Lipstick IS An Accessory

What if I told you…
“You can only have one pair of shoes, for all occasions.”
“You can only have one pair of earrings, for all occasions.”
“You can only have two necklaces, for all occasions.”
“You can only have 1 purse… forever”

You would tell me I was nuts!

Women have a ton of fun accessories.

You might own 20 pairs of shoes, 50 purses, the closet is chock full of cute tops…

… earrings and necklaces that dangle from counter top spinny thingies, and watches, bangles, bracelets and rings abound.

But yet I find that a lot of women overlook the understanding that LIPSTICK IS another huge accessory.

I mean, lipstick IS THE mood booster of your makeup bag. No other single accessory can change your entire mood as quickly and easily as a lipstick color can.

Yes, eye shadow can too, to some degree, but it’s more complicated to do so. Lipstick is fast, simple and efficient.

So, it boggles my mind when a woman tells me she only has 1 or 2 lipsticks that she has used since she was 18.

Ultimately, lipsticks are inexpensive, yet quality accessories. You shouldn’t have 2, you should have 10 or 15 of them, in varied color sets.

In this fashion, you will have a ton of fun, and enjoyment in the delicious art of experimentation, the sense of adventure in completing looks and feeling creative.

It will also help break daily ruts! Trust me when I say, it’s perfectly ok to go to work, or even the grocery store, sporting a different look each day. It shows your versatility as the woman you know you are.

I would never want you to be in fear or hold back on yourself over $20, especially when you know we have your back on your purchase with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So, if your gut tells you that you want to be adventurous and try that new color, don’t hold back, go for it.

And know, it’s ok, normal and healthy to own a muriad of lipsticks, just as you might have a gob of shoes, this is a blast in the simple arts of lipstick!

Here’s some photos to demonstrate, Comments Welcome On The Subject!


almost_red__44244.1340656518.800.800 audrey5__93286.1365612147.800.800 paris5__78437.1365612069.800.800 petalpusher__85874.1339130990.800.800 pushpop_2__39274.1372699414.800.800 red_almostred__51093.1363969302.800.800 red_petalpusher__56445.1363969306.800.800 red_strawberrylips_2__15453.1363969309.800.800 Screen_Shot_2013_01_04_at_1.02.12_PM__05546.1357326190.800.800 Screen_Shot_2013_01_04_at_1.02.23_PM__27240.1357326191.800.800 strawberry_lips_6__62248.1357342621.800.800 sugarsugar5__54770.1365611898.800.800 sunkissed-3__70392.1339130552.800.800 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-7 Untitled-8 Untitled-10 Untitled-11


  1. Maggie says

    Jay, Andrea, or Ashley,

    PLEASE, two other people have asked in this thread, as I will do now…..

    What is the name of the lipstick that Andrea is wearing 8 photos up from the bottom. There isn’t a name on the photo. I simply must have it!

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing back from you!


  2. Kim says

    Andrea is adorable. She makes everything look good. I seriously know the one or two things that work for me. You see after a certain age, my teeth are not so white anymore…it’s more genetic …Anyway, pale colors wash me out and dark colors make me look older in general. Girls, enjoy youth and if you are blessed with beautiful teeth smile pretty and have fun with your lipsticks !

  3. Angela says

    Hello –
    Have had my three new lipsticks only about one week. I purchased
    Audrey, Strawberry, and Coral Crush. So far They all look and feel
    great, and mix/match with all color of clothing, etc. in my closet.

    I also use them as my Blush !

    I’m having to practice with the “blotting, and making the color last all day”, but hopefully I will learn.

    the sample sent to me was “Hoppyred?” TOO Bright ! for my skin

    I’m considering ordering mascara soon, when budget allows.

    Thanks for making great “natural, cruelty fee, etc” products !

    • Ashley Teague says

      Glad to here you are loving things so far. We usually do include a free sample with every order. Hollypeno is pretty bright. Did you try mixing that one too?

  4. Susan says

    Haven’t worn lipstick in so many years due to chronic chapped lips……RAL solved that problem for me :-)….many thanks for that!

    Love these photos – I have similar coloring to Andrea ….very helpful….placed an order for 3 new lipsticks :-)

    Thank you for these amazing products!!!


  5. Lyn says

    Just received my first order. And wore lipstick for the first time today. ( I have always worn lipgloss mostly clear with a slight tinge of color) Because of allergies etc I rarely wore eye makeup and lipstick even less I am looking forward to experimenting and having fun. Wore my new RAL mascara for the first time today without any tears or red puffy, itchy eyes.

  6. Lisa says

    How do you create the blended looks? Put on one color, then the other color right on top, or mix them on a lip brush first — not sure how to achieve it so some info would be great. Some of the combos really do look great, and really different from either color alone.

    • Jay Adam Harper says

      Yes exactly! It’s perfectly acceptable to put one lipstick right on too if another. There are also no rules to how much of lipstick number 1 goes with lipstick number 2. So you can just feel fun and play loose about it.

      Also, reversing the two lipsticks can create a totally different effect.

      So play, have fun, you’lol be amazed at what you can discover.

