Red Apple Gluten Free Lipstick Chosen for The Little Black Dress Project

Red Apple Lipstick’s Gluten Free Lipstick color Red! was chosen as the lipstick of choice for the models appearing in this years Little Black Dress Project.

The Little Black Dress is one of the fashion icons of our time, inspiring designers from the moment it was introduced by Chanel in 1926, through Givenchy’s 1961 creation for Audrey Hepburn inBreakfast at Tiffany’s, to the myriad current fashion designers the world over.

It is in this sartorial spirit that we we invite upcoming fashion design students to create and submit their version of the Little Black Dress by Monday March 12, 2012 at the Neal Hamil Agency 7887 San Felipe Suite 110 Houston, Texas 77063.

The Top 10 fashion designers will be interviewed on-camera for our video presentation at the event. The interviewing will take place beginning Monday March 19 at Houston Community College, and a couple dates after to be determined.

In conjunction with Andrea Schutter, a holly wood recognized makeup artist, Gluten Free Red Apple Lipstick will be used on each model in this years Audrey Hepburn theme.

Obviously, we are ecstatic!

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