The Lash Project Launch Parties!!

Do you love mascara?

Are you a fan of Red Apple Lipstick?

Do you like to chit chat and win prizes?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are TOTALLY invited to one or both of our launch parties!!

Here at Red Apple Lipstick, we have been working for a super long time on bringing a safe and fabulous mascara to you – that actually helps your lashes…and that project is complete!

On July 31st – The Lash Project will be officially on sale – and to celebrate we want to throw you a party!

Join us for fun, games, prizes, and some good ‘ol fashion “chick chat” at two different times on Thursday night…

Whether you’re a Facebook gal or a Tweeting chick – we’ve got a party for you.  Here’s the details…


Thursday, July 31st

8 PM CST – Facebook

9 PM CST – Twitter


FACEBOOK – The party is being held on a private event page within our facebook wall so we can all hang out together in one place without being distracted!

So go to this link:

Click the JOIN button, and Facebook will notify you when the party starts so you can go to the event page…that’s where all the good stuff will be happening

TWITTER – use hashtag #thelashproject to follow along and tweet in…but the easiest way is to go to

Then sign in with your twitter account

Then type in #thelashproject as the hashtag to follow.

What’s cool is when the party starts you’ll see just the party tweets, and every time YOU tweet, it will add #thelashproject to the end of your sentence so you don’t have to keep doing it…pretty darn cool!

Can’t wait to see you – it’s gonna be tons of fun!

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