The Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

We at Red Apple Lipstick believe in personal freedom.  We don’t care what color of red lipstick you wear on your kisser, as long as you wear it with the right attitude!

Having said that, there are some colors that look absolutely stunning on the right skin tone.  We want our customers to look and feel beautiful.  So if your skin looks its best wearing OMG Red, then we want to encourage you to wear that.  Beauty is NOT just skin deep.  Beauty comes from within, but when you feel beautiful on the outside, it shows on the outside.  We want to encourage all women to harness that outer beauty.

So let’s talk about your skin tone.  Are you a fair porcelain queen or an ebony goddess?   Maybe you are somewhere in between.  Does not matter; you will find the optimal red shade of red lipstick to make the most of your natural assets.

Fair-y Princess– If your color is very light with pink undertones, you are considered fair.  Women who have very light skin, who might sunburn easily and have an alabaster-like tone are fair.  These ladies look gorgeous in pinks, nudes and light peaches.  Try Red Apple Lipstick French Skirt, Secrets, or Cotton Candy Lip Gloss.

Jaune-Belle If you have yellow undertones, this is your category.  Many Caucasian women are considered some level of yellow.  Women in this group should go slightly darker than their fair sisters, wearing red shades of mauve, wine or rose colors.  Try Red Apple Lipstick Love My Kiss, Crush On Me, Mauve Me and Cinderella’s Castle Lip Gloss.

Olive-Diva– Tan skin and dark hair, this describes women in the Olive group.  Women of mixed race or Mediterranean backgrounds usually have a striking olive skin tone.  Women in this group do well in fire engine red, orange toned corals and deep burgundy such as Red Apple Lipstick Plum Sexy Crazy, Strawberry Lips, and Currant Lip Gloss.

Brown-Beauty– African American, Indian, and Middle Eastern ladies would fall into this beautiful dark category.  Women in this group can wear bright reds, deep plums, bronzed browns, and caramels.  Try Red Apple Lipstick OMG Red! Ruby Slippers, and Blazing & Truth or Dare Lip Gloss.

Does this mean if you are a fair strawberry blonde you can never wear red on your lips?  Of course not!  You know what you feel the most comfortable wearing and what makes your lips shine.  The above guide is just that; a guide.  Red Apple Lipstick has the perfect shade of red lipstick to match your outer beauty with your inner beauty.

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