Name Our Newest Fall Lipstick Collection And Win!

Have fun naming the newest lipsticks

of the Red Apple Lipstick collection.

If your name is chosen you win

any product of your choice!!


Use comment section below to list your names!


  1. Michelle Bowen says

    Lip Colors —
    IC7 — Mocha Precocious, Carribean Coffee
    IC8 — Persimmon, Desert Rose
    IC9 — Rosey Outlook
    IC10 — Firehouse Red
    IC11 — Come Hither, Drop Dead Red, Miss Behavin’
    IC12 — Copper Starburst
    Eye Shadows —
    E31 — Lavender Mist, Mauvelous, Lilac Storm, Smoky Amethyst
    E32 — Autumn Khaki
    E33 — Shady Glen, Rainy Day Garden, Mean Green
    E34 — Terra Cotta Rose, Indian Sunset
    E35 — Canyon Purple, Plum Crazy, Violet Vendetta
    E36 — Angel Baby

  2. Melissa says

    IC7 brick house

    IC8 Apple spice, Perfect, Miss ME Kiss Me :)

    IC9 Strawberry kisses, love me, Gimme a Kiss

    IC10 pumpkin spice, spice world

    IC11 Miss Me, BAM

    IC12 Princess

    LOVEEEE ya

  3. Stephanie says

    Great names y’all! Please use any of these names for any of the colors (mix and match as you wish) Drama Mama, Proud Mary, Wild Streak, Edgy, Wait Until Dark! , Make Waves!, Forever, Power Play
    Magnificent, Copper Cashmere, Cashmere Copper, Champagne Diamonds,
    Just A Glow, Dancing Queen, Edge of Night, Destiny ,
    Honesty, Chic Chica, IC9: Vitality, Luminous,
    Divine Glow, Made in the Shade, IC10: Copper Cashmere,
    IC8: Back to Business,Melted Chocolate,

  4. Sandy says

    IC7 Mystic, IC8 Twilight, IC9 Past Sunset, IC10 Afterglow, IC11 Plummeting Plum, IC12 Frosty Eve…. these are the names that I have suggested for the new Fall colors of Red Apple Lipstick

  5. Carol Morgan says

    IC7 starless night, night thrill, shadow, raven, thunder
    IC8 captivate, intrigue, mirth, rosy bliss, posh
    iC9 passion, rosewood, persimmon
    IC10 Henna glow, sweet nectar, ardent hopes, frisky
    IC11 dark cherry, cherries jubilee, mysterious, tantalize
    IC12 mocha fever, saucy mocha, covert

  6. Sue Urbani says

    IC7- Mochaccino/ Foxy Lady/ Merlot IC8- Camelia, IC9- Flirty, IC10 Sunkissed/ Shimmery Copper, IC11- Attitude/ Candy Apple/ Aria, IC12- Toasted Marshmallow/ Gingersnap/ Amber

  7. Karolina says

    7 – Magnificent Merlot, Rockin’ Raisin, Autumn Kiss, Plum Delicious, Wine n’ Roses, Berry Brandy, Raisinette, Blackberry Brandy, Plump Plum, My Merlot, Wine Stained
    8 – Candy Apple, Mulled Wine, Sugar and Spice, Autumn Wine, Autumn Leaves, Brandywine, Gentle Rose
    9 – Mulled Wine, Macintosh, Wine n’ Roses, Autumn Apple, Pomegranate, Kolor of Kisses, Apple Kissed, Rich Red
    10 – GlitteRed, Sparkly Coral, Fall Fiesta, Cinnamon Girl, Sparkling Cider
    11 – Red Red Wine, Perfect Red, Rich Red, Screen Siren, Blood Red, Vampire Kiss, Candy Apple, Red Hot, Glamorous
    12 – Pretty in Pink, Glitz & Glitter, Wine Spritzer, Sparkling Cider

  8. Lisa R says

    IC7. Vampire’s Kiss
    IC8. Cinnamon Stick
    IC9. Mulberry Mistress
    IC10. Frosted Pumpkin
    IC11. Candy Apple
    IC12. All That Glitters

