Red Lipstick Trade Secrets

Here are a few tips we have gathered regarding all things lipstick, red or otherwise! 

Lipstick can be used as a cream blush.  Use it after foundation and before powder.

Use lip liner before or after you apply lipstick or lip gloss.  It’s all a matter of preference.

DO NOT use a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick.  This look is dated and tacky and adds years to your age.

When testing a new lipstick do not use the tester on your lips.  Eww, gross.  Just put some of the lipstick color on your fingertips (it’s a better match for your lips than your wrist).

To keep lipstick off glass, you can either discreetly lick the glass or lick your lips before you sip.  Lipstick will not come off on your glass!

Buy a color lipstick you don’t like?  Don’t throw it away- use it to mix with other lipsticks to create a new shade!

Use a creamier lipstick the older you get.  With age, sadly, our lips tend to thin out.  A creamier lipstick will keeps your lips looking supple and thick.  Avoid matte lipstick for mature lips to keep your youthful glow!

To Keep lipstick off your teeth: After applying lipstick, take your finger and put it in your mouth lollipop-style, then pull it out. The excess lipstick will come off on your finger rather than your teeth.

Hide yellowed teeth. To downplay a yellow tint on your teeth, try lipsticks with a bluish undertone. Shades that work well include plums, pinks, wines and violets.

Fix that broken lipstick:  If your lipstick happens to break off, don’t despair!  It’s an easy fix.  Take the broke stick and wave a lit match on the bottom.  After it melts a bit, go ahead and put it right back on the base, swivel it down and put it in the refrigerator, without the cap, for at least 30 mins.  Hey presto!  Good as new!

Lipstick tube empty?  There’s probably a lot left in the tube.  Stretch its use further by digging out that last bit with a swab or beauty tool.  Mix it with a favorite lip gloss or Vaseline.  You’ll be surprised how many uses you will get out of this!

Have your own tip to share?  We’d LOVE to hear about it!  Just comment below and we’ll add it to our list!

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