China’s soil is so degraded with toxic metals, it’s entered their food supply – and your makeup.


Before you read - this is my May Newsletter.  VIP Club Members also received a coupon with this message for the entire month of May.  Get your coupon now, and for free.   A recent study in China suggests that the soil there is heavily laden with Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium. You may have heard the phrase “Cadmium Rice”, which is all too known in China. Here’s what's happening, and … { Click To Continue }

Why Commercial Mascaras Make Your Eyelashes Gross


Insert UGLY lashes photo here <- wait scratch that!! No one wants to see ugly lashes that are inflamed and red and puffy and itchy...that's what we're all trying to get away from, right? Right! Most commercial mascaras, no matter if they came from Nordstrom or Wal-Mart are chocked full of nasty ingredients that are known to cause reactions. Those reactions can range anywhere … { Click To Continue }

Enter A Name To Win – Red Apple Lipstick’s Summer Makeup Naming Contest


We are releasing new makeup in June. We need your help coming up with the names! HOW TO ENTER: Leave as many comments as you like down below, about what you think any or all of these pieces should be called.  Make sure to tell us the product number correlation so we know which color you are naming. HOW TO WIN: At the end of seven days, we will choose the winning names for each piece of … { Click To Continue }

ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Apple Lipstick Summer Makeup Release Introduction


[Tweet "@redapplelisptic is about to make some new lipsticks! Here's a link to a preview - I think he said Mascara too!"] Alright Ladies! It's time for some new makeup! This summer is going to be chocked full of some amazing goodies - including our Gluten Free, Non-Toxic, Lash Growing Mascara! I wanted to give you the low-down about what's about to happen! June 7th, 2014 - Summer … { Click To Continue }

Your MUST have Gluten Free Guide of the year!

Cover Photo

This year our lovely Andrea Harper graces the cover of  “The Guide to Living Gluten Free” 2014 edition, and what a fantastic edition it is! This release is packed full of gluten free goodies. From some of the best Bloggers in the Gluten Free community to wonderful recipe books, magazines, beauty products (see our feature on page 15), yummy food, GFAF Expo dates and tons of extra helpful … { Click To Continue }

Breast Cancer at 27 Sucks!

RED APPLE LIPSTICK VIP CLUB APRIL NEWSLETTER REPRINT - JOIN TODAY AND GET A COUPON EVERY MONTH ********* STRAIGHT DOPE FIRST - NO BREAST CANCER SECOND ************Your Latest Coupon Code is NOCANCER A lot of women think that this discount happens magically with no input on their part, but you gotta enter this code into the COUPON CODE BOX on the shopping bag page or during checkout. … { Click To Continue }

Meet us at the Chicago GFAF Expo!


Oooh it's that time of year when the flowers start to bloom and we get to head to Chicago!  It really is that toddlin' town...but more than that, it is the host city for the world's largest and best gluten and allergen free expo. Yes, that's a bold statement - and it's true! The Chicago GFAF expo is by far the largest gluten free show of them all, and yes, it's amazing. If you live within … { Click To Continue }

Fringe, Olivia Dunham, and The Invisible Lipstick


If you have taken my course “Lipstick Frustrations to Sensations in 5 Days”, this would be a great add-on to day  3. (if not, you can get it for free - look just to the right from here) Makeup artists that work on TV shows are amazing!  The reason their job is so tough is because there are 100’s of characters, a shortage of time, and they have to make people look like “real life”. I call this … { Click To Continue }

Avon gets hammered over Chinese bribes.


The Vice Chairman of Avon, Charles Cramb... FIRED, terminated, adios. Head of Avon Audit and Securities, Ian Rosetter... FIRED, terminated, adios. Avon manager of the China unit, the Avon China CFO, and the head of corporate affairs.. FIRED, terminate, adios. Avon CEO, Andrea Jung, stepping down. I guess that's what happens when you pay off Chinese government employees with MILLIONS of … { Click To Continue }

Pink Kool-Aid From The Chapstick Rack

A VERY frustrated woman wrote to me and I'm going to show you her note in a minute. But before I do, a quick bullet:  If I did what big cosmo does, I would own 35 brands of lip balm that agitated the problem, and sell them to every women, man and child, in order, from every counter top across America.  And I would almost be committing a crime. Yes, I have a "lip balm" that I make, and … { Click To Continue }