Name Our Newest Matte Eyeshadows To Win!

Go nuts naming our lastest matte eyeshadow collection. If we pick your name, you win one free.




Use the comment section below to enter as many names as you like!


  1. Michelle Bowen says

    Eye Shadows –
    E31 — Lavender Mist, Mauvelous, Lilac Storm, Smoky Amethyst
    E32 — Autumn Khaki
    E33 — Shady Glen, Rainy Day Garden, Mean Green
    E34 — Terra Cotta Rose, Indian Sunset
    E35 — Canyon Purple, Plum Crazy, Violet Vendetta
    E36 — Angel Baby

  2. Melissa says

    E31 purplegreyz
    E32 sand castle
    E33 shady
    E34 baby blush, make me blush, love me sweet, baby boom, hopeful
    E35Willy Wonka LOVe it
    E36 pink champagne, baby love, whisper sweet

    • Stephanie says

      E33: Money Mint and/or Aura of Aurora, Aurora, Aura, Aurora Aura…
      Please feel free to mix and match the names as you see fit -for any of the colors : )
      Born this Way, Pristine Pink, (Grey) Shade # 50
      Perfect Match, Born to Glow, Eyes Wide Open,
      Purple Praise, Purple Reign, Purple Prism, Praise the Purple… Power of Purple, Purple People Power, Purple Power…

  3. Paulie Parlow says

    E31 Private Eyes/Plumb Crazy
    E32 Coffee Regular/Toto/Mudslide
    E33 Into the Woods/Fairway Green/On the Green
    E34 Cosmo/Rosebud/Dolly Girls
    E35 Royal Wedding/Sucker Punch
    E36 Barbarella/Twiggy Pink/Baby Dolly

  4. Bonnie R. says

    E31 – Twilight Haze
    E32 – Mellow Cafe
    E33 – Soft Envy
    E34 – Plush Petal (or Fresh Petal)
    E35 – Lovin’ Lavender (or Eminence)
    E36 – Clever Cameo (or just Cameo)

  5. Kristina says

    E31: Sultry Eggplant
    E32: Olive Branch
    E33: Okey Dokey Artichokey
    E34: Tucson
    E35: Amethyst Waters
    E36: Kitten Paw (or Kitten Toes)

  6. Catherine says

    E31 – Stormy
    E32 – Tea Time
    E33 – Walk in the Woods
    E34 – Autumn Sunset
    E35 – Vivacious
    E36 – Pinky Promise

  7. Michele M says

    E31 Moonlight Mauve, Mauve Mist, Moon Mist

    E32 Wasabi Wink, Soft Moss, Sandy Sage

    E33 Jade Babe, Gorgeous Green, Green Tease

    E34 Rose Wink, Amber Glow, Sultry Cinnamon, Adobe Sunrise

    E35 Amethyst Mist, Princess Purple, Power Purple

    E36 Pink Wink, Pinky Promise, Cotton Candy, Twinkle Pink

  8. Kathrine says

    E31 – The Bewitching Hour
    E32 – Equinox
    E33 – Cat’s Eye
    E34 – Harvest Moon
    E35 – Time For a Change
    E36 – Gathering Rosebuds

  9. Nancy says

    E31 – Smoke on the Water
    Smoked Eggplant
    E32 – Pitted Olive
    Army Fatigues
    E33 – Kentucky Bluegrass
    E34 – Chocolate Milk
    E35 – Abergine Haze
    Plum Tasty
    E36 – Shell Shadow
    Palest Pink

  10. Lindy says

    E31- Cinnabar, Brandywine, Claret, Mulberry, Fanciful Fawn
    E32- Pistachio, Seaweed, Spruce, Autumn Hue, Evening Shadows, Rusty Nail, Avocado, Stormy Sea, Autumn Acorn
    E33- Adobe, Crimson Clay, Dusk, Russet, Mulberry
    E35- Plum Perfect, Purple Passions, Wisteria, Amethyst, Grape Jam, Irresistible Iris, Mulberry, Thistle, Indigo
    E36- Dogwood Petals, Bashful Blush, Morning Mist, Alabaster, Eggshell, Seashell, Abalone, Drifting Sands, Champagne, Pink Peony

  11. Chris says

    Green Tea
    Sage Rage
    Antique Moss
    Moss Me?

