22 Sunrise Sparkle

    mb7 – Sand dust
    mb8 Berry Blast

    e41 Delicate
    e42 Plum Punch
    e43 Cafe au Lait
    e44 Taupe Top

  30. Nanette Semon says

    IC 17 Strawberry Lemonade
    IC 18 Coy
    IC 19 Cheeky

    IC 20 Ladylike
    IC 21 Birthday Suit
    IC 22 Ice Princess

    MB 7 Peaceful
    MB 8 Lovely

    E 41 Vanilla
    E 42 Cupcake
    E 43 Maple Blondie
    E 44 Pink Frosting

  31. Wendy says


    IC 17 Passion Fruit, Strawberry Lemonade

    IC 18 Apricot Brandy

    IC 19 Raspberry Ice, Raspberry Popsicle

    IC 20 Sultry Bronze

    IC 21 Mauvelous, Mauveluscious, Mauveliscious

    IC 22 Nectarine Sunsation


    MB 7 Butterscotch, Glowing Embers, Summer Sizzle

    MB 8 Strawberry Daiqueri


    E 41 Coral Beach, Moon Glow, Pink Sand

    E 42 Provocative Plum

    E 43 Almond Butter, Nutmeg, Pueblo

    E 44 Lunar Eclipse, Moonshadow, Stormcloud

  32. Paulette Mangione says

    IC 17 Perfect Rose
    IC18 Summer Bronze
    IC 19 Pink Shimmer
    IC20 Light Mocha
    IC21 Radiance
    IC22 Peaches

    MB7 Peach Dazzler
    MB8 Sparkling Fruit

    E41 Sandy Dreams
    E42 Rose Petals
    E43 I’m Tan!
    E44 Plum Shimmer

  33. Morgan Zantua says

    IC 17 Huntress
    IC 18 Luscious
    IC 19 Rose Bud
    IC 20 Mocha Magic
    IC 21 Demure
    IC 22 Rejoice

    E42 Pomegranate
    E43 Cinnamon
    E44 Dusky

  34. Debi says

    MB7 – sunshine sparkle
    MB8 – pixie girl

    E41 – popcorn pizzazz
    E42 – happy girl
    E43 – java jazz
    E44 – lavender spa

    K17 – coral bliss
    K 18 – beach daze
    K19 – caribbean flipflops
    K20 – prom kiss
    K21 – wanderer’s friend
    K22 – beach breeze

  35. Gabriella DiSpada says

    IC 17 Hot Summer Day
    IC 18 Dreamsicle, Sunkissed
    IC 19 Summer Sorbet
    IC 21 Pout
    IC 22 Beach Bunny
    IC 28 Painted Desert
    MB 7 Glow
    MB 8 Popsicle
    E 41 Spun Sugar
    E 42 Evening
    E 43 Sandstone
    E 44 Smokey Quartz

  36. Ann says

    1C 17 Tequila Sunrise
    1C 18 Ready or Not
    1C 19 Marry Me
    1C 20 Eiffel Tower
    1C 21 French Kiss
    1C 22 Glam gal
    MB 7 First Kiss
    MB 8 Just Kissed
    E 41 In the Nude
    E 42 Twilight
    E 43 Iced Latte
    E 44 Pebble Beach

  37. cjmorgan7337 says

    IC 17 – Warm and fuzzy, Coralesque, Vibrant Watermelon
    IC 18 – Warm Nude, Pixie Dust,
    IC 19 – Pink Passion, Happy

    IC 20 – Easy Living, Sometimes I feel like a Nut!
    IC 21 – Nude Enough, Perfect Nude
    IC 22 – Summer Love, Summertime

    MB 7 – Moist, Farest Fairy, Farest in the Land, Fairytime
    MB 8 – Berrylicious, Berry Beautiful

    E 41 – Bright eyes, White Sand, Sand Dollar, Oyster On the Half Shell, Starfish,
    E 42 – Because I’m Happy! Plum Peony, Plum Beautiful, Pretty in Plum
    E 43 – Summer Shadow, Spring Shadow, Pebbles,
    E 44 – Summer Fog, Fog, Ocean Fog Mystery

  38. says

    IC 17 Tangerine Dreams
    IC 18 Summer Blaze
    IC 19 Pink Pearls

    IC 28 Midday Mocha
    IC 21
    IC 22 Nude Shimmies

    MB7 Sand Diamonds
    MB8 Pink Sky Diamonds

    E41 Just Beige
    E42 lilac glow
    E43 creamed coffee
    E44 dark chocolate

  39. Sandy Schultz says

    IC 17~ Fireworks/ July 4th
    IC 18~ Summer Sunset
    IC 19~ Pearly Pink / Picnic Punch
    IC 20~ Taken / Summer Wine
    IC 21~ Innocence / First Kiss
    IC 22~ Sunburnt / Summer Vacation

    MB 7~ Tan Lines
    MB 8~ Sunburn

    E41~ Coral Reef
    E42~ Early Dawn
    E43~ Sand Dune / Sandee Beach
    E44~ Misty Haze / Shoreline

  40. says

    IC 17
    IC 18
    IC 19
    Pink Princess
    IC 20
    Neutral Queen
    IC 21
    Neutral Princess
    IC 22
    Coral Mermaid
    MB 7
    Shining happiness
    MB 8
    Glitter Goddess
    E 41
    Fluffy Peach
    E 42
    Mauve Mermaid
    E 43
    E 44

  41. Alyssa Hargan says

    IC18, IC22, MB7, or MB8:

    IC20, IC21, IC22, MB7, or E41:
    Young Love
    Blushing Bride
    First Dance
    Silk Glove

    • Gladys Eissen says

      Gladys says :
      MB7 Cinderella’s Slipper
      MB8 Pinky-Pop
      IC21 Beaches & Cream
      E43 Texas2Step
      E42 Swing Dance
      E41 Singing in the Rain
      E44 It’s Friday
      Ic17 Crusin’

  42. Alyssa Hargan says

    Here are some more ideas for any of them:
    Best Friend
    Giggles & Whispers
    Girl Time
    Floral Wreath
    Flower Crown
    Fairy Cakes
    Glitter & Bows
    Ribbons & Lace
    Pearls & Lace
    Diamonds & Pearls
    Sugar Sprinkles

  43. Alyssa Hargan says

    IC22, IC18, IC19, MB7, MB8 or any of the new make-up:
    Sugar Dust

  44. Connie Debow says

    IC17 Pop
    IC18 Beachy
    IC19 Capri
    IC20 Java
    IC21 Guest list
    IC22 Sunny

