How to Fix Broken Lipstick

Oh no!  Your sweet little toddler got a hold of your lipstick and broke it!  It’s ruined!

Don’t worry… you CAN fix that tube of lipstick and make it as good as new.  Just follow these steps:

1:  Take the base of the lipstick and take a match or a lighter and melt what’s left of the lipstick still attached to the tube.

2.  Re-attach the lipstick back on the tube base.  Press a little firm to get them to ‘gel’ together.  You may also melt the seam a little more to make the crack less visible.

3.  Do not retract the lipstick back into the tube- yet.

4.  Place the lipstick, upright, into the fridge.  Leave it in there for at least 30 minutes.

5.  Voila!  Your lipstick is ready for action once again!

Now, another option for you to consider is to use this unfortunate event as an excuse to exchange it for a brand new Red Apple Lipstick!

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