ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Apple Lipstick Summer Makeup Release Introduction

Alright Ladies! It’s time for some new makeup! This summer is going to be chocked full of some amazing goodies – including our Gluten Free, Non-Toxic, Lash Growing Mascara!

I wanted to give you the low-down about what’s about to happen!

  • June 7th, 2014 – Summer Makeup Collection Goes On Sale To Registered Participants.   We will be publishing the address of the Registration Page Soon!  So stayed tuned to your email.
  • Those who get in our Summer Sale will have a chance to reserve a copy of our upcoming Mascara! (exciting news) So make sure you get one on reserve so you don’t miss out when it hits the mail trucks in July.
  • The Summer Makeup Sale will include 6 brand new lipsticks, 2 brand new glosses, and 4 amazingly beautiful new eye shadows just in time for summer – along with some great site-wide discounts!
  • The new lipsticks are based on my Instant Color Formula.
  • The new glosses are based on my Mint 2 Be gloss formula.
  • The eye shadows are great as usual.


We are hosting a naming contest on Facebook and the Blog.  Join in the fun for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate (2 daily winners) or a $75 gift certificate if your name is chosen for one of our new colors (winners announced May 3rd).

Click here for the naming contest.


  1. Melissa G. Yates says

    I have a issue…I love all the shadows and lipsticks and glosses. I think that for everyday I would wear team Jay and for a go out and social situation I would wear team Andrea. That is my big issue.

  2. Barbara says

    Team Jay!! I’m fair too and need some color or yes, looked washed out!!! Love that your going to be selling mascara!!! I have such a hard time with my eyes burning from mascaras!!! :)

    • Donna Pruitt says

      I’m dark skinned mostly year round now and I too need pops of color. Nudes just make me look like a canvas w/o depth. I already voted team Jay.

  3. Stephanie McKenzie says

    I’m Team Andrea, I love her collection the most. Team Jay has beautiful. Colors too though!

  4. Barbara Coon says

    I like some of the products in both teams; but lean toward more of Andrea’s! I think I need to see them on models (especially ones with my skin tone!) before I could be sure of how they really look.

  5. Debbie Young says

    Team Jay because I look best in pinks and reds. Can hardly wait for the debute!

    MB8 – Happy
    IC17 – Caribbean Sunset
    IC18 – Summer Sands
    IC19 – Tuitti Fruitti

    MB7 – Nudie
    IC22 – Peach Sorbet
    IC21 – Horizon
    IC28 – Mocha Surprize

  6. Lisa Rubin says

    Team Jay is it. While we pale people might look ghastly in deep, dark shades, I prefer corals and pinks over neutrals which can sometimes make us look washed out.

    • Debbie Young says

      Team Jay. Those are the lip colors that look best on me. I do like your eye shadow colors best, Andrea.

  7. Donna Pruitt says

    Team Jay on this one. I’m not into the nude bug that seems to be sweeping the cosmetic world. Some of us need color in our life!

  8. Angela says

    IC 17 Fireworks
    IC 18 Peaches and Dreams
    IC 19 Cherry Blossom
    IC 20 Summer Nights
    IC 21 Enchanted
    IC 22 Rhinestone Cowgirl
    MB 7 Summer Lovin
    MB 8 Sunset Kiss
    E 41 Sugar Sands
    E 42 Passion
    E 43 Seashell Shore
    E 44 Moonlit Stroll

  9. Shely says

    OH JAY I am so sorry to tell you this, but I have to give this one to your beautiful wife Andrea :) But it was SO CLOSE!

    I HOPE you come out with a foundation! I HAVE YET to find one that doesn’t have rice or soy or…is a powder. NO powders this old girl doesn’t like her wrinkles to look any older then they need to look.

    I am excited about your mascara! I am sharing your cards to local business keep them coming to us, so we can spread the word. I know people that will not order OR can’t because they don’t have a computer OR….so it would be nice to have our local businesses caring to bring in safer products to us the consumers.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. says

    I think the Team Jay colors are on target! They are fresh, summery, bright and on trend with what’s going on with makeup today without being over the top. It’s trendy, yet classic, everyday wear! Plus they compliment many more skintones and aren’t super pale and washed out…

  11. Christina Bundenthal says

    Honestly, these colors are ones I’ve been waiting for and I cannot wait! Kudos to knowing exactly what we want, guys :)

  12. IrisSpring says


    I am sending a few more names for the lipstick/eye shadow naming contest.

    E44 “Best Bon Bon”
    IC21 “Ciao Baby”

  13. Jan says

    Team Jay for sure on this one! Vibrant summer colors!!!!!! Love Prime Time as a concealer and under the eye shadows. You two are simply amazing. Take GOOD care of each other.

  14. says

    I don’t see the registration link. I do see the naming contest link. I wish I could sample the colors as I’m so unsure about nude tones on me. I’m a pale woman, so I am leaning toward Team Jay, though I prefer the eyeshadows on Team Andrea.

    • Desperatly Seeking Mascara says

      Yes! This! If not waterproof at the very least water resistant (needing a soap or oil to remove).

  15. Elizabeth says

    Looking forward to the launch! Both team colors are pretty and exciting! Can’t wait. I still love Audrey and use it all the time. (changing my email address below but don’t leave me out!)

    • Sherri Easter says

      Hi Mary!

      The lipsticks are going to be the instant color formula:
      Helianthus Annus – 100% pure organic cold pressed, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii, Synthetic Beeswax, All Natural Gluten Free – Soy Free – Corn Free Vitamin E Tocopheryl Acetate, May Contain: Titanium Dioxide ,Manganese Violet, Mica, Iron Oxide.

      The lip glosses are the Mint2Be formula:
      Polybutene, Polyisobutene, Iso Stearyl Neopentanoate, Spearmint, Gluten Free Vitamin C&E, Aloe Vera

      Both can be found on our ingredients page:

      Red Apple Lipstick

  16. Ligia M. Diana says

    Definitely Team Jay wins as far as I am concerned. Looking forward to these new colors and of course the mascara. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate it.


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