Waterproof mascara kills eye lash roots over time

mascara hurts eye lids?

You’ve likely already gotten the hint that your lash follicle can be damaged.

Years of eye lash abuse leads to all kinds of problems and afflictions of the eye lash and eye lid. Here’s a wiki-pedia article that outlines 12 different afflictions, some of which I am sure you have experienced.

The biggest problem?? You didn’t abuse your eye lashes… some rich guy did.

I had a conversation once with a big cosmo makeup sales woman. What she told me was frankly on the shocking side.

In a nutshell, she told me that they (big cosmo) basically pick on your nativity. They count on two facts… that you don’t know or understand what you are putting on your body… and that you are trying to solve a problem you don’t know how to solve on your own.

Here’s a perfect example – Waterproof mascara.

Obviously, no one wants mascara running all down her face. Also obviously, you probably don’t understand what ingredients make this happen… so what does big cosmo do? Educate you? No way jose… they create a product to sell you instead.

And we’ve all been trained to believe that if the mascara doesn’t say “waterproof” on the tube, it will run and smudge… a dangerous notion.

There are now two basic types of mascara on the market. Oil based, and water based.

Think about it… what happens when you add water to oil? The water slips right off it right? This makes sense. Still though, usually some of the oil runs with the water…. So how do you keep oil in place? You add a plasticizer to it. The plasticizer makes the oil get hard, and sticky… it also happens to be very bad for your body, and hardens up inside pores, follicles and the like.

This is why it’s so hard to remove waterproof mascara. Ever notice you need a harsh chemical to remove it?

Now what if I gave you a box of chocolates… and told you the chocolates were laced with a chemical that would make your hair stop growing or fall out? Would you eat them?

Probably not.

It gets worse.

The overuse of of too many harsh oils and plasticizers can cause lots of other issues too:

Hard to remove mascara
Clogged sebaceous glands
Eyelashes falling out – doubled with rigorous removing techniques.
Eye lashes that grow in funny directions
Loss of collagen in eye lid – droopy lids
Mild infections

What I learned in 5 years of research and hanging out with some of the best and honest cosmo chemists in the world is… there’s a trick to making mascara that will not clump… and doesn’t smudge you into a raccoon safely by using the proper ratio of water to oil – and using the proper oils.

They aren’t cheap to use, and that’s probably why you don’t see too much of them sitting on store shelves. It’s likely that you’ve never had the chance to experience an awesome mascara formula…

We’ve used a water base for our gluten free mascara dubbed “The Lash Project”.

And to keep the mascara from clumping, we’ve used only a few crucial, high-quality oils to keep moisture from making the mascara smear.

By using the proper ratio, we’ve designed mascara that will not smudge or clump but is easily removed with any makeup remover. This assures that your precious lashes will not be ripped out and destroyed.

The Lash Project may not say “waterproof” on the bottle – but trust us, the proof comes when you wear it.

If you have an eye lash nightmare story, we would love to hear about it. We feel that it’s always great when women support each other!


  1. Yvonne says

    I used Maybelline Lash Sensational for a week. It was amazing. And it killed my lashes. I now have thin, sparse lashes and have been looking for a replacement mascara that will add thickness to my sad looking lashes. Ugh. Never again.

  2. Margaret P. says

    Gee, maybe this explains why my lashed started getting stubby. Now, I rarely use mascara except for special occasions. I will surely try y’alls mascara since I must admit I look better with it.

  3. Melissa says

    Sparse, short lashes are my issues. When my Mom was ill and I was taking care of her, I wore no mascara, save very special occasions. As it turns out, my lashes looked great! Once I began working again and had to wear makeup each day, my lashes deteriorated! I am excited for the release of The Lash Project.

  4. jamiemid says

    Don’t keep teasing us! We are on the wait list and really want to order some. When can we do that?

  5. Lynne Wagner says

    Horror stories? I have a bunch of them. Here, however, is the worst:

    In 1986 (maybe?), I purchased one of the high end brand’s “latest and greatest” (Keracils). After applying, I had the typical burning and itching that usually accompanies mascara usage for me. As the day went on, my eyes began swelling — quite a bit. I washed my face that evening, and when I woke up the next morning, my eyes were swollen shut. When I pried one of them apart to see what was actually happening to the orbit, I found that the white portion (sclera) had actually swollen OVER the Iris of my eye. I couldn’t see the color, and I was almost completely blinded by the condition.

    I went to the ophthalmologist that day (my mom took me and watched my kids) He said that it was the worst case of scleral edema that he had seen. (I sometimes think they all say that stuff just to make you comply, but anyway…..) I told him I thought it was an allergic reaction to the mascara. He said, “No way, it has to be an infection.”

    Not being content with the answer, three months after I was cleared, I tried a new tube of that mascara — and I ended right back in the ophthalmologist’s office with the same thing. To say that I am looking forward to your mascara arriving is quite the understatement!

