Red Apple CEO Jay Harper Attends Premier of Jacob

Red Apple CEO Jay Harper was invited to enjoy the premier of Larry Wade Carrell‘s new film Jacob Last Friday.

The audience at the Alamo Draft house premier was packed with special guests, rising stars and some heavy hitters.  Michael Biehn (you know, the guy from terminator 1, Aliens, the Abyss and The Rock) was on hand at the premier. Michael played the role of Jacob’s father.

Rising Stars Grace Powell and Krystn Caldwell were also in high fashion during the premier.

Jacob is certainly a fun and gory thriller about a lonely and disturbed Jacob Kell who loved his little sister more than anything on earth. When she is tragically murdered by her drunken step-father, Jacob retaliates the only way he knows how…and anyone who crosses his path will know there is no limit to his brutal vengeance.

The premier was a lot of fun.  Jay’s soon to be wife had a fun small role in the movie and the entire evening was entertaining and delightful.  Thank you Nick Nicholson for including us in your fun events!

Michael Biehn Speaking to the crowd.


  1. Gemma says

    That is so much fun! Everyone who is who in Houston attended, and that includes Red Apple Lipstick’s power couple, Jay and Andrea Harper (soon to be).

    Question: Who did you wear?

    Answer: Red Apple Lipstick, of course!

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