Why Your Lipstick Shouldn’t Be a Globe Trotter


Brand New? Or Not…

Is that new tube of lipstick you just bought really brand new? Most women don’t stop to think about the cross-continental journey their makeup takes to land on the shelves of their local store—and how that can negatively affect your health.

It’s time for the ugly truth about big cosmetics brands to be exposed.

We’ve all heard about how big companies make their products for cheap overseas. It costs much less to make a product—namely lipstick—in China, Taiwan, Japan or India, for example, than in the US. For this reason, some of America’s well-known makeup brands are doing just that.

Why It Matters

What does this mean for you, as a consumer?

Consider this: outsourcing the production of these goods increases their lifecycle. Along the way, there are a lot of eyebrow-raising factors that come into play.

First issue: cleanliness of the factories. Because these products aren’t made in the US, the FDA does not regulate them. Therefore, sanitary conditions are not guaranteed.

Furthermore, the factories are rapidly turning out large batches to meet demanding deadlines, which leaves more opportunity for error.

Then comes the transportation of the finished product. The batches are packaged in a warehouse, then sit and wait to be picked up by a truck that drives them to a shipping dock where they wait longer. Eventually, they are loaded onto a freight ship.

The freight ship has to then make its trip all the way to the US. Once it does, the products sit around even longer, until customs approves them. Then, the goods are driven to various manufacturers and distributed to different warehouses and ultimately to different drugstores. Not until then does it reach the store’s shelves.

Would You Want Your Lipstick to Be a Globe Trotter?

By this time, your makeup is 1-2 years old, and probably more of a world-traveler than you. It has taken countless forms of transportation without any refrigeration. The only reason the product has lasted this long is because of the harmful preservatives it’s been loaded up with.

All of that goes into one little tube of lipstick, so you can buy it for cheap and the manufacturer can make a pretty penny.

Feeling a little uneasy about all this? We, we were too. Until now! Luckily, not all makeup is made this way.

Red Apple Lipstick turns this vicious makeup cycle on its head by breaking all the rules and delivering a truly natural, healthy product you can feel good about using.

Red Apple Lipstick, Leading the Revolution

Here’s how we do it:
– All of our products are made in the United States.
– The products are made in smaller batches—which costs us more, but ensures better quality products for you. It’s worth it.
– Products are shipped directly to our customers from right where they’re made.
– There are no middlemen to handle the products before you do.
– If their shelf life has expired, we’re not afraid to toss them in the trash, where they belong.

And Red Apple Lipstick isn’t going to break your bank. Our lipsticks start at just $17.50, and we have a program in place to trade in your old makeup and get 40% off a new Red Apple product. One can also sign up for the VIP club and get a 20% off code each month.

Plus, the lipsticks are enriched with nourishing Vitamin E that’ll keep your lips soft and luscious. Not to mention, they’re gluten free, paraben free, allergen free, soy free, vegan and mineral based. All our products are made with high-quality ingredients so you’ll be satisfied with it right out of the box.

Still don’t believe us? Check out what happy customers are saying about how Red Apple Lipstick is helping change lives every day.

Would you rather save a couple bucks buying potentially harmful makeup, or guarantee your safety and peace of mind? The choice is yours now to take control of your health and happy lifestyle.

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