Lip Balm 101: Why Rallye Balm Really Rocks

There’s something about a lip balm that sticks around. You know, the one that makes it through the hardships of the washing machine and never fails to show up at the bottom of your purse. You’ve misplaced your fair share of chapsticks, but you refuse to lose this one. And although you’ve had a few scares, there it is, waiting for you in a long-lost pocket.

Red Apple Lipstick Rallye Balm

Rallye Balm comes in a tube or a pot!

As a lip balm-aficionado, I’ve slathered on lip treatments of all shapes, sizes, flavors and hues. And this one, my friends, is my keeper. What I was looking for was consistency, meaning consistency in the results, whether it’s a brutal 25 degrees outside or a heat-waved July. And I was stoked to find my consistency in a bottle. Tube form, actually.

Our Rallye Balm is packed with a whopping six ingredients for a sheer coat that’s absorbed by your lips. The Vitamin-E packed balm nurtures lips with specially processed “castor seed oil” for a smoother and suppler all-around lip.

Another “check plus” here is what I call the SPF factor. Ask me about my beauty necessities, and lotion with a legitimate SPF will be one of the first rattled off. Because the sun is releasing harmful UV rays even when the bikini is packed away, SPF is essential. With an SPF 8, Rallye balm has got you covered with its sheer perfection and protection.

Trust me, if you’re looking to turn your lips into an artist’s canvas, Rallye Balm is your primer. But what I’m even more head over heels about is Rallye Balm’s infinite amount of uses, seriously. Because the rest of your body needs some Gluten-free, Paraben-free and allergen-free love, here’s my list to help you get the most out of your balm.

Lip Primer
I’ll start with the basics. The clear coat is the ideal texture and lightweight base for lipsticks and lip glosses. Color applies smoother and is always truer to its hue with a base primer, so bring on the fuchsia of the week!

Insider Tip: After applying Rallye Balm and your lipstick of choice (such as the oh-so-awesome Flirt With Me), use a lip pencil for extra reinforcement (try our Nude lip pencil for the perfect pair). Tilt the lip pencil, and lightly color in your lip. Then use a lip brush to fully blend. The creamy wax in the lip pencil seals the color for long-lasting wear.Flirt With Me Red Apple Lipstick

Eye shadow primer
Eye shadow primer is another staple in my makeup bag. Shadow primer prevents creasing and fading and brings shadow colors to their full potential. Sweep Rallye Balm across your eye lid, and blend with your finger. This little gem of an idea packs a punch as it hydrates your skin with good-for-you ingredients.

Cuticle Cream
Your hands have seen it all. And if your manicure is not fully ruined in less than two weeks, then you’re just not living life. Or I need your manicurist’s info, stat. For those in-between days, rub Rallye Balm on your cuticles nightly.

Under eyes
Moisturizing eye creams are ageless. Whether you’re a twenty-something or in your fabulous 50’s, an eye regimen such as rubbing a bit of Rallye Balm on your under eye bags is a wonderful way to keep that sensitive skin hydrated and full of life.

Red Apple Lipstick HandsLotion
Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Seriously, rub a little Rallye here and there, on your elbows, feet or hands, and wait for the hydrating, nourishing and all-around amazingness to happen.

It’s easy to see that Rallye Balm really rocks! With its variety of uses, you can’t afford to leave the house without it. What uses have we missed that you love using your Rallye for?


  1. says

    I’m going to try the balm as a primer and eye cream. Do you ladies have any ideas for a gentle, natural eye make up remover? I tried a so-called “hyper allergenic” drugstore brand and it burns my eyes, even into the next day. Is there an oil that you all have used? Thanks.

  2. Cyndi says

    Wow….eye primer? I have been searching for a more natural, gluten free and vegan eye primer! I will have to try it!

    • Megan E. O'Neill says

      Cyndi, thanks for reading! And yes, eye primer is one of my favorite uses. Rallye Balm in a tub makes for a makeup-friendly experience!

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