How to Get Angelina Lips – the Natural Way


Image from the Hollywood News

I have a bit of an obsession with dramatic makeup. I swooned over the crystal-studded lips that walked the Dior runway last week at NYFW, and I will forever love the elusiveness that extra thick, contoured eyebrows (Calvin Klein) bring to the face.

Off the runways though, I tend to appreciate drama the most when it’s applied to a full lip.

There’s only one problem. If you’re anything like me, you might have been born with the exact opposite of a perfectly plump, round Angelina pout. My lips, though always moisturized and coated with at least one shade of Rebel!, need a little help in the shape department. So I’ve played with liners, shades, pencils and glosses to create the illusion of a fuller lip. And you guys, I think I’ve got it! Here are my tips on magnifying your lush lips … the natural way.

Steps to a fuller lip

While exfoliating does the obvious by removing dead skin and making for a smoother canvas, the process also stimulates blood flow to the lips, which gives them a plumping effect before you’ve even started. We think our Exfoliate Stick is pretty great. If you don’t have it in your repertoire yet, check out some tips on DIY exfoliation.Red-Apple-Lipstick-Exfoliate

Remove the existing lip line
An empty palette is key here. Dab a bit of concealer around your lip line to neutralize your shape.

Choose a natural lip pencil
Using a natural-colored lip pencil (try Red Apple Lipstick’s Blush if your skin is a little deeper), draw a line slightly below your bottom lip and slightly above your top lip. There’s no need to exaggerate here. You’re just creating a more visible outline of your natural lip shape.

Fill in
Ask anyone; I am the office cheerleader for lip liner. The poor stick gets a bad rep as being “out-dated.” Pish Posh. The wax in the pencil acts as a sealant for longer, lasting wear. Fill in your top and bottom lips by starting in the corner and working your way to the middle. Leave only the center untouched.

Red-Apple-Lipstick-ButtercreamCreate an illusion
Here’s where the magic happens. I dab a bit of light concealer (or try a pale eye shadow like our Buttercream) in the middle of my top and bottom lips. When the lipstick mixes with the concealer, it will appear lighter in the middle of the lip and create the illusion of a full pout.

Apply the lipstick
Choose your color; I like mixing Strawberry Lips and Boys N Berries for a subdued strawberry tint. For a final touch, add clear or light gloss. The reflection gives the illusion of magnification.

What about you? How are you using your Red Apple products? Have you found any other tips of the trade for fuller lips?

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