    M87 Lost island
    M88 Papaya

    E41 Nice
    E42 Naughty
    E43 Natural tan
    E44 Noche

  45. says

    IC 17 Strawberry Daiquiri
    IC 18 Tangelo
    IC 19 Pink Grapefruit
    IC 20 Plum Perfect
    IC 21 Naturally Nude
    IC 22 Coral Pearl
    MB7 Peachy Keen
    MB8 Watermelon Fizz
    E41 Sandy Peach
    E42 Sugarplum
    E43 Latte
    E44 Grayrock

  46. Karah says

    IC17 Picnic Pops
    IC18 Summer “orange” Crush
    IC19 Lip Sync in Pink
    IC20 Darlin Dahlia
    IC 21 Sweet Pea
    IC22 Sunset Sail
    MB7 Just Peachy
    MB8 First Kiss
    E41 Just Peachy
    E42 Fine Wine
    E43 Coffee Talk
    E44 Sweet Pea

  47. Whitney says


  48. Mr. Mittens says

    IC-17 Summer Kiss
    IC 18-Embellished Peach
    IC-19 Strawberry Margarita/Powdered Rose
    IC-20 Mocha-licious
    IC-21 Cappuccino

  49. Christa Theilen says

    IC17 – summer sunset
    IC19 – pinkberry punch
    IC20 – iced mocha
    IC21 – dreamsicle
    IC22 – peach fizz/iced peach
    MB7 – icy cantaloupe
    MB8 – watermelon shimmer

  50. allygillotte says

    IC 17 Guava Next Door
    IC18 Sugar Fruit
    IC19 Candy Stick
    IC20 Plumcake
    IC21 Garden Party
    IC22 Sunny Smile

    MB7 Skinny Dip
    MB8 Strawberry Lemonade

    E41 Individual
    E42 Mauve Over
    E43 Coconut Monkey
    E44 Platinum Dusk

  51. Kayla says

    E43-Sand in My Stilettos
    Picnic Basket
    CocoNUTS for You
    IC17-Red Rose Randezvoux
    IC20-Raspberry Tea
    IC18-Seahorse Shimmer
    MB8-Dazzleberry Dance
    Twinkle in My Eye
    IC19-Passionate PIcnic

  52. says

    IC17 – Sunset Blaze
    IC18 – Sunrise Ember
    IC19 – Peony Pink
    IC20 – Mocha Plum
    IC21 – Foolproof Ardor or
    IC21 – Foolproof Nude
    IC22 – Bronze Delight
    MB7 – Crush On
    MB8 – Melon Bliss
    E41 – French Fervour
    E42 – Violet Ardor
    E43 – Java Cream
    E44 – Sooty Dusk

    Nice Color palette, thanks!

  53. Lauren Rosemore says

    IC 17 – Razzle Dazzle
    IC 18 – Orange Mocha
    IC 19 – Bubblegum
    IC 20 – Sugar n’ Spice
    IC 21 – Magic Mauve
    IC 22 – Just Beachy

    MB 7 – Bellini
    MB 8- Flirt

    E 43 – Toasted Coconut

  54. Kimm Jones Furlotte says

    (2nd time trying to enter)…
    IC17 Watermelon Margarita
    IC18 Copper Beach
    IC19 Feeling Flirty
    IC20 Natural Beauty
    IC21 Summer Romance
    IC22 Slow Summer Kiss
    MB7 Sunrise Sparkle
    MB8 Sunset Sparkle
    E41 Nude Beach
    E42 Summer Fling
    E43 Sandcastle
    E44 Under the Stars

  55. says

    IC 17 – Berry Bonanza
    IC 18 – Mocha Madness
    IC 19 – Pink Stilettos
    IC 20 – Iced Coffee
    IC 21 – After Eight
    IC 22 – Boldly Bronze
    MB7 – Marvelous Mango
    MB 8 – Sassy Splash

  56. Kimm Jones Furlotte says

    IC17 Watermelon Margarita
    IC18 Copper Beach
    IC19 Feeling Flirty
    IC20 Natural Beauty
    IC21 Summer Romance
    IC22 Slow Summer Kiss
    MB7 Sunrise Sparkle
    MB8 Sunset Sparkle
    E41 Nude Beach
    E42 Summer Fling
    E43 Sandcastle
    E44 Under the Stars

  57. Lisa Laurencio says

    IC17 Coralista
    IC18 Natural beauty
    IC19 Pink bikini
    IC20 Cool beans
    IC21 YLBB
    IC22 Bahama breezes
    MB7 Lisa (because this is so me haha)
    MB8 Frozen daiquiri
    E41 Bare bottom
    E42 Mauvin to the beach
    E43 No tan lines
    E44 Rocky shore

  58. says

    IC17 – Hot Stuff
    IC18 – Temptress
    IC19 – Cosmopolitan
    IC20 – Mauve Love
    IC21 – MLBB (My Lips But Better)
    IC22 – Peachy Keen
    MB7 – Golden Summer
    MB8 – Strawberry Sparkle
    E41 – Bare
    E42 – Plum Perfect
    E43 – Chai Latte
    E44 – London

  59. Melody Macaluso says

    I love them all but not feeling too many creative names came to me better than what already submitted. Keep up the good work!..

  60. Shannon Jones says


    IC 17 – POPcycle

    IC 18 – Beachy Keen

    IC 19 – Doll Face

    IC 20 – Summer Lovin’

    IC 21 – Nude Beach

    IC 22 – Glimmer Queen


    MB7 – Sand Dune

    MB8 – Raspberry Lemonade


    E41 – Summer Days

    E42 – Purple Passion

    E43 – Sand Storm

    E44 – Soda Pop

  61. Bonnie MacLeod says

    IC 17 Strawberry Daquiri
    IC 18 Cool Cantaloupe
    IC 19 Precious Peony
    IC 21 Naked Rose
    IC 22 Peach Popsicle
    MB 7 Peach Twinkle
    MB 8 Cherry Soufle
    E 41 Daring Dusk
    E42 Pink Fairy Dust
    E 43 Sahara Sand
    E 44 Daring Dusk

  62. Jen Trella says

    1C17 Candied Apple
    1C18 Golden Mango
    1C19 Pinking sheer
    1C20 Purple Chocolate
    1C21 Mauvester
    1C22 Burnished Bronze
    MB7 Barely Peach
    MB8 Dazzling Rose
    E41 Blushing peach
    E42 Muscadine grape
    E43 Tannister
    E44 Storm Cloud

  63. says

    IC12 Red Geranium
    IC1 Fiesty
    IC19 Kiss Me
    IC28 Ahoy!
    IC21 Subtle
    IC22 Candied Apricot
    MB7 Just Peachy
    MB8 Watermelon Craz
    E41 Naughty Nude
    E42 Blushing Babe
    E43 Beach Bum
    E44 Anchors Away

  64. Lynne says

    IC 17 – Coming UP Roses, IC 18 – Coral Reef, IC 19 – Tickle Me Pink – IC 22 – Pickin Peaches E 41 – Sand n’ See, E 42 – Bloomin’ Violets – E 43 – Chocolate Malt.

