Pink Kool-Aid From The Chapstick Rack

A VERY frustrated woman wrote to me and I’m going to show you her note in a minute.

But before I do, a quick bullet:

  •  If I did what big cosmo does, I would own 35 brands of lip balm that agitated the problem, and sell them to every women, man and child, in order, from every counter top across America.  And I would almost be committing a crime.

Yes, I have a “lip balm” that I make, and yes my products sell very well, but:

If you don’t heal your skin, you may be able to get a moments relief from chapped lips, but it’s not gonna end.

Today I am going to give you some straight talk about:

  1. How you’ve been scammed out of your money for the past bunch of years and
  2. How everyone I KNOW doesn’t have chapped lips anymore.

So let’s get to Brianna’s cry for help.

I received this VERY frustrated email from Brianna, a woman with Celiac disease… and the common associated “celiac chapped lips” problem.

“Jay, I’m so frustrated right now!  I’m tired of trying, I really am.  I have used every lip balm I could ever find from EOS, to Burts Bees, to Chapstick, to Blistex, to that yellow capped stuff… carmex.  I’ve even tried straight Vaseline, which was gross and icky.  Absolutely nothing made it better.  My lips are chapped, probably even worse than before.  They are raw, irritated, flakey, blotchy and I’m so embarrassed I can barely go to work.  A girlfriend told me about you and your Rallye Balm product.  I looked it up with excitement only to discover you charge $15!!!! for it.  I was so disappointed and I feel like you are trying to take advantage of me!  I’m a single mom with 2 kids and my budget is limited, but I wanted to try it so bad.  Well I guess I’ll never get to find out if it would have worked!”

Brianna, Anchorage Alaska.

Here’s what I wrote back to her:


Your story is not uncommon, and while I am sorry that you are upset right now, give me just 20 seconds of your time to talk a couple of things over with you.

There are two things you need to know that will solve your chapped lips problem once and for all.

1) Chapped lips among women with Celiac disease, a gluten intolerance, and a host of other bodily conditions is very common.  There is a real physiological reason for this within your body having to do with moisture, and water you consume being utilized in other major organs first.

2) The “chapstick” industry doesn’t WANT for you to find a solution… ever.

It’s difficult to believe, but 98% of all lip chap products sold in America are owned by 3 huge conglomerates.  Loreal, Estee Lauder and Revlon.  Even Burt’s Bees isn’t owned by Burt’s Bees any longer, and hasn’t been for half a decade now.

When you go to any store, whether it be Walmart, CVS, Grocery, wherever.. the array of products in front of you are all owned by the same companies, just different wrappers on the outside. Not a one of them interested in anything other than putting more products on a store shelf.

So if they actually cured you (which makes me think of the prescription drug industry, and how they’ve mislead the public and doctors for years and years), then it might actually affect their sales.

The store shelves are a large rotating door, and each time you pass it, you pick up, and try a new product, each with ingredients that are purposefully built to make the issue worse.  It’s an illusion.

Lots of things are happening at the skin level.  Mainly lack of body moisture, free radicals (which are real, not just some boogie man), and allergic reactions.

An allergic reaction occurs when the body decides that something that is attempting to penetrate the skin is deemed “not good for the host”.   The human body has the ability to produce a cell termed a cytokine.  It’s similar to an antibody that attacks a foreign virus.  The cytokine works hard at the skin level to “kill” and “remove” the offending penetrating ingredient and flush it from the body.

When this happens, inflammation occurs, redness, puffiness, peeling, cracks, bleeding, flaking…. all normal.  Worse yet, it increases the rate of oxidants, which are hard, rusting (literally… rusting.. think about it.. oxidized = rust) leftover cells that collide with your wonderful, beautiful healthy cells, and collagen, and with every collision, damage occurs to your healthy cells, not the oxidized cells.

As damage to the healthy cells happens, the more chance that they too will oxidize, making the problem even worse.  It’s a funny sense of humor God has sometimes.

My advice to you.

Stop using over the counter balms, forever.  Let your body rest from the assault happening there.

Increase your water, while trying to intake water with a higher PH level like Evian or Fiji.  I know it’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

Start working on removing the oxidized cells.   What I have discovered is that Vitamin E is one of nature’s best antioxidants.  And of course, the increase in intake from any other type of anti oxidant is great too.  From Red Wine to Kombucha…. you can google a list I’m sure.

But for some reason, Vitamin E…at the skin level … works amazingly well.

A word of caution.  Not all Vitamin E is gluten free.  Matter of fact, the most common (and cheapest to come by) come from a glutenous source, but not all, so be sure to ask the health food store before you buy pills to pin-prick.

