Does Red Apple Lipstick’s Rallye Balm cause dry lips?

As you (hopefully!) know, we’re very active on our social media sites, especially our Facebook page. We get a ton of questions and love answering them, but were recently taken by surprise when we saw the following posted on our wall:

[quote style=”boxed”]I started using Rallye Balm on Saturday and it has caused my lips to dry out. I’ve not exposed my lips to extreme conditions. Is there an adjustment phase my lips will go through as the product acts like an exfoliant?[/quote]

If you’ve used Rallye Balm before, you can imagine our surprise! We ran through all the possibilities but couldn’t find an answer as to why Rallye Balm would cause such a reaction. Rallye Balm is smooth as can be. It is not an exfoliant; it does not contain any type of abrasive additive. It is packed with vitamin E to soothe and protect your lips.  How could such a moisturizing product cause such an annoying problem? We just didn’t see how this could be!

We stepped back and examined her question from a different angle and asked her a few questions. “What was the condition of your lips before you began using the other balm? What types of environmental elements are you exposed to on a daily basis? Have you changed anything about your skin care routine or diet?” She told us that she had been using a line of bees wax lip balm that contains eucalyptus, camphor, menthol and alcohol. Bingo!

Alcohol is known to be drying while menthol and camphor are medically proven to be toxic in high volumes. Eucalyptus can cause many side effects from nausea to headaches. Ingredients such as these are also quite addictive. As soon as you stop using them, your lips peel, flake and crack. This causes some people to continue using the product as it “tricks” them into thinking that their lips are healthier with it. Some people are known to experience withdrawal symptoms when they switch to a product that is free these ingredients! While this can be discouraging, we encourage you to try Rallye Balm and  give it time, as your lips should adjust within a week.


Why is gluten free Rallye Balm so different?

In my honest opinion, Rallye Balm is a one-size-fits-all lip product. Men, women and children can all use this product without having to worry about a funny smell, a funky color or a sticky formula. With Rallye Balm, you can rest assured that every ingredient is safe, non toxic and non addictive. Now that we offer Rallye Balm in a cute little tub, you can slip it in lunch bags, brief cases and, of course, makeup bags!

What are the other benefits of using Rallye Balm regularly?

Our customers have confirmed that Rallye Balm can change rough, dry and cracked lips into smooth and supple lips in as little as 2 days! With regular use, Rallye Balm will condition and maintain the texture of your lips. You’re getting a non-GMO source of vitamin E and SPF 8. Your lips face many harsh elements every day-wind, sun, heat, cold, oils, etc. Exposure like this breaks down the sensitive skin on and around your lips. If you apply Rallye Balm, you don’t have to worry about wind or sun burn! Due to it’s moisturizing properties and clear formula, Rally Balm compliments every Red Apple Lipstick lip product perfectly while keeping your lips healthy, supple and smooth!

Rallye Balm targets the source of problem, giving your lips the gluten free vitamin E and sun protection they crave most. As with all Red Apple Lipstick products, Rallye Balm is 100% lab tested gluten free, paraben free and allergen free. This vegan formula is completely odorless and perfect for everyone-women, men and children!


While Rally Balm may not contain addictive ingredients, you just may find yourself addicted to the feeling of smooth, soft and healthy lips. Don’t worry-we support your addiction through and through, but in the healthy way!

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    Wow, I’m very impressed! It’s refreshing to see a manufacturer who really cares about its customers and how the products are working not just for the masses, but for any one individual. Often companies will become defensive, or simply ignore the feedback altogether. For you to acknowledge the comment, then take additional time to investigate how and why this outcome is being experienced exemplifies what I’ve known about Jay and the great people making RAL what it is … AMAZING! This is why I can brag about you and your products on my website without ANY hesitation! Thank You … AGAIN:D

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