Let Your Colors Mix & Mingle


Red Apple Lipstick’s Earth Luck Z-Palette

Wouldn’t you love to have a lipstick or eye shadow shade that’s your own custom color? Everyone loves to have a look that no one else has. But you don’t have to be a cosmetics manufacturer to make an original color. By mixing different shades together, you can create a color all your own.

Let’s not forget to mention all the money that you will save by mixing products you already own to create new ones instead of buying more makeup that is sure to expire before you can use it all.

Check out our tips to creating your own unique combos!

A Lipstick All Your Own

Blending lipsticks can be especially helpful when you have a color that you don’t really like. There is no need to throw that bizarre brown out, just blend in another color to create a whole new shade.

Or maybe you love your lipstick shade but want to switch it up for different times of the day. You can make your color lighter, darker or simply shinier by adding a different layer. Blending lipsticks is the perfect way to take a color from day to night.


  • Add a neutral or beige lipstick to tone down a dark-as-night shade.
  • Add a darker shade of the same color to vary the impact.
  • Add a shimmery lipstick over the matte color you love to give your lips more shine.

One example of the perfect lipstick mixture is the pairing of a pink-based nude color with a little shimmer, such as Foxy, with the bold red color of Rebel! This combination lightens up your favorite red pout and adds some shine.

The Perfect Smokey Eye

When it comes to eye shadow, the blending possibilities are endless. Typically though, it’s best to use four colors: 3 variations of a color (Ex: dark purple, medium purple, light purple) and a highlight color.

To create the ultimate smoky eye, use the four colors in Earth Luck.


  • Start by sweeping Porcelain underneath your brow line.
  • Then apply Brownie Points lightly across you eyelid and into the crease.
  • Next, sweep Espresso into the crease and blend it into the lighter brown color.
  • Finally, lightly dab Black Magic into the outer corner of your eye.

The key to creating a blended eye shadow look is making sure you don’t see where one color ends and another begins. You should use your brush to fuse the colors together so they gradually get lighter or darker. You shouldn’t see any lines.

You can emphasize your eyes in different ways by placing the darkest color in different parts of your eyelid. So experiment with color placement, just make sure you are always blending the colors together to create an effortless looking eye.


  1. Claudia says

    I have to say that I am totally sold on the products from this company. When I first bought the lipsticks, I was going to send them back. I changed my mind because Red Apple was the ONLY company that certified the product to be 100% gluten free. That’s all I needed. I found that the colors blended well and one could create a unique look. What really sold me was the eyeshadow. It goes on smooth and stays true. What can I say, but I hope this company expands their product, and that stays the wonderfully personal approach to the consumer/customer.

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