Red Apple Lipstick’s 2014 Summer Collection Overview


Here’s a brief overview of Our New 2014 Summer Collection. There are six NEW lipsticks in the shades Sweet Coraline, Kiss On The Chic, Petal Rebel, Mayberry, Maven Mauve, and Brazilliant, two NEW Mint 2 Be glosses in Sun Sparkles and Love Letter plus four NEW eyeshadows in Beachy Keen, Like U Latte, Minx and That’s My Jam! The new collection becomes available June 7th for those that have registered for the sale. Register NOW by going to

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 Sweet Coraline:

Is an inviting corally pink! This is an amazing color for summer! Wear it to the beach, on a picnic, while out with friends, or anywhere you’d like. Sweet Coraline is such a “sweet” color that is not only beautiful, but will leave you feeling and looking beautiful as well.

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Kiss On The Chic:

Kiss On The Chic is a pink with a hint of orange, that is not too bright and not too light. This slightly shimmery color is absolutely gorgeous. This is the perfect summer shade to brighten your day. Apply this shade lightly or thoroughly, and get ready for a fun packed day in the sun!

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Petal Rebel:

What would summer be like without an amazing pink lipstick that simply helps you feel that you truly are beautiful, healthy, and confident! Petal Rebel is a gorgeous pink that offers the slightest of shimmers, and the most amazing of colors. This is a true pink that can be worn lightly or to its maximum intensity and still be a brilliant color.

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Oh, Mayberry! What a classic, timeless and effortlessly beautiful lipstick! If you love our current top seller lipsticks in Audrey or Vogue you will certainly love our NEW Summer Collection lipstick in Mayberry. This light berry toned purple is the perfect lipstick for you to put some class into your upcoming summer days.

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Maven Mauve:

Our rosy pink mauve, Maven Mauve, is such a perfect summer lipstick. This lipstick makes for a perfect neutral lip. Not only that, Maven Mauve is part of our Instant Color Formula, it has great color payoff and it is long lasting! Great for a jam packed summer day.

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Brazilliant is a rosy pink with hints of tangerine that has the slightest of shimmers. This lipstick, as well as all of our other lipsticks, is amazingly creamy and moisturizing, while also offering outstanding wear time and beautiful color payoff.

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Sun Sparkles:

Sun Sparkles is a fantastic spearmint gloss that comes off almost clear. If you are looking to put some more shine on your lipstick, or you just want a simple everyday lip color, this is the gloss for you.

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Love Letter:

Love Letter is a beautiful berry pink lipgloss that has a high color payoff! Not only is the color amazing, but this formula is designed to promote skin health and is loaded with Vitamin C and E! Love letter has a slight shimmer, and will make your berry pink lips sparkle with perfection!

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Beachy Keen:

What’s more perfect for a summer’s day at the beach than an eyeshadow named Beachy Keen?! This gorgeous peach eyeshadow looks amazing all over the lid. This eyeshadow is a must have for your summer eyeshadow palette! Also, I find that it really makes blue eyes stand out like no other.

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Like U Latte:

Like U Latte fits in very well with our Summer Collection. It’s a soft, warm neutral color that’s on point with it’s name sake. You can apply it dry all over the lid or with a slightly damp brush onto your crease and outer corner for a very subtle daytime smokey eye. Great for meeting up with friends for coffee, tea and laughs. 

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This eyeshadow’s color a little hard to describe because of it’s depth. However, I would describe it as being a grayish, brownish taupe. A color like this is amazing because it’s extremely versatile depending on what you pair it with.  With browns it’ll lean on the brown side and with grays it’ll go gray. Neutral eyeshadow lovers out there MUST have this one in their collection.

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That’s My Jam!: What a great name for a fun eyeshadow like That’s My Jam! This cranberry/raspberry eyeshadow goes on very softly dry but when applied with a slightly damp brush “HELLO GORGEOUS!” it turns into a rich and luxurious color. I like to apply it over our black pencil liner as well just because it deepens the color that much more and makes it a great color to line your eyes with.

Our NEW Summer Makeup Collection is full of beautiful soft, rosy and romantic shades that are sure to be on your must have list! They all go on sale June 7th so be sure to register if you haven’t already.

Dreaming Of Summer,

XoXo Ashley


The NEW summer collection is now available! :)


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