  7. Leslie Rodriguez says

    Is there a place I can see these colors in person? I live in Bronx NY. Reason for it is that I have a very fair/pale complexions and I’m worried some reds would just be too dark or others too bright.

  8. Sheryl says

    Just received my first order and I’m in love with your lipstick !! It is creamy and the color is great . I bought Paris, it goes with everything and feels great on my lips. So happy to find a gluten free lipstick that has great color and feels good too. Thank you so much !!

  9. Nicole says

    Hi! I met you guys at the gluten free expo this weekend! I love your lipsticks and glosses! My 10 yr old was with me when I was trying on my same colored lip sticks and told me to break out of my comfort zone!!it was hilarious! Andrea was cracking up! So he picked out some bright colors and I love them!!! I’m sold!! Love that lipgloss is smooth and not goupy or sticky!

    • Jay Adam Harper says

      Oh My Gosh!! THat was the most hilarious thing ever!!! Tanner needs to come work for us – I was not kidding when I said that!! If only Jay had been there at that moment – he would have LOVED it!! I’m so glad you’re happy with what you chose, it was a blast to meet you! ~Andrea

  10. mindy theroux says

    Lovely to see the photos. And Andrea has fun personality shining forth. Such a great ideas to show photos of different shade. Maybe you could make a campaign so people might post their favorite lip shade on their own lips! WOuld be such fun to see!

  11. Felicia says

    I found out about Red Apple Lipstick kinda later. I accumulated lots of other brands, shades, textures but none of them has the quality of a RAL. Yeah, you can brag about it! I’m working on a replacement project… I have quite a few people in my mind that will really appreciate your products! Can”t wait for the mascara arrival! Do you have RAL in a traveler size (smaller, thinner)?

  12. Judy Green says

    Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first shipment in “dinky town” Canada but if they deliver everything that the testimonials have reported it will be worth the wait. I have had so much trouble finding any lipstick that I can safely use that for the most part just go without. It is easier than trying to clean up the dry lips and rash around the mouth that some lipsticks leave behind !. Loved being able to see the different shade you have being displayed on the same person too. Hope my package arrives soon.

  13. Cindy King says

    I, too am the kind of girl that is never without it lipstick. When I found out I had celiac disease, never thought I’d have to change my lipstick?! Or that the lipstick I was wearing could possibly contain gluten. When my doctor said I wasn’t showing any signs of healing even though I had eliminated GLUTEN from my diet, he said look at everything you are eating and using….and I discovered I was getting trace amounts of GLUTEN in my lipstick. So I went to several drugstores, health food stores looking for gluten-free lipstick, everyone I spoke to or asked if they carried lipstick that did not have gluten -said NO! And actually looked at me like I was crazy.
    So….I got on line, and that is where I found
    I immediately ordered some! I love it, its very moisturizing and the colors are gorgeous and the best part? Its safe for me! Thank YOU Jay for creating it. By the way, your wife is gorgeous and has so many different very beautiful looks!

  14. Chris says

    The pictures are great! I love seeing the different colors on the same person and also how the colors look different on other people. The combo color pics are inspiring. I’ll have to try it with mine. :-)

    I didn’t start out with 1 lipstick.. my first order was 3! :-) And a couple days after that you had this great sale and I ordered 3 more different colors, that are due to arrive this week. I’ll be up to 6 shades, then. So….. 12 to 15, huh? I’ll have to see what else looks appealing, LOL.

  15. Jordan says

    Jay, the 15th photo (8th photo from the bottom), just below the “Crush on Me” photo – what shade is that? I think that’s my favorite of all the shades displayed here. It’s INCREDIBLY helpful, by the way, to see how these colors look on different skin tones – thanks to you and your models for making them available!

  16. Lezlie says

    I just love these pictures, and the whole concept of lipstick being an accessory. It’s my best and favorite accessory on any given day. I can be feeling totally “blah,” have no time to put any other makeup on, put a couple of coats of a lovely color on my lips, and my mood is uplifted for the entire day! It’s great, and thanks to RAL, my lips are nourished all day as well!

  17. SANDY says


  18. Donna says

    If lipstick is the “mood ring” of makeup then Red Apple Lipstick is my “eternity band”. It is the only lipstick brand I have tried that has so many truly wearable colors. I have several shades all in different tones and color families and I can wear all of them and feel pretty. The new Push Pop and Sweet Pea shades are heavenly!

  19. Dora J Crow says

    Lipstick is, and always has been my MAIN accessory. I’ve never been much of a mascara or eyeshadow girl due to allergy issues & my skin disease, but lipstick? I will NOT leave the house without it. I feel naked, ugly & frumpy w/out it. I can have a fever of 103, you will still see my pink perfect putty pout! I may be too sick to leave the house w my sciatica or back pain, but boy my lips shall be looking mighty fine. I love this entire pictorial showcasing your colors. It’s gorgeous. Jay, Psst- you spelled ‘myriad’ incorrectly. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  20. Jennifer says

    Hi Jay!

    Lipstick is the “mood ring” of make up. Meaning, you can totally change the mood and feel of your look by just changing your lip color. I like how the above photos show that.

    :) Jennifer

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