  65. Sierra says

    IC 17 Sunset Smooch
    IC 18 Mai Tai
    IC 19 Strawberry Slush
    IC 20 Mauve Me
    IC 21 Sahara
    IC 22 Golden Glow
    MB7 Shimmering Sand
    MB8 Bird of Paradise
    E 41 Sand dunes
    E 42 Berry Beautiful
    E 43 Garden Party
    E 44 Silver moonlight

  66. rosanna says

    IC 17 – Picnic in the Park
    IC 18 – Kiss of Sun
    IC 19 – Peony Petals
    IC 20 – Work Meets Play
    IC 21 – Skinny Dip
    IC 22 – Strawberries & Fireflies

    MB7 – Kiss of Sun
    MB8 – Peony Petals

    E41 – Almost Natural
    E42 – Plum Genius!
    E43 – African Safari
    E44 – Rendezvous

  67. Sarah Morehouse says

    IC17 – Dazzling Daiquiri
    IC18 – Mojave Mojo
    IC19 – Peony Perfection
    IC20 – Gilded Rose
    IC21 – Jackie
    IC22 – Bellini
    MB7 – Golden Glow
    MB8 – Luscious Lustre
    E41 – Dawn
    E42 – Bashful Blackberry
    E43 – Sandcastle
    E44 – Dusk

  68. Beth Stacey says

    Summer L♥vin’ Collection


    IC17- Strawberry Fields Forever
    IC18- Wango Tango Mango
    IC19- Pink Caddilac
    IC20- Lava Mauva
    IC21- Rose Dawson
    IC22- Peaches N’ Dreams

    Lip Glosses

    MB7- Go ‘Nude or Go Home
    MB8- Prettyful Pink


    E41- Ace of Base (perfect base color)
    E42- Country Rose Take Me Home
    E43- Sandy Toes
    E44- Dirty Diana

  69. Pat says



    E 42 HAZY DAYS

  70. Staci says

    IC 17: Berry Kisses
    IC 18: Matte Hue
    IC 19: Pinky Swear
    IC 20: Mocha Freeze
    IC 21: Mauve Over
    IC 22: Shine On
    MB7: Apricot Champagne
    MB8: Blushing Bride
    E41: Beach Bum
    E42: Pretty in Plum
    E43: Something Borrowed
    E44: Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up

  71. says

    IC17 Sunset Skies
    IC18 Catching Rays
    IC19 Cool Breeze
    IC20 June Days
    IC21 Splash
    IC22 Barefoot

    MB7 Gidget
    MB8 Summer Nights

    E41 Wading
    E42 Firefly
    E43 Under the Boardwalk
    E44 At the lake

  72. Nanette Semon says

    IC 17 Roman Holiday
    IC 18 Gidget
    IC 19 Pillow Talk

    IC 20 Marilyn
    IC 21 Grace
    IC 22 Elizabeth

    MB 7 Glass Slipper
    MB 8 Poisoned Apple

    E 41 Skinny Dip
    E 42 Blushing Beauty
    E 43 Tender
    E 44 Orchid

  73. Rachel W says

    IC 19- hot kiss
    IC 18- cool kiss
    IC 17- sweet kiss
    IC 20- bronze babe
    IC 21- beach babe
    IC 22- sunkissed babe

    MB 7- skinny dip
    MB 8- sailors delight

    E 44- storm
    E 41- nudest beach

  74. Nikki P says

    Mb7 in the buff
    Ic19 strawberry daiquiri,
    Ic17 turn it up,
    Ic22 peachy keen
    Ic21 mauve over
    E43 better than chocolate
    Ic17 blushing

  75. Michelle J. says

    IC 17 – Firecracker
    IC 18 – Coral Reef
    IC 19 – Pink Lemonade
    IC 20 – Road Trip
    IC 21 – Backyard Barbeque
    IC 22 – Tropical Tan

    MB 7 – Shimmering Sand
    MB 8 – Summer Crush

    E 41 – Sand Between My Toes
    E 42 – Concert In The Park
    E 43 – Toasted Coconut
    E 44 – Dock of the Bay

  76. Marie says

    IC 17- Watermelon Sangria
    IC 18 – Peach Blossom
    IC 19 – Skinnamarinky Pinky Pink
    IC 20 – Summer Sunset
    IC 21 – Rosebud
    IC 22 – Sandy Dandy Peach

    MB 7 – Cantaloupe Shimmer
    MB 8 – Starlit Rose Garden

    E 41 – Softest Peach
    E 42 – Velvet Mulberry
    E 43 – Warm Earth
    E 44 – Quiet Dusk

  77. says

    IC17- Pink lemonade
    IC18- Midsummer Night’s Cream
    IC19- Bikini Pink
    IC20- Cold brew latte
    IC21- Socialite
    IC22- Afternoon Delight

    MB7- Pomelo Kiss
    MB8- Goji Berry Kiss

    E41- Starfish
    E42- Sea Shell
    E43- Wet Sand
    E44- Pebble Beach

  78. Chris Bordner says

    I’m thinking of summer romances, and the old song Sealed with a Kiss (so we gotta say goodbye for the summer…. sealed with a kiss)
    So how about a summer romance series of kisses:
    IC17-Cherry Kiss(es)
    IC18-Melon Kiss(es)
    IC19-Strawberry Kiss(es)
    IC20-Raspberry Kiss(es)
    IC21-Passion Fruit Kiss(es)
    IC22-Peach Kiss(es)

