What is YOUR Red Lipstick Personality?

What does your signature red lipstick say about you?

It’s no accident that the lipstick you choose to wear, the color the speaks to you, indicates your personality type.  Call it a subconscious vibe or your inner goddess, but what shade of red lipstick you feel most comfortable in tells the world a lot about you.

Take a look at the following descriptions and see if they relate to you.  I think you might be surprised at how accurate this can be!

Bright red.  You like excitement and to be noticed.  You are no shy violet.  In love you take the reins and never relinquish control.  In work you are the leader and never take no for an answer.  You are an exciting person to be with, which explains your popularity! Try OMG Red! Ruby Slippers, Love My Kiss, or Ruby Glass shades of red lipstick from Red Apple.

Pale Pink Red
You are subtle and feminine.  You never raise your voice in anger, choosing rather to use sweet words to express your feelings.  You blush when someone pays you a compliment- in a flirtatious way!  You keep your home organized and tidy.  Messy is not your style.  You surround yourself with pretty things; flowers, jewelry, clothes, etc…  you are the very definition of pretty in pink!  Red Apple shades for you are Crush On Me, Cotton Candy, and Pink Confection.

Red Red Wine
You are demure; a lady with grace and impeccable etiquette.  At social gatherings, you know how to work the room.  When hosting a party, you know how to make everyone feel special and welcome.  You have a certain charm, a way with people that makes it easy to get them to do what you want them to do- without them even realizing it!  You are a class above the rest in style and poise.  The Red Apple Shades for you are Cinderella’s Castle, Plum Sexy Crazy, and Strawberry Lips.

Orange Blossom Red
If you choose red shades of lipstick that have orange undertones, then you are a temptress!  You steal and break hearts as the day is long.  Not that you do it on purpose, mind you.  You are a free spirit that many will try to tame, and few will have success.  Once you do find love, you are extremely loyal and protective.  You want to try  red Apple’s Currant, Flirt With Me, and Blazing lipsticks and Gloss.

Au Natural
You are drawn to reds that are barely there, preferring to let your natural lip shade show through.  You are comfortable within your own skin.  You are honest to a fault and people trust you and your opinions.  You are at one with nature and strive to make the world a better place.  You like to be active and if you’re not at the gym, then you are out camping, bicycling, or running a marathon!   The Red Apple hues for you are Truth or Dare and French Skirt to bring out your natural beauty!

Agree with this description?  Want to add your thoughts?  Think I am way off base?  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  This is based off my experience with make-up and lipsticks and believe it to be true.

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