  9. Julie says

    *** IC7 – Blackberry Merlot / Mulberry Spice / Mulberry Wine / Blackberry Wine / Cranberry / S’mores / Buttered Rum ///
    *** IC8 – Hot Toddy / Warm Hearth / Blush Wine / Hayride / Soft Blankets ///
    *** IC9 – Rosy Glow / Afterglow / Walk in the Rain / Warm By the Fire/ Cozy ///
    *** IC10 – Autumn Spark / Autumn Sunrise / Bonfire / Autumn Blaze / Barn Dance / Spiced Cider ///
    *** IC11 – Candied Apple / Passion in Flames / Apple Picking / Bobbing for Apples / Crisp Apple ///
    *** IC12 – Embers / Sunset Radiance / By the Campfire / Warm Hearth / Sunset Hike / Under the Moonlight / Counting the Stars / Harvest Moon / Summer’s End

  10. Chris says

    IC9 — Rustic Russet

    Thank you, Jay and Andrea, for all you do! The fall eyeshadows and lipsticks are beautiful. Some of the colors I was definitely needing and hoping to see from you one day and now they are here! Bravo!

  11. Paulie Parlow says

    IC7 Chocolate Drop/Eclipse/Chocolate River/Meet Me at Midnight
    IC8 Toasted Almonds/Mocha Heaven/Teddy Bare/Cafe Aulait/ Light and Sweet
    IC9 Cocoa Dreams/Coffee-Regular/Milk Chocolate/Coffee House/
    IC10 Azteca/Molten Kiss/Meteor/Volcanic/AfterBurn/Hot Lava/Pumpkin Pickin/Journey to the Center of the Earth
    IC11 Cara Mia/Brickhouse/TwinPeaksRed/Crimson Wave/Crimson Tide/Banshee
    IC12 Barbarella/Laser Storm/Technotronic/ ORBIT/ Trance/ Apollonia

  12. Paulie Parlow says

    IC7: Chocolate Drop, Chocolate River, Eclipse
    IC8: Toasted Almonds, Mocha Heaven, Teddy Bare, Light and Sweet, Cafe Aulait
    IC9: Cocoa Dreams, Coffee/Regular, Milk Chocolate
    IC10: Azteca, Meteor, Molten Kiss, Volcanic, Hot Lava, After Burn, Pumpkin Pickin’, Journey to the Center of the Earth
    IC11: Cara Mia, Brickhouse, Crimson Wave, Crimson Tide, Twin Peaks Red, Banshee
    IC12: Barbarella, Orbit, LaserStorm, Technotronic, Trance, Apollonia

  13. Jennifer A. says

    IC7 – “The Mistress of Mystery”, “Mistress of Illusion”, Mayan Hot Chocolate
    IC8 – Mocha Maven, Mayan Mocha
    IC9 – Escape Artist, “Lovey”
    IC10 – Bronze Age Babe, “Ore You Going My Way?”
    IC11 – Dante’s Inferno, Covet
    IC12 – Illusion, “Houdini’s Honey”

  14. Carabeth McDonald says

    IC7. Black cherry Bliss
    IC8. Shameless
    IC9. Bedroom Merlot
    IC10. Smashing Sunset
    IC11. Muwah!
    IC12. Sparkle My Fancy!

  15. Andi Marus says

    IC 7: Jane Bordeaux
    IC 8: Well Read/Red (either spelling)
    IC 9: Old Flame
    IC 10: Amber Gambler
    IC 11: Count to Tan
    IC 12: Mojo

  16. Jennifer says

    IC7- Twilight/ Blackberry Blush/ Vixen
    IC11 – Pura Vida! (this is a popular Costa Rican phrase meaning everything is great, all is good)/ Caliente Kiss
    IC8 – Pura Vida!/ Sweet Canela (canela is cinnamon in Spanish)/ Brown Sugar/ Mochalicious
    IC10 – Sunset Shimmer

  17. Martie Schoener says

    Here are my names!
    IC7 – Chocolate Plum Pudding
    IC8 – Warm Ginger Cookie
    IC9 – Mulled Wine
    IC 10 – Sunset On Fire
    IC 11 – Baked Apple
    IC12 – Glowing Autumn Embers

    I so want one of these!!! Love!

