How to Match Your Colorful Outfit

Red-Apple-LipstickOne of the biggest pitfalls a girl can stumble into is over-coordinating her makeup with her outfit. Wearing a pink shirt with pink eye shadow, pink lipstick and pink blush can make you look a little crazy … like a huge bubble of gum exploded on your face. The key to making it work is what seems to be the key to everything, keep it simple.

You want to highlight with the bold color, not flood with it. Create a pop that will enliven your look. One of our beautiful RAL girls, Claire, shows us how to work with a bold teal scarf.

Step One: Don’t immediately reach for the teal eye shadow! Your accent should be subtle, so begin with some neutrals. Start by sweeping Golden Girl across your eyelid. This yellow-gold color widens your eyes and helps you look more awake and vibrant.

Step Two: Then add the next layer of color, Lucky Penny. Copper is the perfect addition to the gold hue of Golden Girl, it creates a smooth blending of shades. Apply this color on the outside corner and halfway across the crease of your eyes.

Red-Apple-LipstickStep Three: You want to bring more dimension to your eyes, so add Espresso to the outside corner and blend it into the other shades to create a seamless look with no obvious lines. The rich chocolate hue of this eye shadow help define your eyes and blends well with the other colors for an overall soft brown-based look.

Step Four: Now it’s time to add the pop of teal. For Claire’s look we blended Midnight Lagoon and Olive This Color together for a unique shade. If you don’t already have the color you’re looking to match, try mixing some of your own to create it.

Step Five: For the perfect highlight, apply a thin line of your combo-color along the bottom lash line. You can extend the line towards the outside of your eye to blend into the dark Espresso and bring the look together.

Step Six: Finish with some mascara and a light lip color, Claire has our Pink Martini lip gloss on.

And, finished! You now have a makeup look that complements your outfit perfectly. By matching your bright clothing item or accessory with a small Red-Apple-Lipstickhighlight, you can make your eyes stand out and save yourself from going too far.

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