Red Apple Lipstick Wants To Meet YOU In San Francsico


  Yay! It's 2014 - a new year...with new tour dates...and fun surprises! Let's hope you've set up some fun goals for this year instead of daunting "resolutions."  'Cause let's face it - telling yourself you have to lose 30 pounds by summer is daunting...but committing to taking better care of yourself because you deserve it and you're awesome sounds like a lot more fun...doesn't … { Click To Continue }

Does your MAC Makeup Contain Gluten?


Here are 3 tests to find out if your makeup is gluten free. You're likely wondering if your favorite makeup is gluten free or not.  You've searched around the web, and no one knows. Here's 3 simple tests that can help point you in the right direction. 1) Check the manufacturers home page.  If they are a dedicated gluten free makeup company, it will be stated right up front on their … { Click To Continue }

Day 6 – The Final Day of the Christmas Collection Naming Contest


Day 6 - The last day of the naming contest! Here is another satin lipstick! This amazing lipstick color needs a name! … { Click To Continue }

Day 5 – Christmas Collection Naming Contest


Today is day number 5 of the Christmas Collection naming contest! This is a satin lipstick, and it is a brand NEW formula! There are only two rules when naming this lipstick, all of our red lipsticks begin with an R and end in an exclamation mark! Start naming:) … { Click To Continue }

Day 4 – Christmas Collection Naming Contest


Day 4 of the Christmas Collection naming contest! We are excited to see what you would like for this color to be named! … { Click To Continue }

Day 3 of the Christmas Collection Naming Contest!!


Today is day number 3 of the Christmas Collection naming contest! This magnificent lipstick color needs a name!   … { Click To Continue }

Day 2 of the Christmas Collection Naming Contest

Day 2 of the Christmas Collection naming contest. What would you name this great color? … { Click To Continue }

Christmas Collection Naming Contest – Day 1

Time for our Christmas Collection naming contest!!! We have some brand new lipsticks going on sale December 2nd! These bad girls need a name, what would you call this beautiful lipstick?     … { Click To Continue }

Top 5 Things A New Dad Should Have Tattooed On His Chest


There is no "mommy manual" - we all know THAT! You get home from the hospital or birthing center - and now what? Whether it's your first baby or your moms always feel a little bleh. And new dads can often forget a few things, mostly because of the lack of the aforementioned "mommy manual." New dad is just as scared as new mom. I are now charged with keeping this tiny … { Click To Continue }

Waterproof mascara kills eye lash roots over time

mascara hurts eye lids?

You’ve likely already gotten the hint that your lash follicle can be damaged. Years of eye lash abuse leads to all kinds of problems and afflictions of the eye lash and eye lid. Here’s a wiki-pedia article that outlines 12 different afflictions, some of which I am sure you have experienced. The biggest problem?? You didn’t abuse your eye lashes… some rich guy did. I had a conversation … { Click To Continue }