  79. linda says

    IC17 – cherry bomb
    OC18 – Peachy Iced Tea
    IC19 – watermelon kiss
    IC20 – Happy
    IC21 – Sweetness
    IC22 – Sultry Sunset
    MB7 – Perfect Papaya
    MB8 – Poolside perfection

  80. Jeanne Martens says

    When I think of summer I think of my (flower) garden and that is where I drew my inspiration from to name your summer line.
    IC18-coral bells

  81. Hillary says

    IC-17- daisy Duke
    IC-18- beach Bum
    IC-19- teeny bikini
    IC-20- sun drenched
    IC-21- tan lines
    IC-22- sun kissed

    MB7- sun streak
    MB8- hot pants

    41- pink ice
    42- raspberry sorbet
    43- suntan oil
    44- roll in the sand

  82. Vivian says

    E 43: Sahara Nude
    IC 17: Rosy Go Around
    IC 19: Ravishing Rose
    IC 21: Party in the Buff
    IC 22: Twinkling Lights
    MB 7: Dazzling Glass

  83. Karly Haggerty says

    IC17: Fruit Punch or Summer Splash
    IC18: Honeysuckle
    IC19: Lollipop Love
    IC20: Make Me Blush
    IC21: Rosy Cheeks
    IC22: Goldilocks

    MB7: Beach Bum
    MB8: Cosmopolitan

    E41: Dirty Blonde
    E42: Purple Poppy
    E43: Sunless Smooch
    E44: Hazy Day

  84. Maurine Twait says

    Several names for my faves:
    IC 18 Fresh Caliente
    Punkin’ Pie
    Nikki Heat
    Terra [Cotta]

    IC 22 ApriCotta
    Santa Catalina

    E43 Cozy
    Con Leche
    English Toffee

  85. Vivian says

    E 43:Toffee
    IC 17: Showstopper
    IC 18: Beach Bonfire
    IC 19: Pink Minx
    IC 20: Raspberry Truffle
    IC 21: Easy Breezy
    IC 22: Nude Lace
    MB 7: Crowning Glory
    MB 8: Summer Stain

  86. says

    IC 17 Summer Tomato
    Fruity Punch
    IC 18 Apricot Kiss
    IC 19 Pink Clouds
    First Love
    Girly Girl Pink
    IC 20 Sparkle Me Mauve
    IC 21 Innocent Blush
    IC 22 Invisible Love
    MB 7 Orange Creamsicle
    An Orange Dream
    MB 8 Sparklely Blush
    A Sparklely Blush
    E 41 Soft Breeze
    E 42 Purple Rain
    E43 Spicely Yours
    E 44 Dusty Jewel

  87. Cindy E. says

    IC 17 Cherry Berry
    IC 18 Queen Coral or Toasty Tangerine
    IC 19 Pink Poppy
    IC 20 Ginger Rose
    IC 21 Basic Beauty
    IC 22 Sweet Peach

    MB7 Apricot Sugar

  88. Vivian says

    E 41: Bubblegum Taffy
    E 43: Cabana Party
    E44: Pebble
    IC 17: Coral Maybe
    IC 18: Summer Solstice
    IC 19: Rosy Posy
    IC 20: Summer Love
    IC 21: Uptown
    IC 22: Summer Getaway
    MB 7: Twinkle
    MB 8: Flushed

  89. says

    Can’t go to the beach this summer? Then take a trip each time you bathe your lips in summer fun:

    IC17 – Maldives
    IC 18 – Tropical Punch
    IC 19 – Seychelles
    IC 20 – Bora Bora
    IC 21 – Beach Babe
    IC 22 – Sun Kissed

  90. says

    1C17- Coral Days
    1C18- I See Orange
    1C19- Rosy
    1C20- Mauve Moons
    1C22- Nude Sparkle
    MB7-Nude Lip Gloss
    MB8- Berry Lip Gloss
    E41- Summer Pink
    E42- Plum
    E43- Beige
    E 44- Lilac

    My favorite: 1C19
    I look forward to the mascara. Also, I hope that one day you produce base makeup.
    Keep up the great work, you two!

  91. Sara stebbins says

    IC 17: Fire Engine
    MB8: melonberry
    IC19: pink flamingo
    IC20/21: island survivor
    E41: creamsicle
    E42: MauvyMe

  92. Alanna says

    I couldn’t decide on a couple so I’ve listed all the options. Hope you like them! (I quite like ‘Cyd Cherries’ if I do say so myself)

    IC 17 – Raspberry Smooches
    IC 18 – Sunset Belle-evard or Anne of Green Gables or P.E.I. Sands
    IC 19 – Sea Pinks
    IC 20 – Cleopatra
    IC 21 – Little Kitten’s Smile
    IC 22 – P.E.I. Sands Shimmer
    MB7 – Cannes Starlet
    MB8 – Cyd Charisse or Cyd Cerise or Cyd Cherries
    E41 – Beach Bum
    E42 – Purple Schmurple
    E43 – Wet Sands
    E44 – Every Cloud has a Silver Lining (or just Silver Lining)

  93. Vivian says

    MB 8: One True Kiss
    MB 7: Hug Me
    IC 22: Sweet Honey
    IC 21: Warm Fuzzies
    IC 20:Be Mine
    IC 19: Don’t Tell Mom
    IC 18: Goddess Glow
    IC 17: It’s complicated
    E 44: Snuggle
    E 43: Beach Cabana
    E 41: Cupcake Pink

    absolutely beautiful shades!!

  94. Angela says

    IC 17 Fireworks
    IC 18 Peaches and Dreams
    IC 19 Cherry Blossom
    IC 20 Summer Nights
    IC 21 Enchanted
    IC 22 Rhinestone Cowgirl
    MB 7 Summer Lovin
    MB 8 Sunset Kiss
    E 41 Sugar Sands
    E 42 Passion
    E 43 Seashell Shore
    E 44 Moonlit Stroll

  95. Vivian says

    E 41: Cupcake Pink
    E 43: Beach Cabana
    E 44: Snuggle
    IC 17: It’s complicated
    IC 18: Goddess Glow
    IC 19: Don’t Tell Mom
    IC 20:Be Mine
    IC 21: Warm Fuzzies
    IC 22: Sweet Honey
    MB 7: Hug Me
    MB 8: One True Kiss

  96. says

    IC17 Enchanting Dahlia
    IC18 Dazzling Saffron
    IC19 Cherry Merangue
    IC20 Gilded Nutmeg
    IC21 Versailles Rose
    IC22 Honeyed Apricot