  18. Chris says

    A few more:
    IC 7 — Juniper Juice / Bilberry / Nannyberry / Elderberry / Dewberry / Huckleberry / Huckleberry Pie / Black Currant

    IC10 — Flare

  19. Jennifr says

    IC7 – Hot Cocoa
    IC8 – Salted Caramel
    IC9 – Burnt Sienna
    IC10 – Fireflies
    IC11 – Ruby Rush
    IC12 – Cinnamon & Sugar

  20. Rebecca Chando says

    IC7 Craisin Crazy Love IC11 Rubies Jubilee

    IC8 Cinnamin Bun IC12 Goldie Locks

    IC9 Runway Red

    IC10 Shimmery Shiver

  21. Cynthia says

    IC7 – Luscious Plum
    IC8 – Dreamy Mauve
    IC9 – Rosey Glow / Rose Glow
    IC10 – Copper Wow! / Copper Flame
    IC11 – Radiant Ruby
    IC12 – Amber Sparkles / Alluring Amber

  22. Marilyn Machin says

    These colors are All too gorgeous! When will they be released for sale?Thanks for what you & Jay do – buckle up – it’s only going to get more fun from here. And, you’re both tall enough for this ride!

    PS – when will the mascara be released? I’ve been using RapidLash & am getting these long, gnarly eyelashes & eyebrows!

    Best to y’all

  23. Marilyn Machin says

    IC7 – Haute Chocolate
    IC11 – Rare Bordeaux
    IC9 – Sing It, SisterI
    IC10 – How I roll
    IC8 – Perfection
    IC12 – Shimmy Shine

  24. Jackie says

    IC 11- suggested name, Cupid Blushing
    IC12- Copper Rose
    IC10 – Autumn Sunset
    IC7- Down RIght Daring
    IC8- Toffee & Cream
    IC9- Faded Rose

  25. Brittany says

    If IC 10 has hints of orange to it, I think it should be called Shimmery Pumpkin! Or if you don’t already have one with the name, Pumpkin Spice. :)

    If IC 7 is practically black, why not name it Black Cat?

  26. Debra says

    IC 7 – Plum Velvet
    IC 8 – Peach Joy
    IC 9 – Magnetic Pink (or just Magnetic)
    IC 10 – Copper Glow
    IC 11 – Glamour (or an alternative – Red Glamour)
    IC 12 – Glitter (or an alternative – Paisley)

  27. Natalie says

    Hey! Hey!

    Here are my name submitions!
    IC7 Film Noir
    IC8 Wink!
    IC9 subtle sass
    IC10 kiss my feet
    IC11 roll over rocker
    IC12 easy breezy


  28. Melinda Smith says

    Lipstick naming contest: IC7-Two Shades to the Wind; IC8-Suede; IC9-Brick;
    IC10-Splash of Flash; IC11-Hot to Trot; IC12-Night Sparkle

  29. Nyne says

    Yay new fall lipsticks!!

    IC7 chocolate kiss
    IC8 spice
    IC9 everyone needs a red!
    IC10 crushed copper
    IC11 reddy to rock!
    IC12 pink champagne

  30. DRU SIMMS says


  31. Stephanie says

    1. Angel Kissed
    2. Amazing Grace
    3. Harvest Sunshine
    4. Brazen Berry
    5. Alive!
    6. Aurora
    7. Healthy Glow
    8. Brave & Wild
    9. Heather Glow
    10. Glow Girl!
    11. Awesome Amber
    12. Baby Face
    13. Rose Kissed
    14. Earth Magic
    15. Bronze Penny
    16. Money Mint (dark green eye-shadow)
    17. Carnival Season
    18. Slow Burn?
    19. Brazilian Bronze
    20. I’m Positive!
    21. Rays of Light
    22. Real Woman

  32. Dolly Madison Designs says

    IC 7: Plum Perfection, Midnight Rose, Dramatic Diva, Midnight Allure, Sophistikiss, Plum Perfect, Midnight Maroon, Night Lights, Ravished, Smokey kiss, Plum Pop,

    IC 8: Coralicious, Summer Winds, Sunset Gazer, Rose mist, Rosey Dawn, Misty Kiss, Kiss at Dawn, Dream Girl, Sunset Kiss, She’s Got Suave,

