The Gluten Glitch

by Connie Veilleux of DailyForage–

I have a confession to make … I’m addicted to children’s books. For as long as I can remember (okay, no remarks about how maybe my memory is already fading) I’ve wanted to write children’s books. Especially picture books! I had my dream job for a few years of managing the children’s department in a well-known, and now extinct, book store chain. And I have a few of my own drafts sitting quietly in the archives of my computer waiting ever so patiently for my return to them. Waiting … waiting …

Anyway, I digress! But perhaps you can feel my passion. At least that was the point. I become almost giddy when I find a book that has a likable character, is honest in its approach and message, and can ring true for parents as well as the child or children to whom the book is being read. Well, I’m at that giddy stage!

I’m excited to share with you The Gluten Glitch by Stasie John. In her debut book as a children’s book author, she brings to life the story of a young boy, Gideon, who “feels” different than other kids because of he has to “eat” differently than others. A school party with cupcakes is the culprit this time. While the book touches on the explanation of how gluten can make some people sick, the author’s primary focus is on sharing the emotions that come with being “different”. Through the expressive feelings shared between mother and son, and the age-appropriate and honest conversation, Gideon is reminded how gluten causes such a “glitch” for him when he eats it. Without giving away too much of this tale, let me just share that I love the way whimsical, yet believable, reasoning helps turn the story, and Gideon’s emotions, into a positive experience in a realistic scenario.

In a personal conversation it was shared with my by Ms. John that this book is based on an actual situation occurring between she and her son. I think Ms. John’s perspective of addressing the emotional side of being a gluten-free child can help facilitate a better understanding for many children dealing with the everyday aspects of being gluten-free. Having a book that can address this topic in such a matter-of-fact way while still being caring, shows the understanding and passion of the author to make a difference in the gluten-free community.

With this passion to make a difference, Stasie John is donating a portion of her proceeds to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and The Celiac Disease Foundation.

You can learn more about Stasie John at

Safe food is a journey … Thrive!


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    This book and it’s author, Stasie, aer just darling! I loved meeting Stasie at the GFAF Expo in Chicago last month and was even more excited to receive her awesome book! I do hope people buy her books to help their children dealing with food allergies.

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