What Message Will Your Lips Send This Valentine’s Day?

I often feel that men are just staring at my mouth while I talk instead of actually listening. If that’s the case with your man, use your lip color to tell him what you’re trying to say this Valentine’s Day.

But choose your lip shade carefully because the decision to wear lip gloss over lipstick might be the difference between a candlelit dinner and a sob fest while you watch The Notebook alone. OK, your lip color isn’t that important, but you get the point.

The Candlelit Dinner with Roses

If you know you have a night of romance ahead of you, red is the way to go. And if you’ve been celebrating this holiday with your partner for years, show him you want to make this a year to remember.

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Saturate your lips with this bold, not-messing-around, bright red lipstick. Red is the color of love, so it really just makes sense. Just a little tip though … if you are planning on kissing your man, make sure you won’t leave his face covered in red streaks. Apply Red Apple Lipstick’s Red! Then dab your lips with a tissue, and reapply. This will help create a base coat to give you the vivacious color you want without unwanted smears on glasses and men.

The First Valentine’s Day Together

If your stomach is twisted up in knots because you have plans with a new crush, paint your lips pink. The stunning pink and soft sparkles of Red Apple Lipstick’s Crush On Me will keep his eyes glued to you.

This fun and flirty color will give you the confidence you need to relax and be yourself on this date. He is obviously going to love it. If you want a subdued pink lip, apply a light layer. But if you are looking for a stand-out bright pink, paint a couple coats out and let your lips pop.

The Couple Staying In On February 14

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing and you and your man are planning to stay in and relax, nothing says your lips can’t still shine. Sweep some of Red Apple Lipstick’s Amor Caliente gloss across your lips.

You might not be celebrating the holiday, but you can still look good for your guy. A light layer of Amor Caliente gives you a red-tinted pout with tons of shine.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day beliefs are, everyone can agree it’s always a good idea to look absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning, right?

Boys N Berries

Boys N Berries

The Girls Night Out

If you are planning on a night out with the girls, let the world know you are single and proud. Or if you are going out with the girls to find a man so you don’t have to spend next Valentine’s Day alone, slather on the sparkle.

Red Apple Lipstick’s Boys N Berries is full of glitter, so your pout is sure to catch the eyes of every guy in the joint. Everyone loves shiny things. This pink lipstick will give you the courage to spark up a conversation with a stranger or just have fun with the girls.

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