The Right and Wrong Way Apply Lipstick

1. Prep Your Lips

Proper lip prep and basic care is going to make this difference between your loving of lipstick and your hating of it. If you have not yet read our article on this subject, please stop and read it.

2. Know your lipstick.

The Bullet is the actual product itself. The Bullet is attached to your lipstick case via “the cup”.

In a well made lipstick such as Red Apple Lipstick, the cup size exactly matches the bullet size.

3. Understand Application Pressure

Using too much pressure will rock the bullet in it’s cup. Rocking the bullet weakens it’s bond with the cup and can lead to a mess or a full breakage.

The first sign that too much pressure has been used is when you see a line on the back of the bullet where it has met the edge of the listick case. In some cases, the bullet will actually bend or shift and when you roll it down it rolls down crooked and scrapes the inside of the case. In some case it springs back. If it has not brokern completely, it’s still ok. Keep using it but keep in mind that the bullet has been weakened meaning that an eventual breakage will happen more easily.

The perfect pressure can be a little different from lipstick to lipstick + conditions. Differences in storage techniques, application temperature, storage temperature and age of the lipstick will change how easily your lipstick moves, bends and shifts.


Lipsticks are not meant to last forever. If you try to make a single lipstick last 5 years, you’re already asking for it. Fresh lipsticks are always better in quality and texture.

To help your lipstick keep, DON’T store it in your bathroom where hot steamy showers will degrade the lipstick fast and promote mold growth. DON’T leave a lipstick in a hot car without expecting some damage. DO store extra lipsticks not in use in a refrigerator.

The perfect application pressure is one that is just light enough to move the product from the bullet and onto your lips. It is OK if this takes more than one application to get the desired color depth. Try to get it all in one swipe and you chance breaking it. Take your time, be deliberate.

4. Understand Application Extension Height

Ideally, you would like the lipstick extended just far enough so the lower portion of the slant of the bullet is beyond the lipstick case

Too little and the case will meet your lips, which could cut you or mess up your application.

TOO MUCH! Too much your lipstick is goner! The angle of attack to your lips plus the lengthened fulcrum will break a lipstick FAST

5. Where to Start

One of the easiest places to start is deep into the tip of your cupids bow.

On your first pass, don’t worry so much about getting directly on your natural lip line, crossing the line requires a fix. Begin with your first pass filling in the meat of your lip, we will come back to the line.

To the corner – as you reach the corner, the lipstick angle is shifted so that the sharp end thins into the thinning lip.


From the corner through the center of the lip to the other corner.

Rinse and repeat on the other side. Take your time and be deliberate.

Once the body of your lips are filled, deliberatly move closer to your lip line to fill in any space between your lip body and your line. It will be more obvious now.

6. Build Your Color

Don’t try to get it all on in one swipe.  The increased pressure can break the lipstick. One of the coolest things about Red Apple Lipstick is that our lipsticks are mineral-based and incredibly build-able. You can pick up any of our lipsticks, swipe them across your lips and have a sheer color that is great for any occasion. You may also choose to apply 3-5 coats of lipstick for a more bold color. It’s like having 2 lipsticks in 1!

Following the techniques outlined above, carefully apply a second coat. 3, 4 , 5 until you are satisfied with the depth of color.

7. Fix AnyBoo Boo’s


7. Blot, Re-Apply, Blot

Use a tissue and close your lips down onto it.  Medium pressure.  Reapply your lipstick and blot again.  It will easily double it’s stay on your lips. No Tissue, use the back of your hand.

Remember – when you reapply your lip color after eating or drinking, blot your lips on a napkin or washcloth first to get rid of the pesky grease or tiny food residue. If you skip this step, the product will “float” on top of your lips and will be more likely to slide, feather and gunk up. Not so attractive! This can also contaminate your lipstick and cause it to bubble or change color.

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