Keep it to Yourself, How to Safely Share Your Lipstick

Sharing isn’t caring when it comes to your lipstick, unless you know how to do it safely. Here’s why you should keep it to yourself the next time your friend asks, “Does anyone have some Rallye Balm I can borrow?”

Almost everyone is a Carrier

As gross as it sounds, the reality is that when you share food, drink or makeup with a friend, the sharee is at risk for herpes. Yeah, we said it: Herpes. Type 1 that is. Type 1 is from oral contact and can take on a variety of yucky forms.

If a person who has oral herpes shares their lipstick, lip balm, eating utensils, cigarette, razor or even a toothbrush (ew!) with you, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be getting it too.

But, let’s abandon the stigma for a second. Did you know, almost everyone already has oral herpes? That’s right, nearly 70 percent of the population are carriers. Have you ever had a cold sore? You most likely still have the virus in your system. So, when viewed this way, it’s not really that alarming.

Other Potential Dangers

When you share your tube of lipstick or Rallye Balm with another, that person is susceptible to your saliva. The little amount of saliva that is transferred can transmit mononucleosis, colds, flu and even worse viruses such as hepatitis.

According to most dentists, unless you’re already willing to kiss that person on the lips, don’t the share lipstick. Tell them to go get some of their own Red Apple Lipstick!

Here’s How to Share Safely

Go get yourself a lip brush along with some antibacterial brush cleaner. If your friend is dying to try your Boys N Berries shade, simply have her apply with a clean lip brush. Remember to sanitize the brush after each use. This way you can safely share your favorite colors without risk of contamination.

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