The Ultimate Guide to Pink Lipstick

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Pink is a very special and powerful lipstick color. Did you know that pink is a tint (light shade) of red and is the only color tint that has it’s on name? It’s the color choice of little girls, a color of youth. Pink is the radiance of health, of warmth, of femininity, of love, of sexuality, of nurturing. What naturally comes to mind is romance and the blush of a young woman’s cheeks.

When we examine the color world of pink, we discover that there are many color options from which to choose. Think cotton candy, corals, pinky corals, fuchsias, bubble gum, raspberry, rose, salmon, peach, mauve and hot pinks.

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So you say, “I can’t wear pink with my skin tone, with my hair color, etc, it doesn’t look good on me.”

As we begin to think outside the box, we think of ways to have a pop of pink that works for you.

When we refer to, “a pop of pink”, we turn our thoughts to lipstick, an easy, simple, delightful way to use the refreshing color of pink and knowing your skin tone will help you in making a determination on color selections.

It is my personal opinion that it is not always easy to see the difference between blue veins or green veins, maybe I can’t see colors so well or maybe they are neither blue or green, but a blend of these two colors. Anyway, you can always get a second or third opinion.

So let’s get started. Turn your wrist to the underside, look closely and make a determination of the color. Do you have blue? Then you are cool. Green? Then you are warm. A mix of blue green? We will refer to a mix as neutral. Then you most likely have pink undertones.

Cool colors (blue veins) will be colors with blues and violets and will look best in purple tones such as mauve, fuchsia/magenta. Warm colors (green veins) will be yellows, olive and gold and will look best in warm pinks, peach or coral. Neutral colors (mix of blue/green) will be all of these. Lucky you.

Two things to remember when wearing pink, (1) a light sweep of eye shadow and mascara will do, and (2) customize your colors by mixing more than one color together.

Whether it’s the mixed cool/warm colors of fuchsia, the purple side of pink, the playful color, or its cotton candy, or bubble gum color—- pink is “sugar and spice and everything nice”.

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    Pink has always been my favorite makeup color, and I can’t wait for some of the sold-out colors to come back in stock. I currently use Mix & Mingle + Pinkle Twinkle + Rallye Balm on lips and cheeks.

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