My husband wore RAL! He thought it was funny until I explained that it’s LONG LASTING!

For those of you who might wonder how long-wearing Red Apple Lipstick is, let me share the story where my husband thought it would be funny to apply some to himself!

Over the weekend, my husband and I were driving our kids to the zoo (it was Spring Break in our neck of the woods and the zoo is THE place to be!).  Now, my husband is the very definition of class clown; always acting silly and playing practical jokes on all of us.  His sense of humor is one of the reasons I fell in love with him!

On this particular day, he asked me if I had any lippy.   Lippy is Brit-slang for lip balm (or lipstick, lip gloss, etc).   Oh yeah, did I mention he is from England?  Not that it makes a difference to this story, but it does help understand his type of humor.  He counts Monty Python as his earliest influence.

Now, I always carry a cheap-brand lip balm in my purse just for his use.  This is because he always asks me for lip balm whenever we are driving together and when he gets mine he untwists the stick until it’s fully extended and THEN he applies it.  Not only does that completely annoy me, it ruins the stick!  So, I hide my Red Apple Rallye Balm because he would not treat it with the respect it deserves!  Plus, I know he would love it and try to steal it from me.

So, he is going through my purse looking for his lippy and from my peripheral vision I see him apply it.  Then he says, “hi honey!”  To my shock he has put on my RAL Plum Sexy Crazy Lipstick, and he his giggling uncontrollably!   I said, “Dude!  That’s long-wearing lipstick!”   And then he stopped laughing.  You could see a look of panic come over his face.   “Uh oh!”

Let’s forget about the fact he used my favorite lipstick and that he mushed up the top as per usual.  I actually forgave that because he looked so ridiculous!  Serves him right, I say!  Well, I couldn’t walk in public with him looking like Tim Curry à la “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”   So, thinking quickly while driving 70 miles down the highway, I reached behind me to grab our baby’s diaper bag.  “Get the baby wipes!”  Taking the wipes, he started trying to clean off the lipstick.  It did come off, eventually.  Like I said, it is long-wearing lipstick.  It took more than one wipe to get his lips un-red!  It started getting more difficult to drive as I was laughing so hard watching him frantically try to remove the lipstick from his lips and then his chin.  By the time we arrived at the zoo, he was looking rather bloke-ish again, manliness fully restored.

My only regret of the day- we forgot the camera!


Side note:  He himself noticed that his lips felt softer than they had in a long time!   Must be the vitamin E!


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