Has Red Apple Lipstick Encouraged You?

She laughed at me when I suggested she ask her husband on a date.

“Yeah, THAT’ll be the day!” she said in her Seattle girl moved to Texas accent as she stood in my driveway… barefoot.

“No, Seriously” I said “Why the heck not??”

“Just a baby sitter alone would be nice! Much less a date.  With the homeschooling, and now the twins.. it’s just…” and she drifted off ….

This is a real conversation I had with a neighbor from down the street.  She knocked on my door to discuss me giving child #3 of 4 (the 8 year old boy) drum lessons; which I do for free for the kids on my block.

The talk turned to Red Apple Lipstick and how she like what the “brand” stood for.  She is gluten free, her mom and sister both have Celiac disease, and she really loved the page on our site that showed photos of 75 of our customers.

She said “Before the kids, I used to LOVE red lipstick…the dark red kind…”

I said “It sounds like Rebel! would be your color…”

I continued “You see, I want Red Apple Lipstick to be an ‘encouraging’ brand, an ‘everyday’ brand, a ‘real life’ brand. You don’t see photos of skinny minny models in crazy high fashion outfits on my site… that’s just not real life… real life is you standing in my driveway, with no shoes on, holding your sister’s two month old (which she was) with 4 kids at home discussing whether or not you should still go on dates with your husband of how many years??  Oh yeah 17…. I want to be that brand that has a red [lisptick] that encourages YOU to ask YOUR husband on a date, just so you have an excuse to wear it AND make a positive move in your life…”

and she laughed, and said, “Yeah, THAT’ll be the day…” in a tone that suggested her life of any type of “date” or “night out” was completely over. Is it??

I’m writing another book.  This time not on the topic of toxic makeup, but on the stories of transformations and encouragement.

What I’m seeking, are stories of how Red Apple Lipstick has encouraged YOU.

If you have a story of encouragement you would like to share, I would love it if you posted it in the comments section at the bottom of the post.  You don’t need a user account.

Please use your real email address (and it’s completely hidden from the public) so that I can contact you if I use your story in the book.


  1. Lezlie says


    Here goes my whole story in a nutshell, and I am posting it here in hopes that it might encourage someone who reads it. I lost my only sibling and brother, Lee, 10 years ago to suicide. That pretty much devastated everything I knew as reality in my life to that point. Two weeks after that, I met the man who would become my husband a year later, except I didn’t know that then, of course. My grief kind of got put on the “back burner,” with being a newly wed and all, and then I became very sick in the first year of our marriage. In the second year of our marriage, I became pregnant, even though the doctors still hadn’t figured out what was wrong with me. When our daughter was almost one year old, and I was on my second gastroenterologist, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Once settled on a gluten free diet, I began feeling physically better and then realized that I also needed to be aware of gluten in my personal care products.

    It may seem silly for me to give you all of this back story, but believe me, it is all significant. You see, I went through years of unexplained anemia, migraines and depression before the gastrointestinal symptoms even started, and my brother, Lee had some of these symptoms as well. I won’t ever know, but I believe he may have had Celiac Disease as well. I wish I knew then what I know now. I probably could have saved his life.

    Where Red Apple Lipstick comes in is a few months ago, when your company was introduced at one of my Celiac Support Group meetings. I decided to check out your website, and thus joined your VIP club. At that time, you were offering the Valentine’s boxes, which gave me a chance to try an array of your products at a great discount. Well, here’s the story–I hadn’t worn eye shadow since my wedding eight and a half years prior, because it made my eyelids break out, and about the only thing I ever put on my lips was chapstick. I was amazed by lipstick that actually moisterized my lips and eye shadow that did not irritate my eyes one bit! I couldn’t believe it! If that’s not encouraging, I don’t know what is. I felt beautiful from the inside out for the first time since before I became very ill. I just want to thank you, Jay, and Andrea as well, and the rest of your team there at Red Apple Lipstick for all the good work you do every day, encouraging people right where they are, providing good customer service, and selling high quality products. It means a lot to me and a lot of other women out there, more than you’ll ever know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Linda says

    I have to say ” I love everything about you and your company “. The products are AMAZING and the service is ” THE BEST “. The array of colors of your eyeshadows are AWESOME …….lipstick colors are SPOT ON and the lip glosses are so REFRESHING and a healing to the lips . Keep up the great work you guys ………this company will go far . Thanks so much Jay Harper ……..you are one smart guy …….love you for all you do !!!

  3. Bridget says

    After countless unsuccessful doctor visits for 5 years (with local doctors to endocrinologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologist’s and hair specialists), I was finally diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity a year ago now. My list of medical issues began in August of 2007 when I was prescribed an antibiotic twice that essentially removed all the good and bad bacteria from my body. Since this time, my body has been trapped in a vicious cycle where one negative response was triggered which led to another and so on.

