Red Lipstick; a centuries-old tradition


Lipstick is worn by women (and men) everywhere to enhance their natural lip color.  Red lipstick is the most popular selling color; it symbolizes sex appeal, power, femininity and beauty.  Lipstick is not a new fashion trend (and by new I mean in the past hundred years).  People have been wearing color on their lips […]

What is YOUR Red Lipstick Personality?


What does your signature red lipstick say about you? It’s no accident that the lipstick you choose to wear, the color the speaks to you, indicates your personality type.  Call it a subconscious vibe or your inner goddess, but what shade of red lipstick you feel most comfortable in tells the world a lot about […]

The Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone


We at Red Apple Lipstick believe in personal freedom.  We don’t care what color of red lipstick you wear on your kisser, as long as you wear it with the right attitude! Having said that, there are some colors that look absolutely stunning on the right skin tone.  We want our customers to look and […]

Why Allergen-Free Lipstick?


Why allergen free lipstick? It’s true.  Some cosmetics have ingredients that cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Make-up, like lipstick, can cause skin or respiratory reactions which can be uncomfortable, unsightly, or even dangerous. This is why it is so important to make sure the cosmetics you buy are allergen free and contain no […]