    MB7 Sunset Sizzle
    MB8 Blushing Twinkle

    E41 Rapt Vanilla
    E42 Waltzing Plum
    e42 Temperate Taupe
    E44 Feathery Lilac

  97. Angela says

    IC 17 Firecracker
    IC 18 Peaches and Dreams
    IC 19 Cherry Blossom
    IC 20 Summer Nights
    IC 21 Enchanted
    IC 22 Rhinestone Cowgirl
    MB 7 Summer Lovin
    MB 8 Sunset Kiss
    E 41 Sugar Sands
    E42 Passion
    E43 Seashell Shore
    E 44 Moonlit Stroll

  98. Esther says

    1c 17 Sunglow
    1C 18 Sundance
    1C 19 Sparkling Punch
    1C 20 Spicy Wonder
    !C 21 Precious Touch
    1C 22 Glassy Shine

    MB 7 Soft Touch
    MB 8 Glide On

    E 41 Pink Ciffion
    E 42 Plum Sweet
    E 43 Beautiful One
    E 44 Elegance

  99. Jessica says

    IC17-Hawaii Love
    IC18-Sunset Sparkle
    IC20-Elegant Shimmer
    IC21-Summer Love
    MB7-Shimmering Sands
    MB8-Butterfly Kisses
    E41-Oh Coconuts!
    E42-Sugar Plum
    E43-Beach Sand

  100. Cheryl Losh says

    IC17 Enchantment
    IC18 Peachy Keen
    IC19 Rosey Posey
    IC20 Madly Mauve
    IC21 Ambrosia
    IC22 Lush Blush
    MB7 Canteloupe
    MB8 Radiant Rose

  101. Vivian says

    IC 17 I’m taken all red-y
    IC 18 glowing ember
    IC 19 cuddle up
    IC 28 posh
    IC 21 misty mauve
    IC 22
    MB 7 kiss me
    MB 8

  102. Melissa Herrmann says

    IC17 – Coney Island Coral
    IC18 – Peach Bum
    IC19 – Cotton Candy, Pink Bubble Bomb
    IC20 – No Tan Lines
    IC22 – Peachy Keen

    MB7 – Juicy Nectarine
    MB8 – Love Letter

    E41 – No Peeking
    E42 – Lingering Lilac
    E43 – Sand Storm
    E44 – Shark Attack

  103. says

    Beautiful colors!

    IC 18 – Western Sunset
    IC 19 – Think Pink
    IC 20 – Mauve-in’ to the Groove
    IC 21 – Gentle Mauve
    E 43 – Summer Fawn

    • Sandy Schultz says

      1C-17 Lambada
      1C-18 Mambo
      1C-19 Dangerous
      1C-20 Rendezvous
      1C-21 Twilight
      1C-22 Fuzzy Naval
      MB7- Barely There
      MB8- Peach Blush
      E41- Bright Eyes
      E42- Rosie Posie
      E43- Coy

  104. says

    1C17 Cherry Torte
    1C18 Summer Sun (Summer Sunburn)
    1C19 Dragon-fruit / Paparazzi Pink
    1C20 Plum Happy
    1C21 Mauvel Tov!
    1C22 Posh Princess

    MB7 Peachy Pearls / Peach Margarita
    MB8 Dragon Fruit

    E41 Paleo Pink / Pretty n Pink
    E42 Lavender Lantana / Periwinkle
    E43 Toffee House
    E44 Grey Skies

  105. Jillian says

    IC 17: pink flame
    IC18: sunset peach
    IC19: casino night
    IC20: brownie blaze
    IC21: mauve me to dance
    IC22: seashell love
    MB7: sweet nectar
    MB8: sparkling strawberry

  106. Stephanie McKenzie says

    I have not read everyone’s suggestions so I apologize if I’ve used the same name.

    IC 17 Pouty Petal
    IC 18 Bare Skin
    IC 19 Ice Princess
    IC 20 Figalicious
    IC 21 Creamy Dreamy
    IC 22 Sunset Glow
    MB7 Ripe Melon
    MB8 Strawberry’s and Cream
    E41 Cantaloupe or Can’t Elope
    E42 Violet Vanity
    E43 Happy Trails
    E44 Pebble Beach

    Stephanie Mckenzie

  107. Andrea says

    Apologies in case of any duplicates–I opted not to read previous posts in the interest of keeping it original:

    IC 17 – Watermelon Taffy
    IC 18 – Haute Dog!
    IC 19 – Photo Booth Pink
    IC 20 – Not Your Mother’s Mauve
    IC 21 – Born with It
    IC 22 – Sand in Your Skirt

    MB 7 – What Tan Lines?
    MB 8 – Fireworks

    E41 Pink Sand
    E42 Berry Crushed Ice
    E43 Got Some Sun
    E44 Dance at Dusk


  108. Sandy Schultz says

    IC-17 Flamenco, IC-18 Tango, IC-19 Cha Cha, IC-20 Passion, IC-21 High Noon, IC-22 Sun Rise, MB-7 Morning Dew, MB-8 Sun Set Shimmer, E41- Summer, E42 Evening Rose, E43 Na Na Nude E44 Sutle Smoke…

    Looking forward to the new colors!!

  109. Cassie says

    MB7-Bellini-peach bellini
    MB8-razzle dazzle-daiquiri
    Ic18-melba-peach melba
    Ic17-bahama mama

  110. Michelle A. says

    IC19 – Cheeky Monkey
    E44 – Sea Salt
    E42 – Plum Crazy
    E41 – Bardot
    IC17 – Garden Party
    MB7 – Glint
    MB8 – Laugh Out Loud
    E43 – Sandcastle
    IC20 – Urban Chic
    IC18 – Georgia
    IC22 – Saint Tropez
    IC21 – Pin Up Girl

  111. Chris Bordner says

    IC17 – Leading Lady
    IC18 -Kiss on the Chic
    IC19 – Spin the Bottle
    IC20 – Secret Stash
    IC21 – Hide and Go Chic
    IC22 – Under the Twilight
    MB7 – Melon Wine
    MB8 – Strawberry Margarita
    E41 -Blush Hour
    E42 – Be Still My Heart
    E43 – Taupe-less Beach
    E44 – Desert Canyon Sunset

  112. Chris says

    IC 17 – Firecracker!
    IC 18 – Cognac or Orange Soda
    IC 19 – Watermelon Ice, Watermelon On Ice, Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet
    IC 20 – Hazelnut
    IC 21 – Elle

    MB7 – Peach Fizz
    MB8 – Firework!

