The Ultimate Guide To: Red Lipstick

The warmest of all colors, Red is powerful, passionate, strong, driven, confident, energizing, determined, mysterious, and sophisticated. Red is energizing in that it motivates us to take action. The color is used to express love as in Valentine’s Day, and in Eastern cultures such as China, it’s the color of good luck, prosperity, happiness and joy. How about, roll out the red carpet for VIPs?

red lips

Red is the color most chosen by extroverts, and I am sure that the above description of red accounts for red lipstick being a staple for our leading ladies and a true fashion statement favorite.

Why not try different reds to see which is for you? You can mix more than one shade together, and that may become your new, very best perfect color.

Reds with blue tones go well with cool complexions, and with an added benefit of making your teeth look whiter. Look on the underside of your wrist and if your veins appear blue, then you know that you have cool undertones.


Reds with orange/yellow tones go well with warm complexions. Once again, look at the underside of your wrist and if the veins appear to be green then you have warm undertones.


Keep in mind that if your veins appear to be a combination of blue/green, then you are considered neutral and likely have pink undertones and can wear colors for both warm and cool skin tones.


Always start with clean, soft lips. You want to exfoliate often and keep your lips soft by always using Rallye Balm. One thing you do not want is dry, flaky lips under the red color you have chosen.  Check out this article about how to exfoliate and moisturize properly.

Red lipstick is not a color you can apply on the fly. You will certainly need a steady hand and a few minutes for this application.

Applying foundation, concealer, or lip liner around your lips first is a great way to make your lips appear fuller and a great way (especially in the corners of the mouth) to keep your lipstick from running.

Remember red lipstick has a positive, out going nature, so keep your eye make-up soft, maybe a little mascara and beige eye shadow will do. Be brave and try red lipstick.


  1. kathy bishop says

    I have always hated pink lipstick on me I like darker redish orangest color. but not too light.the best color I have ever used was fiama by borghesia and it was discontinued


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