How To Apply Lipgloss


Proper lip prep and basic care is going to make this difference between your loving of lipstick and your hating of it. If you have not yet read our article on this subject, please stop and read it.

Understand The Lipgloss Applicator








All of Red Apple Lipstick’s lip glosses come with what is called a “doe foot’ applicator. (It’s called this simply for the fact that it slightly resembles the shape of a deer’s hoof.) The applicator itself is small in size and made of the highest quality materials available. There are tiny, soft fibers that “catch” the product so that you get just enough every time. The angle of the applicator works similar to the way the angle of a lipstick does by fitting nicely into the natural contours of your lips.


Give It Swirl

Give the gloss applicator a short swirl in the tube. A circular motion gathers gloss all around the gloss tube. “Pumping” the wand in and out creates air bubbles in the product container and invites dust and other particles in.

It should not drip, but it should be full of product-enough to cover the entire surface of your lips.

Where Do I Start?

A starting point is personal choice, however, an easy place to begin is your cupid’s bow. It’s ok to be liberal in your application, the extra will be spread in the next steps. Create short but fluid strokes downward toward the corner of your mouth. Define the lines of your lips.

Follow your natural lip line to the corner. Take your time and be sure to keep the product on your lips since lip gloss is more prone to sliding and feathering. Gloss brings dimension to your lips, making them appear fuller without drawing outside the lines.

Then to the other corner. It’s important that you connect your top and bottom lip so that there will be no color pooling. This is also crucial for maintaining a flawless, even application of color.

Use the applicator to spread the gloss, in light downward strokes to the center of your lips. You may also choose to make 2 long swipes from each cupid’s bow to the corner of your lips, especially if they’re more full.

Transfer the color to your bottom lip by sucking your lips inward. You may need to go over your bottom lip to ensure even color distribution and better define your lip line.

Use your finger or cotton swab to gently swipe off any mistakes. Since lip gloss has a liquidy texture, it should not be difficult to remove from your skin and should not stain.

A single coat, transferred by pushing the lips together, should not be goopy or overly glossy. If you feel like you applied too much product, “kiss” the back of your hand or trace a finger over your lips to remove the excess.

Can I add More?

Sure you can!  This is a single application. You can see beautiful sheer color which is perfect for daytime and a more dramatic eye.

This is after a second heavy application. This type of application is great for a night out or when paired with a soft eyeshadow look. The color becomes more opaque and vibrant!

Can I Mix Lipstick and Lipgloss?

Absolutely! In this example we used Reddy Or Not lipstick and Amor Caliente Lipgloss.

A flawless finish will not appear goopy! Just a great sheen!



  1. Sheila Parsons says

    Is there any need to clean the applicator at any time? It would seem that you introduce germs after applying the lip gloss.

    • Jay Adam Harper says

      I would say this is a personal choice. You can clean it with makeup remover as long as you rinse it VERY well. I imagine that a quick spritz of alcohol would also suffice.

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