    I felt like everything was being stripped away from me. My list of additional food allergies that developed restricted me from being able to eat out and I was unable to meet with friends for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages because I could only consume water. Since I had gone so long being misdiagnosed the gluten in my diet continued to slowly attack my body. One of my symptoms was hair loss. Not only did this vicious cycle take away so many foods and drinks from my diet (which is a huge part of culture), but it started affecting my social life. In addition, I had to start from scratch in the beauty department and throw away everything from shampoo and conditioner to makeup to lotion. After lots of research and trial-and-error I stubbled upon Red Apple Lipstick.

    Red Apple Lipstick helped me become inspired again and gave me that boost to keep fighting. My first purchase was RAL signature Red Lipstick and R-evolution Almost Red Lipliner. Hellooo confidence. RAL helped me bring back that “glow.” I started receiving lots of compliments how I seemed more like my old self again (peppy and smily). So thank you for that.

    RAL is hands down the Best Lipstick on the Planet. Not to mention their Rallye Balm that has helped my gluten chapped lips tremendously.

    Your Red Apple Lipstick Team is truly amazing. There needs to be more great company’s like you. I can’t wait to see what you guys make next :)

  4. Debbie says

    Hi Jay!! Well, as you already know, I adore your products. When I got sick with my dairy issues and gluten issues, I was so frustrated. Gluten is in so many products beyond food. I despaired having to read labels of EVERYTHING I put in/on my body. Then I found your company via facebook. Initially it was for my son’s girlfriend who is Vegan. I tried the samples provided and was amazed at how beautiful the color was and how nice they felt. So I ordered for myself and am still amazed at how I’ve found a company who makes a fantastic product but treats their customers even better. Knowing I can look sexy and fabulous without worrying about labels – wow – total game changer! I will never have the words to express my gratitude for this amazing company you’ve started, you and your entire RAL crew are amazing people. :)

  5. MariSusan says

    Hey, Jay, nice to see a picture of you! Yes, Red Apple Lipstick has encouraged me to feel sexy again! Not that lipstick is the only reason to feel sexy, but it can help when the LOOK is complete. I can go out at night again, and finally am doing so (thanks to the babysitter) and have gotten so many compliments, “What did you do differently? Your makeup looks fantastic!” I spent years coughing and gagging and having my lips break out when I tried to use other lipsticks. When I was diagnosed with CD in my late thirties, I stopped using everything on my lips. When I placed my first order with Red Apple, I think I sent you my first “Thank you!” note, and I’m happy to share my gratitude. I am inspired and encouraged that I can look professional. Your lipstick is so smooth and can be used as a sheer or a blend or an under-gloss, and wow! Yes, wearing your lipstick changed my life in one of those small and lovely ways that I can always secretly smile about. See, there goes the sexy again! Thanks, Jay, and to your models!!

  6. Jenn says

    I adore Red apple lipstick. Finally finding a product where the company cares more about the people then the money was so relieving. After discovering I was allergic to gluten, corn and dairy I believed I could never wear lip glosses (my favorite hang out makeup) or lipsticks again without getting sick. Which was even more of an issue as I am a professional singer and now getting into modeling. So i was trying to “suck it up” to make it through work and feeling worse and worse. Then I found Red Apple and I almost cried. I could finally wear my cute pink glosses and glitters out again. From here I felt confident to go and push forward in all my creative endeavors because if there is a company like Red Apple that cares about people and supports them just for being themselves I could go out there and not have to apologize for my allergies but go hey look what I’ve got in my little bag here!

  7. Claudia says

    What it has encouraged me to do is dig deep into my brain and realize that Red Apple Lipstick is a very good product and the people running the company really are concerned that their product is safe for humans. Seeing this has restored some of my faith that good people exist and that they also make good business people. I am proud to crow about the product to others. The world is a little bit better place. I know when I use Red Apple that I am safe and that is important to me.

    • Stephanie says

      Completely agree! Learning about gluten and parabens, and most recently RAL, has encouraged me to start thinking more about what I am putting in and on my body, and knowing I can still look and feel good doing it is just a bonus. Just placed my first order and really looking forward to it! :) Thanks!

  8. Lora Lea says

    Growing up and still to this day my mother doesn’t go anywhere without her lipstick. Now that I have Red Apple Lipstick, I don’t either!
    I feel naked without it. My mom is right, makeup doesn’t make women beautiful, it makes them MORE beautiful. It brightens up your face and people want to look at a beautiful happy face. I’m chocking my 2nd date with a nice dairy farmer (bachelor) up to my Berry Blast Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick! He told me he just couldn’t get me “outta his head”. Wether or not this man is a part of my future….you can bet Red Apple will be! God Bless,
    Lora Lea : )

  9. KDJames says

    What Red Apple Lipstick means to me…What it has encouraged me to do..

