The Working Woman Dilemma: Day-to-Night Makeup

In the wake of professionalism, I think we’ve all come to the conclusion that some makeup trends and colors are best when applied after the workday. With the help of a few products, your subdued office makeup can be quickly transformed into a chic nighttime look that will flatter the most luxurious lashes and Louboutins.

The ultimate tip for the busy girl: keep a neutral palette for your buttoned-up office look. Try Red Apple Lipstick’s Bare Beauty Z-Palatte. Soft shades with subtle

Red Apple Lipstick I Like it a Latte

I Like It a Latte Z-Palatte

undertones make for such an effortless transition to the night. A few simple additions are all you will need.

Our Z-Palattes and individual eye shadow pots are one of the most practical additions to your makeup bag. Look for palettes like I Like it A Latte for neutrals for blending, smoky shades for a deep eye (Galaxy) and a bright or two for a pop of color (you’ll love Heat Wave). Sweep a medium shade from your lash line to the crease, and dust a darker shade into the crease and in the outside corner. Use a blending brush with a shimmering gold to blend together.

Now, for the eyeliner. Creating that look of fuller lashes is difficult in the morning, let alone at the end of the day. Mascara tends to clump and flake with one touch. Ditch the mascara, and instead redefine your upper and lower lashes with a gluten-free liquid liner or a waxy pencil. The liner will open your eyes for a more defined look.

Drawing attention to your lips is a nighttime essential, and adding a pop of color from Petal Pusher, Drama, or Sunkissed is one of the quickest and most

worthwhile ways to do that. If there is a makeup applicator that is especially effective, it’s the lip brush. This tool enables you to mix and match shades, and paint your lips to the exact shape, size and color that you want. Layering is key here, especially after a long work day. We love trying out different combinations of Red Apple Lipstick for that sexy layered look. Try Crush on Me with French Skirt or Copper Candy with Berry Blast!


Natasha adds a bit of lip liner to accentuate Rachel’s pretty pout.

Swiping something as simple as a gluten-free light-pink blush for your porcelain skin tones out there (or a peach-toned blush if your skin is a bit tanner) can make the biggest difference in brightening up your complexion.

So, fret not, my working ladies. Your night out can start with a fresh face!

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