The Matching Game: Oscars Style

While the runway might stun us from time to time by making lip and dress colors into twins, that concept doesn’t translate well to everyday. When pairing outfits with lip colors, think about complementing colors more than matching them.

One of the most popular sources for beauty advice is celebrity style. This year’s Oscars highlighted some of the best ways to pair your lipstick with your outfit. Pairing a blazing red lipstick with a fire-engine dress can come off juvenile. The last thing you want is to look like a toddler playing dress up with mom’s makeup case.

And while you might not be wearing a Gucci dress, these tips translate to any budget.

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Matching Your Lipstick To Your Outfit

If you are wearing a color such as pink, you can wear a pink lipstick. You just need to vary the hue a shade lighter or darker. This creates a complementing look without appearing too matchy-matchy.

A perfect example is Anne Hathaway’s look for the Oscars. With her soft pink Prada dress, she sported a bright pink lip. If you want to try a bold pink pout with your favorite light pink outfit, try our Petal Pusher.

Matching Your Eye Shadow To Your Outfit

Another way to create a perfectly coordinated look is to match your eye shadow to your outfit. Then pair with a pale lip color.

Amanda Seyfried’s Oscar look shows us how stunning this can be. The purple undertones of her Alexander McQueen dress are picked up by her lavender eye shadow. She finished the look with a soft, subdued pink lip to let her eyes shine.

If you want to recreate Amanda’s eyes, try our Violet Vixen. Sweep a light layer across your lid for a smoky purple look.

Red Apple Lipstick FoxyWearing Your Dress As The Accent

Sometimes the dress deserves all the attention. With a vibrant dress, you want to keep your makeup simple. Reese Witherspoon shows us how it’s done. She let her bold blue Louis Vuitton dress steal the show while keeping her lips a natural pink.

If you want to play it safe with neutral lips, it doesn’t mean you don’t wear anything. For Reese’s softer shade, try our Foxy for a neutral pout.

Wearing Your Lipstick As The Accent

If wearing a bold lip color is your goal. The safest way to go is a neutral outfit with neutral accessories and eye makeup. Then let your pout draw all the attention.

The bold red lipstick that Jessica Chastain paired with her Armani Privé pale copper-toned dress worked perfectly. While some say that redheads shouldn’t wear red lipstick, Jessica has proved them wrong time and time again.

If you want to try Jessica’s bold red lips with your favorite neutral outfit, try our Rebel!

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