Makeup Cheat Sheet: Four Simple Steps to a Sexy, Smokey Eye


Red Apple Lipstick’s Smokey Magic Z-Palette

Should there not be an unspoken law that states at least one day per week I am allowed to let my dramatic side show? At least through my make up! Here are four easy steps to channel that dramatic and sexy smokey eye that looks oh-so smoldering on every skin type.

What you’ll need: Rallye Balm, mascara and a multi-tonal eye shadow palette like our Smokey Magic Z-Palette.

Before diving in to the smokey-eye trend, be sure to prime your lid with Rallye Balm or a lightly colored foundation.


Red Apple Lipstick’s Buttercream eyeshadow

Step ONE: Start with the lightest color in your palette. In this case, we’ll be using Buttercream in the Smokey Magic Z-Palette. Use this as your base shade and sweep it all over your lid, working it into the crease as well.

Step TWO: Your all-over lid color will typically be the second lightest shade of the bunch. In this Z-Palette, we’re using Blue Jay. This step is meant to build color in the look. Concentrating on the ball of your lid, sweep this color to the outside corners. The more mineral shadow, the more depth you’re creating in your look.

For a deeper smoke, apply this same shadow using a thin angled brush to the bottom lash line.

Step THREE: The crease shade will typically be the second darkest shadow in the palette. In the Smokey Magic Z-Palette, I like to mix Black Magic and Graphite Glam for a deep gray color. Start in the middle of your crease and work the shade right to left until you’ve developed a windshield-wiper motion.

The key to a quality smokey-eye is proper blending. Blend, blend and blend some more.


Red Apple Lipstick’s Black Magic eyeshadow

Step FOUR: Smoke to finish. Using your darkest color, anything from a deep plum to Black Magic, dot it throughout the outside corner of your eye and a little into the crease. Wet a thin, angled eyeliner brush with water, and dip it into Black Magic. Press the color into the bottom and top lash lines for the full, dramatic effect.

Top with mascara and a sultry lip, and your aluminizing, dramatized eyes are good to go! What colors have you blended to create the perfect, smoldering smokey eye?

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