Breast Cancer at 27 Sucks!

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Red Apple Lipstick Releases “Shocking” Graphic Involving Breasts

History of Paraben and Breast Cancer

We all know that Red Apple Lipstick is standing at the front of the line leading the way against a chemical that has links to creating and growing breast cancer in younger and younger women. This “Shocking” Graphic was released two days ago in a quiet pinterest release, and it has taken the nation by […]

The Parakeet That Flew – Cancer Free Body, Paraben Free Lipstick


Melissa Herrmann, 43, mother of 2, devoted wife, loves her lipstick, and had her wings clipped one day. [blockquote]“I’ve always loved lipstick, my whole life,” she says. “If I’m going to wear any piece of makeup, it’s going to be lipstick.”[/blockquote] Melissa was 27, living the dream life that any proud Parakeet would.  She was […]

Red Apple and the Case for Paraben Free Lipstick


You might have heard the term paraben-free tossed around lately.  What are parabens and why is it important to look for products that do contain parabens? Parabens are chemicals that are used as preservatives in many cosmetics and toiletries.  Parabens are used because they have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Manufacturers need a way to make […]