Know The Four Regions Of Your Lips

[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Learning the basics starts with defining your lips. Aside from the actual body of your lips, there are 4 areas you will want to be familiar with. These are your natural lip line, your cupids bow, your corners and your teardrop.

Every ladies lips are different. Some are thin, some are thick. Some are flat and some are flat. Some are dark, some are light. Some are thin only on top. Some have a very defined lip line and some belnd together. Some have a very defined cupids bow and some do not. Understanding your own lips is what’s going to allow you to get a better understanding of how to work with them.[/twocol_one_last]

Cupids Bow

Your cupids bow is the upside down peak and the two highest points on either side of it, from top point to top point. This is an important angle to understand.

Defining your cupids bow exactly is going to give you the most natural look. (most peoples cupids bows are not perfectly symetrical, nature is awesome)

Play in the mirror once you have read this entire article with the difference of outlining your bow exactly vs artificially forcing them to be symetrical.

Further, filling in your cupids bow, straight across with a stick or line will then make your pout more rounded and plump. Experimentation is the key and if you like what you see in the mirror, go for it!! There really are no “rules”.

Natural Lip Line

It is generally pretty obvious where your lip ends and where your face begins.If you are new to lipstick, you will want to spend some time in a mirror close up learning about your natural lip line. Not only does memorizing this line help you when you have no mirror or limited lighting but it will also play an important role in future lessons when we get to lip liners and such.

The Corners

Look in the mirror with your mouth both opend and closed. Pay careful attention to the way the corners fold onto themselves when you close your lips and how much lip shows when you open, smile, eat or drink. The corners are important. You do want to apply lipstick here but staying in the lines can be more difficult. Your lipstick should naturally get thinner at the corners and you should connect the lipstick from the bottom to top lip. This is not the place to skip and this is not the place to goop it up. Find your sweet spot and practice in a mirror.


The teardrop is the upside down bow in the center of your bottom lip. It’s not nearly as pointed as your cupids bow and some woman have virtually none while some are pretty pronounced. Study in the mirror the effects of clearly defining this vs filling more into a straighter line.


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