Would you believe a toothbrush can save your lips?!


How to make your lipstick last even longer.


You may or may not know that Red Apple has an awesome staying power – however if you would like it to last even longer, try this tip.


Problem: when lips are dry there is a layer of dead skin (yuck, i hate that term!) that the lipstick or gloss is applied to. This dry skin is not as porous making it difficult for the pigment to “soak in”. The color sits right on top and is easily wiped away by food, saliva, drink, wind (haha) whatever. Think of painting a vintage wooden chair that still has remnants of the old paint. If you paint over the old paint without sanding, the paint isn’t going to last nor will it look even and awesome.


Solution: just like you would sand that chair…exfoliate your lips!!! It’s the one part of our body we forget to treat well, yet it’s the one that most people focus on…because of that gorgeous smile of course!!


Tip: there are several methods that work (including products actually designed for lip exfoliation) – but I’m going to describe my two favorites (and most DIY/economical)!


#1: Use a terry washcloth, dip it in really warm water, scrub that kisser firmly but gently – particularly on the inside of the lips, closest to the tongue. Dry your lips, apply your favorite moisturizer, and really rub it in like you would lotion on your hands.




Use a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips

#2: take your favorite lip moisturizer (lip balm, chap-stick, or even Vaseline) smear it all over your lips…and i mean SCHmear it nice and thick. Take a fresh toothbrush (a harder bristle is my favorite) and once again firmly but gently scrub that pucker. Wipe off all excess, apply your favorite moisturizer again but this time don’t put it on thick just a nice layer and massage it into your lips.


Now that you’re done, your lips should tingle with blood circulation and be so satin smooth and nice and rosy you just can’t help but keep touching them! :)


Exfoliate. Moisturize. Repeat. It’s a great beauty regimen that we should all do on a regular basis!!



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