    IC 9 Apple Pie Kiss, Velvet Lips, Glamour Girl, Teacher’s Pet, Bookworm, High Heels, Demure Allure,

    IC 10 Lake Sunset and You, Glow Girl, Sass Me, Kissable, Flash Me a Smile, Fairy Kiss, Love Lights,

    IC 11 Cherry Kiss, Making Lips At You, Kissberry, Fall For Me,

    Ic 12 Foggy Lights, City Lights, Dreamy mist, Evening Dreams, Dream, Fairy Glitter, Fairy Dew, Dewdrop, Moonlight and Me

  33. Jan Gordon says

    IC7 – Chocoholic
    IC8 – Toffee Lick
    IC9 – Mauve over the Horizon
    IC10 – Copper Covet
    IC11 – Burgundy on the Brain
    IC12 – Haley’s Comet

  34. Dee says

    IC7- Black Cherry
    IC8 – Rhubard
    IC9 – Hibiscus
    IC10 – Cymbal (it reminds me of the copper color of cymbals on a drum set)
    IC11 – Claret
    IC12 – (looks identical to IC10 on my computer…) Burnt Sienna

  35. Lauren Britsky says

    1C7- Twilight
    1C8- Au Natural
    1C9- Berry First Kiss or Temptress
    1C10- Goddess
    1C11- Forbidden Kiss
    1C12- Cashmere or Luxurious

  36. Patricia Waszkiewicz says

    IC-7 Cafe Amore
    IC-8 Kissable
    IC-9 Lip Perfect
    IC-10 Sherbet
    IC-11 Ruby Slippers
    IC-12 Lip Frost or Jill Frost or Jack Frost
    Thank You for the opportunity!

  37. Donna Gibbens says


  38. Nina Tocci says

    IC-7= wistful wine; merlot
    IC-8 = chai and cream
    IC-9= Burgundy Brush (not blush)
    IC-10= glittering Ginger
    IC-11= appleplum

  39. Freda Butner says

    IC 7: Bohemian Coco
    IC 8: Amber Stars
    IC 9: Dusted Sunset
    IC 10: Earth Shine
    IC 11: Ruby Spice
    IC 12:Toasted Glitz

  40. Allison Walker says

    IC7-Crushed Velour
    IC8- Praline Queen
    IC9- Who Mavues You, Baby?
    IC10- Shiny Happy Penny
    IC11- Red Skies at Night
    IC12- Autumn Dawn

  41. Tiffany says

    IC7- Vamp, Vixen, Alchemist
    IC8- Grace Kelly, Rose Dream, Faithful, English Lady
    IC9- Panache, Eyes for You, Hearts Delight, In the Know
    IC10-Candy Apple
    IC11- Scarlett, Plum Pudding

  42. Zeresh Hernandez says

    IC 7 – Maple Syrup
    IC 8- Honey Blossom
    IC 9- Redwood
    IC 10- Stars & Shine
    IC 11-Ravish Me
    IC 12- Glitz & Glam

  43. Giuliana Ciampoli says

    IC7: chocolate kiss(es)/bloody amazing/Port wine/plum pudding
    IC8: terra incognita/redrock/sin-namon/red hot/cinnabar/lava
    IC9: currant jam/wine and roses
    IC10: red hot poker/molten lava/copper rose/red metal
    IC11: drink me/luscious/crushed berries
    IC12: copper penny/shiny penny/molten copper/tawny metal

  44. Melissa Bristow says

    my list of name ideas:
    IC 7- Whisper in the Dark
    IC 8- Blushing Beauty
    IC 9- Bella Donna
    IC 10- Coppa’ Caliente
    IC 11- Seductive Lady
    IC 12- Summer’s Over

  45. Lynne Freemon says

    IC7 – Midnight Calm
    IC8 – Autumn Leaves
    IC9- Autumn Rose
    IC10 – Shimmering Copper
    IC11 – Chocolate Covered Cherry
    IC12 – Coral Dust

  46. Kate says

    IC 7 – Cherry Tart
    IC 8 – Mulled Cider
    IC 9 – Cranberry Bread
    IC 10 – Electric Sparkle
    IC 11 – Plum Pudding
    IC 12 – Pixie Dust

  47. Jessica Johnson says

    I’ve created names around a theme of the glamour gal who lives in the city & vacas in tropical locations. She has her own $$, though her boyfriend does too! Whether in Manhattan having a glass of wine after work, or sipping something with pineapple & rum in Maui, she does it in style!

