How the gluten free girl handles attending a wedding

gluten free weddings

Obviously you and I know being gluten free has its land mines. We, you and I, know how devastatingly painful it can be when you accidentally "get glutened", and it sucks, to say the least. You and I can control what happens in our kitchen, we can control mostly where we go to eat, but the other day, someone asked me about what to about attending a wedding with a sit down dinner. This … { Click To Continue }

Chapped Lips With Chron’s Disease, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Celiac Disease.

Dry lips and sjogerns disease

We all had those days, where our lips just seem to get more dry by the hour; no matter what we do, we still can’t manage to get our lips hydrated enough to be comfortable. Sometimes, dry lips are an effect of certain diseases, such as Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, and Sjogren’s Syndrome. Now, I'm not saying that because you chronic dry lips that you have these diseases, but I want to take … { Click To Continue }

Allergic Reactions to Makeup Get Worse, Not Better As You Age.

makeup allergies can get worse as you age, here's why

It's all in the immune system baby. A lot of folks think of allergies as something that happens when you breath in say... a pollen.  While yes, breathing something in can cause an allergic reaction, but your skin also can react in it's own strange ways. A LOT of makeup is made very cheaply, to mean that the ingredients in the makeup, no matter what they cost, have a high probability of being … { Click To Continue }

Red Apple Lipstick’s 2014 Summer Collection Overview


Here's a brief overview of Our New 2014 Summer Collection. There are six NEW lipsticks in the shades Sweet Coraline, Kiss On The Chic, Petal Rebel, Mayberry, Maven Mauve, and Brazilliant, two NEW Mint 2 Be glosses in Sun Sparkles and Love Letter plus four NEW eyeshadows in Beachy Keen, Like U Latte, Minx and That's My Jam! The new collection becomes available June 7th for those that have … { Click To Continue }

Red Apple Lipstick Teams With Lauren Conrad For Summer 2014 Makeup Photo shoot – “LookBook” Enclosed

Red Apple Lipstick + Lauren Conrad Photo Shoot

[Tweet "Red Apple teams with Lauren Conrad Design For Summer Photo Shoot - LookBook here"]   This year we had the special privilege  of using Lauren Conrad's latest clothes collection during the production of our Summer Makeup 2014 Look Book. Each time we make a new collection of colors, be it lipsticks, glosses or eye shadows , we do our best to release a "lookbook".  These … { Click To Continue }

Gluten & Dairy Free Coconut Key Lime Pie


As most of you probably already know sometimes when you have many food sensitivities/allergies or health conditions (Candidiasis anyone?) you've got to get a little creative in the kitchen! Creating my own recipes is something I do often and I love doing it! So today I'm going to share with you a recipe I made for a rich, silky and creamy Coconut Key Lime Pie. Don't be afraid to make this recipe … { Click To Continue }

Never Have Dry Mascara Again

The Lash Project is being released in early July 2014!! Woo hoo!! We have long awaited the completion of this project and I know you have too.  I wanna tell you things about this mascara as I think of them, so you can get the full picture. First off, if you haven't already - REGISTER for the mascara release sale!! You can do this two ways. Way #1: register for our new summer makeup … { Click To Continue }

Register For Biggest Red Apple Lipstick Event Of The Year

Be the first in line to grab a whole of all or part of our summer 2014 makeup collection. Red Apple Lipstick is releasing 6 new lipsticks, 2 new glosses, and 4 new eye shadows just in time for summer! The sale event is private - The public will never even see it. This means that to hop on board, you should register now. Registration is easy, and it also nets you HUGE site wide discounts … { Click To Continue }

Register For The Red Apple Summer Sale and Save!

Register for the Sale here -   This is by far, the silliest thing we have ever done!   All right...if you think we are total nerds (which we are) and you don't want to watch the whole "movie" - here's what you need to know: We think you should have a ball of fun in the summer (and not care how silly anyone thinks you … { Click To Continue }

Four Looks Using Our New Summer Eyeshadows!


Let me just say right now that our new summer eyeshadows are awesome! The colors are richer in person and go on oh-so smoothly. I had the chance to play around with them a little bit today and came up with four looks that are really easy to re-create. Since these eyeshadows were designed to work together I thought it would be great to have each look build off of the last. Essentially, taking your … { Click To Continue }