Red Apple Lipstick’s HUGE Christmas Collection Giveaway!


As a way of saying "Thank You!" to all of you for being so darn awesome (you know how great you are right!?) and to celebrate not just the up coming holiday season but our fabulous NEW Christmas Collection + upcoming sale (register for that by clicking here) we wanted to put together a HUGE giveaway...probably our biggest yet. So the following are the details for this giveaway. There are six … { Click To Continue }

Are You Registered For Our Private VIP Christmas Sale?


We WANT You To Make All Of Your Christmas Orders During Our November 17th -24th VIP Sales Event… And Here’s Why. Register Today -> This Christmas season we have more customers than ever (big thanks to you for helping spread the word about us), and we absolutely, positively want to be sure your orders arrive early enough for Christmas. We know the holidays are a busy time for … { Click To Continue }

Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Halloween Treats


I might be a little late to the game but I still thought I would share a couple of my ideas for Halloween treats that are not just kid friendly but gluten free and allergen friendly as well. Creepy Crawly Pudding Cup Ingredients: 1 peeled and scooped ripe avocado  (shh...don't tell the kids hehe) 1 ripe banana (spots are fabulous!) 2-3 tablespoons raw cacao/cocoa powder If you need a … { Click To Continue }

DIY Non-Toxic & Safe Halloween Makeup


This Halloween don't smother yourself or your kids with the cheap and toxic filled Halloween makeup. Did you know a lot of Halloween face paints on the market contain lead, heavy metals and can cause skin irritation? Read more about it by clicking here.  What a bummer it would be to get all excited for a night out trick-or-treating or partying with your friends/family and your night gets ruined … { Click To Continue }

2014 Fall Lookbook

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.56.43 AM

Fall is in full swing! If you're still needing some autumn makeup inspiration though check out our AMAZING new lookbook. It's full of beautiful fall hued lipsticks ranging from browns to purples and everything in-between. You won't want to miss out the four custom eyeshadow palettes either! To top everything off there are three super easy Halloween makeup tutorials  with costume guides. Check … { Click To Continue }

Christmas Collection 2014 Naming Contest


This year for Fall/Winter 2014 we are bringing you a fabulous Christmas Collection that includes 6 new lipsticks, 4 new Mint 2 Be glosses, and 4 new eye shadows. As always we need your help in giving these beauties names. Be sure you've liked and checked the box to receive our Facebook notifications so you can join in on the fun each day. Simply enter your name suggestions for each new product in … { Click To Continue }

Red Apple Lipstick’s Matte Eyeshadows


Happy Monday everyone! In today's blog post I'll be going over all the lovely matte eyeshadows we have to offer. Matte eyeshadows are fantastic because they enhance the eyes without adding sparkle or shimmer into the mix. For those in their thirties and up who don't want any fine lines accentuated this is great news! Mattes work for women of all ages and eyelid types. They also help bring balance … { Click To Continue }

How To: Transition Into Fall – Fashion


I think it goes without saying that Fall is one of the BEST seasons for fashion! You've got so many more options including but not limited to hats, scarfs, and boots. The fresh crisp air lets you layer outfits in a way that just simply cannot be done in the middle of summer (I'm not sorry to say goodbye to 100 + degree days!). However, it's not always practical to buy a whole new wardrobe for each … { Click To Continue }

How To: Transition Into Fall – Makeup Tutorial


Who's excited for fall!? I know I sure am! Cooler weather & richer darker hues. In this blog post I show you how to take some of our favorite summer eyeshadows and use them to create a fall look + a new lip combo using two of our previous fall lipsticks in Drama and Naughty. THE EYES: 1. Apply Beachy Keen All Over the Lid 2. Add A little Minx to the outer corner of your eye 3. Dampen … { Click To Continue }

DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.40.39 PM

A couple weeks back I hosted my sister's Bachelorette Party. As part of the festivities I put together really cute DIY Bridal Party Survival Kits. Now, I can't take all the credit (I'm so grateful for Pinterest!) because after searching for ideas I came across several DIY Bridesmaid and Bachelorette Party survival kits to take inspiration from. I figured in today's blog post I would share with you … { Click To Continue }