    • says

      Wow Lynne!! That is QUITE a horror story!! It’s amazing how the words “dermatologist approved” and “non-comedogenic” and “hypoallergenic” try to convince us that the ingredients are actually safe when in reality they are not. The majority of makeup companies are owned by three major corporations…so they give us the illusion of “choice” but really it’s just the same stuff in different packaging and at different price points – tricky tricky.
      Thanks for sharing your story, I’m so glad we found you!!

      • Diana Sjostrom says

        I never really liked waterproof mascara. However, I have heard many horror stories about it. I use the lash lengtheners which is just as bad. It causes all your lashes to either fall out, or break off, or both. As a result,when I went to get my eyes checked, the doctor said my tear ducts are blocked, probably from long use of mascara which can contribute to dry eyes. I now use eye drops daily, and hopefully it will loosen it up. The bad thing is you don’t know because you can’t see it. I was told it’s the parabens in mascara. I’m so glad that someone is listening to all of our complaints, and will put out a product that won’t harm, and will do the job.

  6. Diana Sjostrom says

    My eyelashes are falling out, and breaking off. They’re extremely short, sparse, and worse thing is that there are spaces between my lashes. I have used Dior, Channel, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, etc. they ALL clump! I cannot wait for Red Apple to put out their new line of mascara. If it’s as nice as their lipstick, I’ll be the happiest woman ever! The only problem is I hope I can order more than one when it’s available. I hope the next product they put out is makeup tint for the face. Something that’s not powder or matte, and especially doesn’t clog your pores and cause little white bumps under your skin. I’ve recently moved to Sweden from America, but will have everything delivered to my family in USA to send to me, as there’s the same old makeup here.

    We, your public, love you Jay. Please never go out of business!

  7. says

    Jay–I cannot wait for your mascara to come out. The amazing transformation I’ve expereienced with all of your products leads me to believe that I’ll be able to once again have nice, straight, healthy lashes and I look forward to that!! Rallye Balm, your lipsticks, glosses, and all of your existing eye products have helped me Jay to want to show my face again!! My cracked awful lips have disappeared and so have the red itchy blotches I had around my eyes before finding your shadows and eye liner. It’s been amazing and I’m so thankful and hope that you continue to expand your offering. I’ll be first in line to buy it all :) Thank you–

  8. Sylvia lombera says

    Every single mascara I ever used has made my eyes itchy and watery. It’s horrible. I will literally will go all day trying not to rub my eyelids. So I just stopped using it all together. My eyelashes are long and straight and I love they way they look with mascara but even when I used mascara my eyelashes would be weighed down in a few hours. I can’t wait to try RAL’s Mascara. I am beyond exexcited to be able to use mascara once again.

  9. Jessica says

    My problem with mascara is everything, clumps, flakes off, smears, watery itchy eyes, eye styes and transfers to the lids, no fun, I also don’t wear eyeshadow because I get bumps on my eye lids :(

  10. Stephanie Pommerel says

    So I live in Australia, and around this time of year there are heaps of pollens and allergens floating around in the air, and this time last year, I took myself to the eye specialist to see why my eyes were red, swollen, itchy and burning. They took a look and told me that I had an allergic reaction, and that it was impossible to elucidate the cause, having likely been an airborne allergen.

    At that point I decided I had to read the label of specifically eye cosmetics for the usual suspects (gluten/dairy derivatives) and became a lot more selective with the mascara I used. Along with anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory eye drops, my eye condition settled… until this year.

    This time around, same symptoms: itchy, red, tendency to swell, burning sensation. This time the eye doctor diagnosed blepharitis, which is why I nearly fell off the chair when I saw Andrea and Jay’s Lash Project video. I am now on a pretty regimented eye health program, including foam sterilisation of my eyes twice a day and alkaline tear replacement three times a day, and I have to say, they are feeling much better, even three weeks after starting the treatment regimen.

    Even still, I have been reluctant to use the mascara I have, because of the micro-organisms implicated in blepharitis – ones that colonise on your eyelids and lashes and proliferate in dry conditions, causing your tears to become more acidic.

    Therefore, I can’t wait to try the new product from RAL – my eye health will be so much improved and I do hope that dry, itching and burning painful sensation becomes entirely a thing of the past.

    • Kimberly says

      Stephanie, can you tell me more about your: “regimented eye health program, including foam sterilisation of my eyes twice a day and alkaline tear replacement three times a day” I have not heard of this but have eye problems. Thank you!!

  11. says

    My mascara problem is itching, teary sore eyes, puffy eye lids. Usually not all at the he same time. Generally it’s itchy and my eyes tear up and won’t stop. Occasionally it’s puffy and painful in the eyelid area. I always blamed problems on allergies. Now I know! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new mascara and the eye pencils.

  12. Claudia says

    My big issues are itching, lashes falling out, smearing—even “waterproof”. I can’t wait to try your company’s mascara out.

  13. says

    So happy to try this mascara! I have not really been able to use mascara for years due to eye itchy, watery, red eyes, flaking, etc. I am excited to try something I can actually wear without rubbing my eyes to death!

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