    E41 – Sunrise, Sunset
    E42 – Plumrose
    E43 – Blondie
    E44 – Lavender Smoke, Smoky Smudge, Smudged, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  113. says

    IC17 Shopping to Buy
    IC18 Sunset Swim
    IC19 Spring Break
    IC20 Paparazzi
    IC21 Topless
    IC22 Champagne on Ice

    MB7 Gold Card
    MB8 Berry Sexy

    E41Blank Check
    E42 Mercurial Mauve
    E43 Just Browsing
    E44 Oyster Bay

  114. Anita H. says

    IC 17 Berrylicious
    IC 18 Fuzzy Peach
    IC 19 Tickle Me Pink
    IC 20 Nude Beach
    IC 21 French Kiss
    IC 22 Lust
    MB7 Cheeky
    MB8 Sassy
    E41 Nectar
    E42 Hummingbird
    E43 Shell Shock
    E44 Plum ice

  115. Gina Aylworth says

    IC 17- Bachelorette Party
    IC 18- Pucker Up!
    IC 19- TGIF
    IC 20-Miss Cheeky
    IC 21- Ready or Not
    IC 22- Sassy Summer
    MB7- Tempting
    MB8- Ladie’s Night
    E41-Georgia Peach
    E42- Napa Grapes
    E43- Cafe Au Lait

  116. Selena says

    IC 17 Cora Cora
    IC 18 sun kissed
    IC 19 pink frosting
    IC 20 rum raisin
    IC 21 berry nude
    IC 22 peach shimmer
    MB 7 beachy
    MB 8 date night
    E41 dreamy
    E42 plum pizzazz
    E43 like u latte
    E44 summer haze

  117. says

    IC17 – Luscious Kiss, Wild Watermelon
    IC18 – Melon Madness
    IC 19 – Shimmering Rose, Pink Lemonade
    IC 20 – Pink & Chocolate
    IC21 – Barely There, Breathless
    IC22 – Moonlit Sands,

    MB7 – Shimmering Sand, Sand Dune
    MB8 – Sunrise Sky, Sun Glow, Sun Kissed

    E41 – Alluring
    E42 – Rosy Sunrise
    E42 – Mocha Latte
    E44 – Playful Putty

  118. Detox Utopia says

    What a fun process to name these colors! Thanks for organizing this. :)

    IC 17: Coral Glow
    IC 18: Perfect Tan or Perfect 10
    IC 19: Halo
    IC 20: Seashell Mermaid
    IC 21: Summer Godess
    IC 22: Flushed or Oh She Glows

    MB7: Caribbean Nectar
    MB8: Sorbet Shimmy

    E41: Delicate Flower
    E42: Berry Chic
    E43: Warrior
    E44: Greige is Hot

  119. Pauline Vrbanic says

    IC17: Racy Red!, Rio Red!, Rock It Red!, Rockin’ Red!, Red Alert!, Red Hot!, Red Carpet!, Red Zone!

  120. Karly Haggerty says

    E43: Cocoa Powder
    IC18: Caramel Corn
    IC19: Strawberry Margarita
    IC20: Venice
    IC21: Dusty Rose
    IC 22: Beach Bum

  121. Jimmie Berg says

    IC 17 Saucy
    IC 18 Sexy
    IC 19 Flirty
    IC 20 Mauvelicious
    IC 21 Kiss Me
    IC 22 Angel Dust
    MB 7 Sea Shore
    MB 8 Kiss Me Awake
    E 41 Morning Dew
    E 42 Before Sunset
    E 43 Wise Eyes
    E 44 Evening

  122. zeresh says

    Ic 17- tangerine tango
    Ic 18- peachy keen
    Mb7- sparkling sands
    Ic 19- pinkalicious
    Ic20- mauve it up
    Ic21- nude it now!
    Ic22- copper penny
    MB8, cherry icee/ cherry slushy
    E41- summer days
    E42 – amuse me
    E43- tic tac taupe

  123. Mette Baccari says

    IC17 – Perkiness Perfected
    IC18 – Golden Sunshine
    IC19 – Pretty in Pink
    IC20 – Midt Summer Night
    IC21 – Summer Light
    IC22 – Copenhagen Cool
    MB7 – Peach mamba
    MB8 – My Favorite

  124. says

    IC 17 Watermelon Wishes
    IC 18 Suntan
    IC19 Fierce Flamingo
    IC 20 Iced Latte
    IC 21 Dusty Rose
    IC 22 Nude Peach (Instead of Nude Beach) 😉
    MB7 Shimmering Sands
    MB8 Pink Sands
    E41 Tan Lines or Nearly Naked
    E42 Dusk
    E43 Driftwood
    E44 Campfire

  125. Berniece Thornton says

    1C17 Sunset Sky
    1C18 Hacienda
    1C19 Paris Pink
    MB7 Baby Glow
    1C20 Plum Fun
    1C21 Velvet Rose
    1C22 Savannah
    MB8 Ritz Rose
    E41 Naked
    E42 Sweetbriar
    E43 Aruba
    E44 Festival

  126. Debbie says

    MB7 – Peaches n’ Cream
    MB8 – Pink Mojito

    IC17 – Frozen Rose
    IC18 – Tequila Sunrise
    IC19 – Watermelon Crush
    IC20 – Forbidden Fruit
    IC21 – Grecian Sands
    IC22 – Summer’s Kiss

    E41 – Crystal Sands
    E42 – Orchid
    E43 – Sands of Time
    E44 – Lavender & Lace

  127. Jennifer Ayres says

    Jay Collection: Beach Theme
    IC17 Coral Gables
    IC18 Sunrise Coast
    IC19 Wahine
    MB8 Kauai Kiss
    E41 Dune Buggy
    E42 Pink Sands

    Andrea Collection: Hollywood Glamour Girls
    IC20 Ava
    IC 21 Grace
    IC 22 Marilyn
    MB7 Ingrid
    E43 Rita
    E44 Joan

  128. says

    IC 17 Juice or Juicy Melon (I like just Juice. Simple, super sexy. One word. Hot),
    IC 19 Pink Martini or Pink Ice, or Spiked Lemonade
    IC 21 Beach Bunny or Sandra Dee
    IC 22 Before Sunset or Tahitian Sunset or Sky on Fire or Fire in the Sky
    MB7 Georgia Peach
    MB8 Spiced Rum Punch or Haute Haute Heat
    E41 Skinny Dip or Sex on the beach,
    E42 Grape Daiquiri or Grape Freeze
    E43 Iced Macchiato or Caramel Latte

