From Adversity Comes Greatness

Right now, Andrea and I are on our way to New Jersey to present at the GFAF Expo again. We used to fly to these shows - 7 to 10 times a year, we would load up all of our luggage, pack our show goods on a pallet, and head to the airport after the 18 wheeler loaded up our gear. Then, one year, quite out of the blue, I developed a pretty serious issue. Claustrophobia + panic attacks. I climbed … { Click To Continue }

The Lash Project Launch Parties!!


Do you love mascara? Are you a fan of Red Apple Lipstick? Do you like to chit chat and win prizes? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are TOTALLY invited to one or both of our launch parties!! Here at Red Apple Lipstick, we have been working for a super long time on bringing a safe and fabulous mascara to you - that actually helps your lashes...and that project is … { Click To Continue }

Think Wheat Gluten Is Ok On Your Skin? Think Again… Enter HWG and HWP

hydrolyzed wheat gluten

I don't like to get into arguments.  I don't normally find myself in the he said, she said stuff.  But here's a report regarding wheat gluten on your skin you should really read. The consensus floating around the United States and Canada is that "the wheat protein is too large to enter your body through your skin." While there is some truth to this, blindly following this advice could lead … { Click To Continue }

10 Basic Cosmetics Every Gluten Free Girl Needs


Basics are essential items that can be considered must haves at any given moment. The following is a complied list of the basic cosmetics every gluten free girl must have in her makeup collection! (oh and that cute little cosmetic bag was found at forever21 ;D) 1. Primer It's amazing to me how many women out there have yet to discover the beauty and awesomeness of a primer. A primer, whether … { Click To Continue }

Mascara clumps, self confidence, and the tale of “Black Beard”


I don't know about you, but I've tried close to 50 mascaras from the time I was 14.  Everything from drugstore to department store. You know that feeling when you open a brand new tube of mascara, it's pristine...and your hopes are so high that THIS will be The One. It will be perfect, no clumps, no smudging, it will make your lashes long and thick like the lashes on the commercials, and it … { Click To Continue }

The #1 Objection To Our New Mascara


The #1 objection to our new mascara is... The Price ... but it shouldn't be and here's why... Here's the big white elephant in the room.  At $42 a bottle (before coupon) it may seem a steep price to pay for mascara. However, The Lash Project is much, much more than 'just a mascara'.  The Lash Project is a 2-in-1 mascara that conditions and strengthens your lashes from follicle to tip - as … { Click To Continue }

#thelashproject – Red Apple’s New Gluten Free, 2-in-1 Mascara Unboxed


This is a special surprise. I interrupted Andrea during a team meeting to reveal the first tray of the The Lash Project, our new 2-in-1 conditioning Mascara that releases on July 31st, 2014. Click here to read more about how this Mascara formula will change lives. … { Click To Continue }

Gluten Free Brunch: Makeup, Outfits and Food!


I don't know about you but I could eat breakfast food all day! Brunch is the perfect occasion to get together with friends or family and enjoy (In my humble opinion) some of the best food ever (gluten free pancakes anyone?)! It's also a prefect excuse to get dolled up, dressed up in your cutest outfit and possibly even try that new Gluten Free Cafe down the road. Today I'll share with you a makeup … { Click To Continue }

The Best Lip Balm For Dry Lips

best lip balm for chapped lips

I think that it's important to discuss why dry lips happen in the first place, and then talk about real ingredients that help your body repair the damage, then talk about products that contain those ingredients - which would honestly be the best lip balm for dry lips. Well this is for sure, dry or chapped lips stinks. This a "no fun zone". If you have this condition, you don't need me to tell you … { Click To Continue }

Artichoke, Olive & Chicken “Salad”


I have recently decided to eat a Paleo Diet (the last 6 months).  Yes, I've lost some weight, but more than that - I feel good. No more bloating, IBS...and on and on.  This way of eating eliminates all grains, gluten, processed foods, and processed sugar.  There's a bit more to it, and it may not be right for everyone - but it works great for me. I bring my own food to most parties now, and … { Click To Continue }