Red Apple Lipstick Releases “Shocking” Graphic Involving Breasts

We all know that Red Apple Lipstick is standing at the front of the line leading the way against a chemical that has links to creating and growing breast cancer in younger and younger women.

This “Shocking” Graphic was released two days ago in a quiet pinterest release, and it has taken the nation by storm.

If you’re the sharing type, now is the time!

For over 40 years, the chemical has been poisoning our bodies and our children’s bodies while the Government hides behind thinly veiled litigation and legislation.

History of Paraben and Breast Cancer


  1. Barbra Talkington says

    Thank you Red Apple for taking care to leave these harmful chemicals out of your products. Paraben free products are hard to find…so you are my “go to” for lip color.

  2. Ellyn says

    My only question would be: how much paraben was fed to the rats compared with the amount of paraben absorbed by the body from use of these products? And does the presence of parabens in breast tumors prove causation?

  3. Eleanor Lake says

    I just read your warning about paraben and going straight to my make-up to check the labels . Thank you so much for all of your caring.

    I just read

    I just read your warning about paraben in cosmetics, so I’m going to check my cosmetics right now.
    Thank you so much for all of your help.

  4. Melody says

    Wonderful information and definitely one of the reasons I adore what you do. As a former medical professional and a two time cancer overcomer I am very happy to see this being shared about paraben. We try to keep all those things out of the products we use in our home but goodness, it is everywhere!!! Keep up the good work at Red Apple!!!

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