  129. says

    IC17 Strawberry Lemonade
    IC18 Juicy Apricot
    IC19 Ginger Flower
    IC20 Toasted Coconut
    IC21 Koa Kiss
    IC22 Ginger Spice

    MB7 Crystallized Honey
    MB8 Plumeria Passion

    E41 Nude Attitude
    E42 Push It Purple
    E43 Riding Pants
    E44 Granite Mine

  130. says


  131. Sara A says

    MB7: City Lights, Hollywood, Summer 99′, Sandcastles & Sun, Golden Sandcastles, Beach Day, Sunset On The Beach, Feelin Peachy
    MB8: Showstopper, Sunshine All The Time, Coral Kiss, Maybe Malibu, Malibu, Head Over Heels
    IC 22: Spring in your step, Floral tini, Pass the Bouquet, Bouquet Toss

    E41: Heavenly, San Diego, Cherry Blossom, Pink Peony, Just Bloomed, Spring In Your Step
    E42: Merry Maui, Just Bitten, Wine Stained, Evening Out
    E43: Stuck In The Sand, Making Waves, Tone & Tanned
    E44: Midnight Paradise

  132. Kathleen says

    IC 17 Resting on your Coral
    IC 18 Samba Sunset
    IC 19 Rose to You
    IC 20 Primal Pout
    IC 21 Nude-tral
    IC 22 Peach Swizzle

  133. Jeanne says

    IC17 Oo-La-La
    Angel Lips
    Tart Rubharb

    IC18 Brassy Babe
    Polished Brass

    IC20 Heavenly Orchid

    MB7 Brass Beauty

  134. Sara A says

    IC 19: Queen Of Roses, Rosy Posy, Crown of Roses, Aisle Of Roses, Bloom
    IC 18: Pucker Up, Peach Schnapps, Honeydew
    IC 17: Blossoming, Bloom, Feelin’ Flushed, Blushing Bride
    IC 22: Gold Rush, Feeling Flirty, Maui Sunrise

  135. Jennifer Johnson says

    IC 17 – Strawberry Daiquiri
    IC 18 – Sonoma Sunset
    IC 19 – Perfect Peony
    IC 20 – Victorian Rose
    IC 21 – Romance
    IC 22 – Sugar and Spice or Everything Nice
    MB7 – Peaches and Cream
    MB8 – Raspberry Lemonade
    E41 – Pretty as a Picture
    E42 – Royal or Royalty
    E43 – Country Road
    E44 – Twilight Dream(s)

  136. says

    M87- Lovable/Lover-ble/Mai Tai-licious
    M88- Poutingly Perfect/Perfection

    E42- Moonlight/Cresent Moon
    E43- Krisp Linen/Linen
    E44- Twilight Whispers/Whispers in Moonlight/Whisper

    Okay, all I have for now. :)

    • says

      IC17- Raspberry Beret/Sophia (reminds me of a bold choice like Sophia Vegara)/Sultry
      IC18- Sherbert
      IC19- Liptastic/Kiss This

      M87- Sunflower/Shimmer
      M88- Strawberry Champagne/Shimmy/Bombshell

      IC20- Moonlit Mauve
      IC21- Mauve-alous
      IC22- Bombshell

      E41- Sherbert/Peach Sorbet
      E42- Twinkle Berry
      E43- Vanilla Bean
      E44- Platinum

  137. Jeanne says

    IC18 Amazing Apricot

    IC20 Mauvelous

    Mucho Mauvelicious

    IC22 Sundown
    Sunrise Surprise

    MB 7 Sparkling Sunset

    E41 Pale Peach
    Peach Tart

    E42 Mauve Twighlight

  138. says

    MB7 : Frosty peach/Peach Sherbet
    MB8 : Strawberry Sherbet

    IC17 : Fairy tale red
    IC18 : Orange is the new red
    IC19 : Pinky promise
    IC20 : Coffee on your lips
    IC21 : Mauve your lips
    IC22 : Princess Peach

    E41 : Eyes Eyes Baby
    E42 : Summer Wine
    E43 : Close to Earth
    E44 : Taupe of the World

  139. Carolee Haack says

    IC17: Fire & Ice, Sweet Strawbery
    IC18: Kissable Coral
    IC19: Cotton Candy, Passionate Pink, I LOVE PINK, Watermelon Kisses
    IC20: Ravishing Rose
    IC21: Mauveulous
    IC22: Razzle Dazzle
    MB7: Peaches & Dreams
    MB8: Coral Dust
    E41: Sweet Kisses, Angel Kisses
    E42: Blushing Beauty
    E43: Suntan
    E44: Brown Sugar

  140. J Lens says

    IC17 Hot Stuff

    IC19 Pretty in Pink
    Pink Cashmere
    Tickled Pink
    Pinky Swear

    IC21 Daytime Dream

    IC22 Copper Kettle

    E41 Peachy Pie

    E42 Mauve Magic
    Orchid Ambiance

    E43 Sophisticated Sable

    MB7 Rustique

  141. says

    IC 17 – Summer Picnic
    IC 18 – Ocean Sunset
    IC 19 – Bubble Yumm
    IC 20 – Beach Babe
    IC 21 – Mauvin’ and Groovin’
    IC 22 – Peachy Keen

    MB7 – Orange Julius
    MB8 – Sugared Strawberry

    E 41 – Show Some Skin
    E 42 – Lovely Lilac
    E 43 – Toes in the Sand
    E 44 – Route 66

  142. Jharp72 says

    IC17-Spiked Cherry
    IC18-Tangerine Sparkler
    IC19-Crushed Melon
    IC21-Summer Sand
    IC22-Sun Drenched

    MB7-Peach Bellini
    MB8-Watermelon Crush

    E41-Poufed Pink or Pink Pouf
    E42-Fresh Lilac
    E43-Color Me Nude

  143. m says

    MB8 – Wet rose
    MB7 – Fairy dust
    IC 19 – Young blooms
    IC 17 – Reddy or not
    E41 – Summer peach
    E42- Deep orchid
    E43 – Milk Chocolate
    E44 – Wild heather