    E33: Green-Eyed Lady

    Moroccan Vacation
    Almond Eyes

    Grape Escape
    Grape Expectations

    Cherry Smoothie
    Strawberry Smoothie
    Cherry Yogurt
    Strawberry Yogurt

  12. Julia says

    E31 – Fog; Foggy Bottom; Ash; Steel
    E32 – Hazel; Fawn; Tawny
    E33 – Shamrock
    E34 – Nutmeg
    E35 – Amethyst; Concord Grape
    E36 – Cotton Candy; Tickle Me; Cameo pink; Carnation

  13. Grania says

    E31 – Lavender Libel
    E32 – Taupe-aly Yours
    E33 – Absinthe-Minded
    E34 – Terra Nova
    E35 – Indigo Your Own Way
    E36 – Pink of Me

  14. Chris says

    Giuliana’s entry for E31, Violet Ashes, is a wonderful name!! What if it were singular — Violet Ash? Or Lavender Ash?

  15. Betsy Domingue says

    E32 – Camelicous
    E31 – Plum Grey
    E33 – Combat
    E34 – Grain Perfect
    E35 – Punky Purp
    E36 – Cotton Candy

  16. Shawndra Befort says

    E33 totally turquoise or on the greens
    E34 a rose without a thorn
    E35 plum perdy
    E36 pinky or pinky and the brain or pink passion

  17. Laura says

    e31 Sidewalk
    e32 Dust in the Wind , Cocoa
    e33 Mother Nature
    e34 Sinful , Temptation,
    e35 Purplex …(like Perplex) Plumes,
    e36 Wink

  18. Lynne says

    E-31 Purple Haze, Dusty Plum, Sugared Plum E-32 Mocha My Eyes, or Whipped Chocolate E-33-Sultry Sage or Sassy Sage, or Simply Sage E-34 Mauve n’ Me, or Mauve ‘n on Up, Mauve ‘n On, Misty Mauve E:35 Purple Radiance Pretty in Purple E-36 Pink Me Up or Peony Pink

  19. Lynne cooper says

    E31-Plum-pewter the perfect gray purple!
    E33-Simply Mossy Sage
    E36-Baby’s Blush
    E36-Princess Pink

  20. Kit says

    from top row, left to right
    Dusty Reminiscence
    I’m Lichen it
    Hummingbird Feathers
    bottom row, left to right
    Terracotta Tulle
    Violet Verve
    Kiss Sprinkle

  21. Laura says

    e31 Shadow
    e32 Teddy Bear, Nature
    e33 Evergreen, Fern
    e34 Rosy, Blossom, Carmen
    e35 Dusty Lilac , Aster, Freesia , Smoked Lilac
    e36 Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Pretty in Pink

  22. Giuliana says

    31: violet ashes/plum cinders/dusky plum/
    32: mountain lion/brass ring/chai latte
    33: forest nymph/leaf me alone/eucalyptus/aloe there!/gather no moss
    34: rosewood/auburn/burnished rose/spice of life
    35: plum crazy/grape expectations/heliotrope
    36: babycakes/rock candy/pink moon/sweet on you

  23. Martie says

    E31 – Evening Cloud
    E32 – Green Olive
    E33 – MeadowSweet
    E34 – Adobe
    E35 – African Violet
    E36 – Ballet Slipper

    There you go, Jay – those are my suggestions!

  24. Megan says

    E31 – Suave // Sophisticated
    E32 – Olive You (like I love you)
    E33 – Evergreen // Green with Envy // Luck of the Irish
    E34 – Corduroy Jeans
    E35 – Grapes of Wrath
    E36 – Miss Piggy // Easter Morning // Spring Fling

  25. Betsy says

    E31 – You Look Mauve-lous!
    E32 – In the Army Now
    E33 – Emerald City or Run Forrest Run
    E34 – Rose-y the Riveter
    E35 – Purple Rain
    E36 – Pinkie Swear

  26. Franceska Lynne says

    E31 – Smoky Mauve’s Cafe
    E32 – Tawny Kitten
    E33 – Re-forestation
    E34 – She’s a Brick House
    E35 – Liz Taylor Violet
    E36 – Bubblegum Baby

  27. Joanne says

    E31 — twilight , E32 — maple syrup, E33 — leprichaun, E34 – terracota, E35 – a.m. horizon, E36 — jasmine

  28. Ali K says

    e36- pink sands or pink crush , powder puff
    e35 purple crush
    e33 chalkboard or slate or pebble or rebel pebble
    e34 tuscany

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