Let Your Lips Drink the Color Red

Make him want to drink your lips

The art of seduction can be more than just a glance from across the room or the way he touches you.  It can be as subtle as the color of red lipstick you wear.  A simple reminder that he’s thirsty and needs to be quenched by your kiss.

Certain red lipsticks have the same hues as some passionate libations.  Wear these and you will send off the vibe that your lips are delicious and drinkable.  Which drink you decide to wear will set the mood for the way you handle this seduction.  Find the right shade of red lipstick for your plans from Red Apple Lipstick.



A glass of wine before dinner; an aperitif with possibilities.  Like a fine Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, you are special and the perfect accompaniment for the evening.  By wearing a red shape of lipstick such as Mauve Me, will set you apart as something desirable and classy.  The one to savor all evening…





Strawberry Daiquiri
Make your lips ultra feminine and tempting that is reminiscent of the fun person you are.  With a Red Apple Lipstick like Strawberry Lips, you will send the message that your kiss is sweet and refreshing and welcome!





You, like coffee, can be an additive part of one’s day.  A good cup of coffee is sipped slowly and enjoyed.  Your lips deserve the same attention.  By wearing a red lipstick color such as French Skirt, you will give your lips the same essence that of the creamy foam from the top of a cappuccino.  Dreamy and delicious.





Pink Lemonade
Your lips will be seen as the perfect summer thirst quencher.  Sultry summer nights need the perfect refreshment, and if you wear a Red Apple Lipstick shade such as Crush On Me, your lips will be sexy-tart which creates the perfect pucker for the perfect kiss.


These subtle hints that you wear on your lips send messages that you want to convey.  Like ambrosia to the Gods, let the object of your desire get drunk on your sweetly tinted lips.  There are many ways to drive a man crazy and this is one of them!

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