    Just getting the DX of celiac was life changing! Then going through a long process of throwing out all my beloved make up! How sad! All the pretty pinks were suddenly gone! I found it very difficult to get clear answers from companies when I asked; Is your lipstick gluten free?

    All the gluten free lip products I could find were not very pretty and all earth tone colors. I went from a shimmer pink to nothing but lip balm. Slowly over time, I really didn’t feel “pretty” anymore. Something was missing…for over a year.

    I came across Red Apple by chance. I must have emailed Jay three times to be sure that yes, it was free of gluten, soy and nuts. It seemed to good to be true. I ordered French Skirt and 2 glosses. I remember being afraid to try it, it was so pretty! Just like my old lipstick. I LOVED it!!! Plus, no reactions!!!! Yea Red Apple! I was safe and pretty again! I didn’t realize just how my self esteem had be affected by not wearing any lip product for over a year, until I put on French Skirt and the gloss. It hit me one day, I was actually smiling in the mirror again. I had the bounce in my step. Sure, some may say I’m crazy, that lipstick can actually do that for you. I would tell them when a lot has been taken from you, and you’re given a gem back to you, you are so thankful! I wrote on RA facebook soon after I received my first shipment “thank you for giving me sexy back”

    I received Petal Pusher this weekend and wore it today. Love it! I picked my daughter up this afternoon and while driving, she said “Mom! That’s the third man to turn and look” I just laughed and said…”Perhaps it’s my new Red Apple Lipstick”

    I cannot tell you thank you enough for giving me a safe product that is equally as pretty! Thank you for encouraging me to smile and not hide who I am anymore!

    Red Apple Lipstick means the world to me. Great customer service and wonderful people.

  10. HealthyforHim says

    Red Apple encourages me for a few reasons. #1, knowing that people REALLY DO care about what is in a product that you’re putting on your face – matters. I never used to understand why it mattered, but after being so sick this past year – it’s HUGE. #2 -The fact that you can STILL feel pretty, and use an awesome product that works amazingly well – is a HUGE blessing, and an awesome encouragement. There is no expiration age on “feeling pretty” – ALL women want to feel pretty and your products allow that to happen. Red Apple does that for me – *puckers lips* THANK YOU RED APPLE LIPSTICK CREW & Jay Harper!! You’re the best.

  11. Laura says

    Jay, Red Apple is a great product . Now I am going to have my hair cut and dye my eye brows. Your product is one of the best I have ever found. Thank you so much. Laura Jean

  12. Valerie Reynolds says

    Red Apple Lipstick has encouraged me to take more chances in life. I have always stopped to think before I leap only to talk my way out of taking a chance on something. Now I go with my gut instinct and make choices based on the fact that life is too short to talk myself out of leaping forward or taking steps in a better direction. When I use Red Apple Lipstick products, I know that I am putting my best face forward and that gives me the confidence and courage to never back down from a challenge. My personality literally shines through because I feel and look better when I use Red Apple Lipstick products. I am so thankful that I found Red Apple Lipstick and I am excited to see what is added to the line in the future.

  13. LadyWaterDragon says

    Red Apple lipstick smells great, feels good on your lips, and has plenty of pigment for color and staying power. Best of all, it’s Gluten Free. It has encouraged me to enjoy wearing lipstick. I’ve been Gluten Free for two years. Red Apple products are made in the USA and fit perfectly with my lifestyle.

  14. Becky says

    I don’t have a story other than I’m relieved to know there is a reputable product I can wear with confidence. I feel alive with lip color on and now I can do it with a healthy confidence. Thank you for all you do.

  15. Jay Adam Harper says

    No one wants to be the first to comment, So I’ll go first.

    Red Apple Lipstick has encouraged me to take the biggest swan dive of my life. From a lonely salesman, chained to a desk, making cold calls from paycheck to paycheck, to the guy who had to learn everything all over again.

    Red Apple Lipstick encouraged ME to lay it all out there. Every nook and cranny of my personality, every idea about what I think looks good in makeup, and to utilize every ounce of brain power to figure out how to make it safe, and get it to you.

    Red Apple Lipstick encouraged me to stop “playing it safe”, stop “kidding around” and to put some effort into being a better version of myself. To “go out on a limb” and be the creative person I always knew I was. It also allows me to bring my position on encouragement to the world.

    Jay Harper

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