Valentine’s Day Lips

In honor of this most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a few tips to keep your lips completely kissable!   These are nothing major, just simple ideas that anyone can do and they just might make your Valentine’s Day turn into a hot Valentine’s Night!

1.  Go to your spice rack and take the cinnamon and put some on your lips before you apply your Red Apple Lipstick.  This acts as a plumping agent and will give your pout that extra oomph!

2.  Don’t lick your lips if they feel dry- this is a big no no!  Your saliva is not a hydrating agent; it does the opposite!  Licking your lips will leave them dryer and chapped.  That will not leave your lips kissable.  Use Red Apple Lipstick Rallye Balm to keep them moist and supple all evening long.

3.  Avoid drinking red wine, coffee, tea or anything that stains your teeth for a few days before date night.  Stained teeth upstage your beautiful red lips!

4.  Don’t leave the house without your favorite Red Apple Lipstick in your purse!  You want to keep your lips looking fresh, and a touch up here and there will help you keep your lips stay beautiful.  Thankfully Red Apple Lipstick has awesome staying power, so your touch-ups will be at a minimum.

5.  When playing up your red lips, be sure not to over-do your eye makeup.  Valentine’s Day is all about kissing those red lips and THAT’S the accessory you want to extenuate.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Do you have a neat lip tip to share?

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