This Just In ~ Red Apple Lipstick Review from Gluten Free Makeup Gal

Today we read a very nice, warming and endearing review posted by Gluten Free Makeup Gal.


We always love to hear good things about our lipsticks and lip glosses.


A point that Gluten Free Gal made is the simple fact that she, as an expert, has never been able to find (until now!) a quality lipstick that was also gluten free.


To that end, here at Red Apple Lipstick, we have worked very very hard to create exactly that.  A lipstick that is just like any other lipstick with the exception of not containing gluten, paraben or allergens.  A lipstick that is just as great as any other, if not better otherwise.


We were pretty sure we had accomplished that goal and Gluten Free Gal’s evaluation only lends to that point.


Here is an excerpt or two

I’ll give it to ‘ya straight:  I’d about run out of hope for gluten free lipstick.  There’s a lot of pretty stuff out there, but most of it is more like colored lip balm than real lipstick…


…Then I found Red Apple Lipstick.  Who claims to be “the best lipstick and lip gloss on the planet”.  And who is also gluten and paraben free.  And who claims to havereal stay-on power.  And who boldly states to be completely awesome….


… You know that luxurious feeling of putting a super rich butter on your skin?  The way it seems to caress and soothe your tired body?  That’s what this lipstick feels like on my lips.  Smooth, soft, silky, mmmmm…  Then the sweet, natural, beeswaxy honeyish scent.  Not overpowering, but very pleasant as it wafts up gently.  Then the color.  And wow, this is really red!  Not a primary red, but a rich, succulent red, that seems to lean a teeny bit more towards the yellow undertones than the blue.  Bright, bold and seriously attention grabbing.


For your enjoyment, here is a link to the write up in it’s entirety and thank you gluten free makeup gal! Red Apple Lipstick Review By Gluten Free Gal. We are so happy you are pleased!

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