The Eye Effect

Applying makeup can be confusing. What do you match to what? Does your lipstick match your shoes? Does your eye shadow match your dress? It can get overwhelming. The key is to find a balance for it all based on what you already have to work with: your skin tone and eye color.

Don’t stress about matching your makeup to your clothing and accessories, focus on making it work for your natural beauty.

We are going to focus on eye color. The vibrant hues of your eyes could always use some extra help to make them pop. So we’ve broken it down by color to help highlight your eyes and bring together your entire look.

Red Apple Lipstick Bare Beauty Z-Palatte

Bare Beauty Z-Palatte by Red Apple Lipstick will compliment blue eyes fantastically.

Brilliant Blue Eyes

If your eyes are little pools of sparkling water (that’s what every girl wants to hear, right?), stay away from blue eye shadow. Your eyes are already blue, don’t let your shadow compete with you for the title. The colors that are going to compliment your eyes best are rusty-oranges (like Red Apple’s Lucky Penny), other neutrals (like Champagne), and even purples (Violet Vixen).

You can still do a smoky eye, but try to stray from the stark black and gray. Vie for a more neutral palette with multiple shades of browns, like our Bare Beauty Z-Palatte.

Now, onto the lips. Keeping your pout neutral with a peachy shade is the way to go – try our Beach Peach. Yes, adding too much pop can take away from your eyes, but don’t be afraid to try a brighter color on your lips for a night-out. Lipstick should be fun. As long as your eye shadow and lip color aren’t the same, you’re in the clear.

Gripping Green Eyes

With green-as-the-grass eyes, it’s best to use tones of taupe (such as Twinkle Taupe), gray and purple (like Graphite Glam or Violet Vixen). These colors will play up the green in your eyes without distracting from their own effect. With purple, Violet Vixen will look perfect; green eyes and purple shadow provide an extra punch to any look. If you want the perfect package to pull it all together, we suggest the Aphrodite Z-Palatte  or the Knockout Z-Palatte.

Red Apple Lipstick - Violet Vixen

Red Apple Lipstick’s Violet Vixen Mineral Eye Shadow really compliments gorgeous green peepers.

For your lip color, green eyes call for oranges, reds and browns – we suggest Sunkissed for an orange pop, Strawberry Lips, Red!, or Rebel for your sexy reds, and Naughty or Drama to get your brown fix. Be careful when pairing eyes and lips together. Save the redder colors for your taupe eye shadow. You don’t want your eyes and lips battling for the brightest color.

Bold Brown Eyes

One of the best things about brown-hued eyes is that they provide a basic palette to work from. A deep blue (we love Blue Jay), shimmering gold (like Golden Girl) or copper color (such as Lucky Penny) can add just the right amount of color to your eyes. The perfect palatte for you, brown-eyed girl? Try Spectra.

This subdued eye colors also allows for bright and bold lip colors in red or pink varieties. The key is to pick your emphasis though. Think deep blue eye shadow with a soft pink lip, such as French Skirt, or copper eye shadow with a bold red, like Red!. Make sure you’re highlighting one specific area.

Hypnotizing Hazel Eyes

Red Apple Lipstick - Olive This Color

Olive This Color will be pure perfection with hazel eyes.

For hazel colors, you want to play up all of the different hues in your eyes. Use brown (like Brownie Points), gold (like Golden Girl), and green eye (like Olive This Color) to enhance your eyes. The good thing about these three colors is that they compliment each other well. So you can even pair shades of all three for a dynamic eye look.

When finishing off your look with lipstick, opt for a tube of lipstick with a pink or mauve color (go for Ruby Slippers or Mauve Me). You have more room to make your lips stand out since your eye shadow will be picking up tones already in your eyes.

Enjoy your makeovers, girls! And remember, if you don’t see a palatte that you love on our website, go ahead and build your own! What’s better than that?!


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