    7 Deep Pockets
    8 Havana Cabana
    9 Vinoteca
    10 Copper Topper
    11 Glamour Puss
    12 Red Sand Beach

  48. Susan says

    Yay, thanks for these beautiful colors!
    IC 12 – Sienna Frost, Cedar Frost
    IC11 – Fire Brick, Brick House
    IC10 – Autumn Frost, Coral Frost, Sunset Frost, Peach Frost
    IC 9 – Tulip Petals
    IC 8 – Rose Candy
    IC 7 – Black Currant, Chocolate Rose

  49. Megan says

    I absolutely love these colours! Hope you like my names.

    IC 7 – Red Wine // Glass of Wine // Glampire // Vampy
    IC 8 – Autumn Glee // We All Fall Down
    IC 9 – Holly Berry (like Halle Berry, get it?) // Fig // What The Fig
    IC 10 – Rusty // New Rust
    IC 11 – Cranberry // Autumn Cranberry // Fall Cranberry // Deep Cranberry // Vixen
    IC 12 – Sugar Plum

  50. Lynne Cooper says

    IC7 – Bam Thank you Ma’am Midnight Magenta
    IC8 – Move Over Mauve
    IC9 – Ra Ra Rosy Rush
    IC10 – Tangerine Bronze Sha-Shimmer
    IC11 – Ma-ma Maroon
    IC12 – Bumpin Bronze Sha-Shimmer

    YAY! So fun!

  51. Juliana Lockwood says

    IC 9 Sera Rosa (Evening Rose in Italian)

    IC 11 Bombay Glitter

    IC 10 Copper Fusion

    IC 7 Pout au Chocolat (Pout of Chocolate)

  52. Kristina says

    Here are my ideas!

    IC7: Chocolate Cherry
    IC8: Rose Tyler (every Doctor Who fangirl ever would need it, myself included!)
    IC9: Blackberry Pie
    IC10: Autumn Leaves
    IC11: Call Me Sexy
    IC12: Rock Goddess

  53. Lisa Lane says

    Fall Madness
    Fall Cover
    Falling in love
    Brown Beauty
    Forever Brown
    Brown on my mind
    Rebel Brown
    Berry mood
    Berry favorite
    Wine twist
    Lois fix

  54. Brenda Murphy says

    Ic7. Darkest mauve
    Ic8 pinkish fall
    ic9 burgundy blend
    ic10 shimmery fall
    ic11 burgundy best
    ic12 shiniest shimmer

  55. Chris says

    IC7 — Cocoa Vin / Black Coffee / Chocolate Cherry / Wine By Firelight / Blackberry Kiss / Grape Soda / Grape Sno-Cone / Apple Butter / Chocolate Fondue / Bittersweet / Blackberry Wine / Bordeaux / Coffee Bean / Espresso Bean / Cup O’ Joe / Cuppa Joe

    IC8 — Hazelnut Créme / Cafe Olé / Cocoa Clay / Pumpkin Sunset / Pumpkin Cheesecake / Pumpkin Pie Spice / Spiced Rum / Mulling Spice

    IC9 — Cocoa Cayenne / Cafe Olé / Cayenne Heat / Mulling Spice

    IC10 — Cinnamon Smile / Cinnamon Sunset / Pumpkin Sunset / Sunset Spice / Fireplace Flame / Sunset Sparkle / Autumn Sunset / Spiced Rum

    IC11 — Candy Apple Red! / Cayenne Heaven / Red! Delicious / Red Hot! / Red Hots / MacIntosh / Cayenne Heat / Crimson Candy / Claret / Cerise / Flushed

    IC12 — Cinnamon Sparkle / Cinnamon Sunset / Pumpkin Sunset / Fireplace Flame / Sunset Sparkle / Spiced Rum / Sparkle Spice

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