There should be a standarized label for gluten-free products


In the past few days I have written about two pizza chains that recently announced they are offering gluten-free pizza options, albeit with two different delivery methods. The two chains are Domino’s Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese.  To sum up, Domino’s pizza crusts are made 100% gluten free with rice flour and potato starch.  However, […]

Dominos gluten-free crust risks cross-contamination


So, Domino’s Pizza has recently announced they are going to offer a gluten-free pizza crust.  That’s awesome news… until you read the not-so-fine print. This pizza crust is not intended for people with Celiac Disease. Then why make a gluten-free crust to begin with?  Here is what Domino’s had to say about their new product: […]

Chuck E. Cheese Goes Gluten-Free


As a mother,  I am so excited to share this news; Chuck E. Cheese now has a gluten-free pizza option.  Yes!  Before you start worrying about cross contamination, I have done the research and they have taken measures to avoid this. They get their gluten-free pizzas pre-made and delivered to their restaurants (they are provided […]

Gluten-Free Expo in North Carolina; Grand Prize BBQ Drawing!


This coming August, there is a fantastic gluten-free expo event taking place.  There are so many fantasic gluten-free events across the country this year and this one is no exception.  If you find yourself in the Raleigh, NC, area this August, you do not want to miss this opportunity.  There is so much going on […]

Kelowna 2012 National Conference; Gluten Free Expo


We at red Apple Lipstick do a lot of research about where and when gluten free events happen around America.  We want our loyal customers to have access to the latest information about gluten free living and celiac disease.  Gluten-free expos are a favorite of ours to talk about and list here because they give […]

Avocado Tacos, GF


Living in Texas, I am surrounded by Mexican cuisine, albeit not much of it is gluten free.  I do love all the spices that Mexican food has, so filling and it really hits the spot when you’re hungry.  That’s why I love finding gluten-free Mexican dinner recipes like this one for avocado tacos. These are […]

Exciting Chicago GF Expo and Cooking Classes!


You may have noticed that we have told you about quite a few different gluten free expos that are happening around the country.  Well, I hope you don’t mind one more!  Going to an  expos is a fantastic way to learn more about gluten free living, new products, and meet people who share your background.  […]

Blogger of the week: Paula Gardner from


I am so excited about this week’s Blogger of the Week!  We have had the great fortune to meet Paula Gardner, co-founder of  Her website is dedicated to all things gluten free, celiac disease and food allergens in general.  This site, along with she herself, is a wealth of knowledge and information. She was […]

My tummy hurts! Could I have Celiac disease??


  Yikes!  We have been hearing so many stories of gluten-intolerance or Celiac disease symptoms getting misdiagnosed.  Doctors for years have been taught that Celiac disease is rare – 1 in 10,000 Americans.  But, recently it’s been discovered that 1 in 133 people have Celiac disease – huge difference!  Moral to that story: research the […]