My name is Lauren-Lucille Vasser. My favorite RAL color is Red! And this is my story.

Luren Lucille Vasser - Celiac Diva

My entire life I have felt a called to do things BIG. To be bold and to glorify God even amidst the challenges. I don’t always get it right. I fall a lot, I get bruised. But believe this, I’m gunna get up and go for it again. :)

I was born with a birth defect called hypo-mid-facial-plasia. In essence, it means that my face and ears, nose, eyes, etc were all not fully developed. As a result, the amount of surgeries I’ve had through out my life have been plentiful, painful, and not very fun. But in middle of that, I have a family that always told me I was special, never treated me like I was deformed and told me I was beautiful in every way. I’m eternally grateful for all of them.

Once I grew up and the surgeries finally subsided, yay, my health began to deteriorate in a different way, boooo. Severe chest pain, numbness, broken bones, head aches and the list goes on. In March of 2010, a DR finally saw through the masquerading symptoms I’d had for 5 years and told me I had Celiac Disease. It changed my life. So I started a business.

I called it, “The Celiac Diva” where I’m determined to build a community where people are encouraged and can know they aren’t alone in this journey, that they aren’t victims. Living gluten free is not our problem, it’s our answer.

[quote style=”boxed”]I want people to live boldly![/quote]

Luren Lucille Vasser in Red! by Red Apple Lipstick

I want YOU to live boldly, to go for your dreams and not let challenging circumstances dictate to you the positive choices you can make. Your path may be tough, rocky and filled with storms, but it’s YOUR path. Claim it, walk it and don’t give up. You’ll see those rainbows and clear skies soon enough. And while you wait see those sunny days, you’ll learn a whole lot about who you are, what you are made of, and who are meant to be.

My favorite RAL color is Red! because it’s bold and makes no apologies for who it is. I dig that.

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[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]From The Admin –

We were so pleased when Lauren decided to share her story with us.  She is such an inspiration for so many people and she has truly forged her own path.  I was speaking the other day with Amy Raines, who knows Lauren from some days in a Celiac group in Texas at the time and she told us that Lauren was an angel.

I certainly recommend that follow Lauren on facebook at and her website address is

If you know Lauren, tell us about any inspiration she has provided you in the comments box below.



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