Vitamin-E has a magical property.  It envelopes oxidized cells naturally, and keeps them cushioned from banging around on other cells while they pass out of your body through…. ehem.. natural means.

The other great thing about Vitamin E is that it SOAKS INTO the skin, where it can do its job.  Well… everything soaks into the skin, BUT, what I’ve found out is that commercial lip balms have a heavy wax layer to them that is too big to soak in quickly, and it sits on top of the skin…. the only thing that soaks in is the chemical, cancerous base they were created from… ’cause their molecules are smaller.  THEY tell you that it’s to “protect” your skin, but the truth is it blocks airflow to the skin, which is bad news.

All skin needs oxygen.  Uhmmm, OK…  imagine if you wrapped your wrist tightly with an ace bandage, and left it that way for weeks at a time….  the skin would start to die, yes?  Air flow is important for skin to heal, which of course, is what you want your lips to do, right?

The second great thing for your skin is castor seed oil.  Again, a word of caution.  Most castor seed oil is processed very poorly to make it “cheaper”, so be sure to investigate the processor of the castor seed oil.  Some places in Europe are OUTSTANDING about how they process stuff like this.  Stay away from “commercial grade” and stick to “cold pressed pharma grade” as we do.  Once the bean is steamed… hhhhhhhhhheeeewww, and if they bleach it, even worse for your body.  And stay away from Hydrogenated.

Here’s a couple of sites about that from Europe.

But I ask you to consider this.  Here I am, in little ole’ Houston, Texas.    And over the last 7 years, I’ve researched this to death.  I’ve worked with countless, highly qualified chemists, and have a firm understanding of how the skin, especially the lip and eye skin function as part of the over all human.

And I know exactly how to heal it…. Stop treatments that make the root problem worse.  Uptake water of high PH.  Apply gluten free, high quality vitamin e and cold pressed castor seed oil, allow airflow and time.

Once the body gets a hold of the reins and turns the tide against the oxidized cells, it can actually begin to HEAL ITSELF.  Before this moment, it’s too busy trying to get rid of the bad cells to dedicate much energy to creating more “good” cells.  Just the act of your body trying to release dying skin is a taxing triumph, so why not help it along.

$15 dollars might seem like a HUGE investment, when compared to .95 cent chap sticks that never worked

…but let us consider the following.

A $15 dollar Rallye Balm will last you 30 days.  In the first month of intensive treatment, you might want two of them … that’s $30 dollars.

…. That’s .50 cents to $1.00 per day.

Once the health of your lips has stabilized, which happens faster than you might think, your need for Rallye Balm will decrease.

I’ve known people who spend $3.54 at Starbucks every single work day.  Heck I even have an employee who keeps the Subway around the corner in business daily.  Everyday, $5.65 hammers into a cold, hard, unhealthy Subway restaurant cash drawer almost 5 days a week. (be like Jared, another marketing ploy)

I’m asking for .50 to a dollar per day… and I’m not a cold hard cash drawer. 

Number 1, I genuinely want to see you feel better… both in pain relief and ABOUT YOURSELF!  I understand the embarrassment you speak of, because I’ve been there.

Second, I’ve done the research, and taken out the guess work for you.  I toiled for years over Rallye Balm, working on everything from safety of ingredients to gluten free to flying to Europe on my own nickel to make sure my suppliers were legit.

Next, let us consider that Rallye Balm is also great for other places on your body.  From nail beds and cuticles, to dry patches, to elbows, to feet.. heck I even had a lady email me and tell me she used it on her nipple chap while breastfeeding  (maybe that was TMI, but I was happy to hear of the advent of my product)

And I slept good that night.

Cause I KNEW I didn’t use any preservatives that would effect that baby’s hormonal system.  I’m a big believer that mother’s body burden is baby’s body burden, both before and after birth.  You should hear some of my radio interviews on Joni Cox’s radio program.. let me know and I can send you to her website…

Anyhow, from where I am sitting, I want you to truly believe that I am in no way trying to take advantage of you.  And my product really will work.  And when it does, you will finally have the relief you’ve been looking for.  Not only that, your confidence will sky rocket.  You’ll feel better inside and out.

If everything I have described and more doesn’t occur at ANY time inside the first 6 months, I will refund every penny you have spent with me, including shipping to Alaska.

Anyhow, I hope you take the plunge and at least give it a try.  Take advantage of my Rallye Balm buy 2 get 1 half off special, to which you can apply your VIP Club Discount as well, knocking it down even further.  Plus, you will be at my “free shipping” level.

I look forward to your reply.
Sincerely, Jay Adam Harper


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