  144. Jean Jambas says

    IC17 Aloha Lips
    IC18-SantaFe Sunset
    IC19-Pink Lemonade
    IC20-Almost Nude
    IC21-Totally Naked
    MB7-Sand Dune
    MB8-Love Me Do
    E41-Peaches N Cream
    E44-Dusty Plum

  145. Mary Hasty says

    IC17 – Coral Crush
    IC18 – Peach Shimmer
    IC19 – Pedal Pusher Pink
    IC22 – Peaches ‘n’ Cream Shimmer
    E42 – Paramour Pink
    E44 – Grey Goddess

  146. Sonia says

    IC 17 Coney Island coral
    IC 18 Central Park sunset
    IC19 Cherry Blossom
    IC 28 Fawn
    IC 21 Allure
    MB7 Creamsicle
    MB8 Ruby Roses
    E41 peaches ‘n cream
    E42 Sienna
    E43 Cappuccino
    E44 Greige

  147. Anna says

    IC17 Peony
    IC18 Orange-U-Glad?
    IC19 Pink-A-Dilly
    IC22 Coho
    MB7 Kiss This!
    MB8 Don’t Fence Me In
    E43 Whoopee-Ty-Eye-Oh!
    E44 Hazy Gaze

  148. Elizabeth says

    IC17 – Strawberry Punch
    IC18 – Peach Parfait
    IC19 – Watermelon Freeze

    IC20 – Plum Party
    IC21 – Mauvelous
    IC22 – Coral Ice

    MB7 – Sparkling Peach
    MB8 – Watermelon Kisses

    E41 – Peachy Nude
    E42 – Orchid Craze

    E43 – Tawny
    E44 – Intrigued *(Nice color)

  149. Kimberly Roberts says

    IC 17 Marilyn
    IC 18 Bella
    IC 19 Roxxy
    IC 20 NY nights
    IC 21 Kiss Me or Beauty
    IC 22 NY lights or Spring

  150. Jessica says

    IC 17- Watermelonicious
    IC 18- Sun Kiss
    IC 19- Hot Kiss
    IC 20- Night Owl
    IC 21- Pink Earth
    IC 22- Summer Solstice
    M37- Summer Sands
    M38- Star gaze

  151. Lisa says

    IC17 Cherry Ice Pop or Ice Pop
    IC18 Tangerine Tango
    IC19 Cherry Blossom or Pink Sands
    IC20 Mauvelous
    IC21 Milan or Allure
    IC22 Peach Bellini

    MB7 Peachy Keen
    MB8 Passionfruit

    E41 My Tie /Mai Tai
    E42 Berry Flambé
    E43 Sandwitch
    E44 Taupetastic

  152. Cyndi says

    Beautiful colors, Jay!

    IC 18 – Western Sunset
    IC 19 – Think Pink
    IC 20 – Mauve-in’ to the Groove!
    IC 21 – Gentle Mauve
    E 43 – Summer Fawn

  153. Kimberly says

    IC 18 peachy keen
    IC 17 rose pose
    IC 19 pink tune
    IC 20 maeve trove
    IC 20 buried treasure
    IC 20 sassy class
    IC 21 Irish blush

    MB 7 pebbles on the beach
    MB 8 treasure trove

    E41 clean dream
    E42 violet vixen

  154. Amy says

    IC19–Pinkle Twinkle
    IC18–Copper Sunset
    IC28–Vino Me
    IC21–Pink Brownie
    IC22–Sun Shimmer
    MB7–Peach Bliss
    MB8–Watermelon Bliss
    E41–Peachy Keen
    E42–Plum Crush
    E43–Sandy Dune
    E44–Dove Gray

  155. Susan Alves says

    IC 17- Coral Reif
    IC- 18 Maui Mellon
    IC- 19 Plumeria Pink
    IC- 20 Summer Latte
    IC- 21 Mauvelous
    IC- 22 Can’t Elope

    MB 7- Melon Ice
    MB 8- Strawberry Ice

  156. says

    IC17- Watermelon Freeze
    IC18- Iced Tea
    IC19- Pink Tulips
    IC20- Mochaccino
    IC21- Suave Mauve
    IC22- Peaches N Cream
    MB7- Peach Pop
    MB8- Strawberry Sparkles
    E41- Sugar Crystal
    E42- Lilac Smoothie
    E43- Taupe Tankini
    E44- Lucious

  157. Ligia M. Diana says

    IC 20 – MOCHA MIX


    E 43 – EARTHY TONE

  158. Heather says

    IC17- Party Rock
    IC18- Up all night – All Nighter
    IC19- Summer Sass
    IC20- Morning latte
    IC21- Roadtrip
    IC22- Summer Sunrise

    MB7- peace, love n’ guava
    MB8- summer romance

    E41- peachy keen
    E42- sangria
    E43- nude beach
    E44- late night pranks

  159. says

    IC17- Beach Sunset/Tiki Hut
    IC18 – Luscious/Luscious Lips

    IC21- Dream

    M87- First Kiss/Mimosa

    M88- Summer Lovin’/Summer Nights/Summer Romance

    E41- Mimosa
    E42- Eclipse/Moonlit Walk/Eclipse of the Heart

  160. Linda Bolin says

    IC17-Strawberry Wine
    IC18-Afternoon Delight
    IC19-Pink Cotton Candy
    IC20-Suttle Seduction
    IC21-Natural Blush
    IC22-Light & Sassy
    MB7-Moonlight Special
    MB8-Marvelous Rose
    E41-Bright Eyes
    E43-Summertime tan
    E44-Hazy Days

    • Mindy theroux says

      IC17 SUMMER DAWN or MORNING LIGHT or Caress me
      IC 19 Maui Dream
      IC28 Nature’s gate or TIDE ME OVER
      IC 21 Gentle touch
      IC 22 sweet shell

  161. Stephanie says

    IC 17 – Bonfire
    IC 18 – Summer Beach – Summer Sunset
    IC 19 – Pucker Up
    IC 20 – Cafe au lait
    IC 21 – Classy
    IC 22 – Torch Me

    MB 7 – Glow
    MB 8 – Dazzle Me

    E 41 – Dawn
    E 42 – Purple Reign
    E 43 – Desert Storm
    E 44 – Dusk

    • Vicky Holbrook says

      1C 17 Peach Glow
      1C 18 Dreamy Sunset
      1C 19 Juicy Watermelon
      1C 20 Caramel Sugar
      1C 21 Apricot Dream
      1C 22 Fire Stick
      MB 7 Honey Kissed
      MB. 8 Starburst

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