The Cookbook Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Wrinkles & Body Fat Will Hate!

The gorgeous ladies behind Nature’s Knockout have “knocked” it out of the ball park with their brand new book.

Laurie and Tiffany are a mother-daughter makeup and hair team that travel the world, spreading love and beauty in every breath, it seems. Everything changed when Tiffany was diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disease, rhuematoid arthritis.

They dug into books and research to find out more.



[quote_left]”As we researched to find out why [Tiffany had the disease], our world came crashing down around us. Had the products we’d faithfully used caused her body to attack itself? Perhaps. Our realizations led us to changing everything from the products we used, to the foods we eat, and even to the thoughts we think. As we replaced toxins with nutrients, we saw amazing changes, not just for Tiffany, but for both of us. We lost weight, overcame allergies, asthma, aches and pains, and our energy levels soared.”[/quote_left] As you can probably gather, Laurie and Tiffany are extremely warm and caring women that I feel like I know personally. If you’re active on their Facebook page, they will answer your questions, feed you bits positive energy and really make you think and live well.

When Laurie asked me to review her new yet-to-be-released cookbook full of tasty and healthy deserts, I was thrilled but I also knew that so many of you would be interested, especially since there seems to be something for everyone!

The cookbook is titled Beauty In Every Bite Desserts – anti-aging & anti-inflammatory. The title page proudly proclaims “No gluten, grain, refined sugar, dairy, soy, peanuts, unhealthy fats or… GUILT!” Sign me up!


I dove right into the cookbook during the middle of a work day. (Note to self: BAD idea!) Cookies?! Pies?! Fudge?! The entire office was ogling over the pretty pictures and surprisingly simple recipes.

I’ve tried a 2 or 3 different recipes over the past few weeks and I can honestly say that this cookbook is a holy grail in ANY kitchen! While I personally do not have any food related allergies, I love knowing that I’m satisfying my cravings in a much healthier way. Additionally, these yummy recipes are pretty allergy friendly, so you don’t have to worry about making a million different desserts to meet a million different dietary needs! (Did I mention how yummy everything is?!)

Are you drooling yet?! Can’t wait for the release? Head over to Beauty Bite Diet for more information on the release, recipes and more! There’s a walnut fudge recipe waiting for you!

A personal note to Laurie and Tiffany: Thank you for sharing your passion for all things safe and healthy with me and allowing me to spread the word to all of the RAL fans. I know that there are so many folks out there who are craving (no pun intended!) a healthy dessert cookbook and this one definitely delivers!

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